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Ezio Sanchez is a real estate professional in Southern California who wants to share with you the best tips to buying and selling a home and keep you up to date with the latest market trends through this podcast.


  • 4 Things You Should Do Prior To Putting Your Home For Sale - #90SecondShow Podcast Edition

    21/03/2019 Duração: 03min

    For this week’s topic, I talk about: 4 Things You Should Do Prior to Putting Your Home on the Market — 1.) Depersonalize Your Home: I know it sucks to bring down family pictures, religious items, or painting that Orange room you love to a more neutral friendly color. But trust me, doing these small things will go a long way for you. You want to be able to make the home as beau real friendly and have buyers being able to picture themselves in your home. — 2.) Make Small Repairs - Old carpet? Replace it. Holes on the wall? Patch them down. Loose door knob? Tighten it up or get a new one. Small repairs will go a long way for you, I am not talking about remodeling your home, just the small simple items that you can do all together in a weekend if you set yourself to do it. — 3.) Clean the Outside - Curb appeal is everything, what is the reaction potential buyers will have as they show up in your front yard. — 4.) Eliminate Bad Odors - Litter box in your home or did your doggo

  • What Makes Up Your Mortgage Payment? - #90SecondShow Podcast Edition - #RealEstateWithEzio

    21/03/2019 Duração: 03min

    For this week’s episode of the #90SecondShow Podcast Edition, I talk about the components that make up your monthly mortgage payment. - 1.) PRINCIPAL: Just like any other kind of loan, there’s always a principal that needs to be paid off. 2.) INTEREST: Also, just like in principal, you always have interest to pay in any kind of loan. The principal and interest, will make up the biggest parts of your mortgage. 3.) HOME-OWNER’S INSURANCE: Just like a car, anytime you finance a home, you’re required to have home-owner’s insurance. Depending on the area and the size of your home, your rate will vary. 4.) PMI aka MORTGAGE INSURANCE: Anytime you purchase a home with less than 20% towards the down payment. You will have to pay for PMI. The only way around it is by allocating 20% or more towards the down payment of your home. 5.) PROPERTY TAXES: Yay, more taxes right? 6.) HOA aka HOME OWNER ASSOCIATION: This is a case by case scenario, certain neighborhoods have HOA’s and some other ones don’t. HOA’s are meant to kee

  • 3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Realtor - #90SecondShow Podcast Edition - #RealEstateWithEzio

    21/03/2019 Duração: 02min

    For this week’s episode of the #90SecondShow I am bringing to you guys “3 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent” — 1.) Market Knowledge 2.) Chemistry w/ you 3.) Positive Past Client Reviews — Market Knowledge - You want to have an agent that’s knows your local market very well and will guide you through the process of buying and selling your home, step by step. — Chemistry w/ You - The home buying or selling process can take a few weeks and sometimes even months. During this time, you’re going to be in constant communication with your agent, so it is important to be able to have a genuine connection with your agent. For many people the home buying and selling process can be a bit overwhelming, the last thing you want is to have unpleasant conversations/communication with your agent. — Positive Past Client Reviews - Don’t take an agent’s word for it, see what others have to say about the way they conduct business. Based on an agent’s reviews or lack of them, you will find out if that age

  • Top Three Mistakes Home-Buyers Make | #90SecondShow Edition

    21/02/2019 Duração: 01min

    In this episode of the #90SecondShow Podcast Edition, Ezio covers the top three mistakes home buyers make during the home-purchasing process. You can connect with Ezio on Instagram at @EzioAli or via email:

  • How Many Homes Should I See Before Submitting an Offer?

    14/02/2019 Duração: 01min

    Have you ever have asked yourself how many homes you have to see before you find the right one and submit an offer? If yes, check out my latest episode of the #90SecondShow Podcast Experience where I cover the topic. — #RealEstateWithEzio • (951) 230-2408 • • Instagram: @EzioAli • Facebook: Ezio Sanchez

  • Introduction to the #90SecondShow Podcast Experience

    14/02/2019 Duração: 59s

    Ezio’s #90SecondShow has received positive feedback in the last few weeks and he has decided to start sharing that content here on the podcast as well. The #90SecondShow is everything and anything real estate related in 90 seconds or less. Stay tuned for future episodes. You can connect with on Instagram: @EzioAli and Facebook: Ezio Sanchez. You can also email him at:

  • The 6 Steps to Home-Ownership with Ezio Sanchez

    12/02/2019 Duração: 15min

    In this episode, Ezio talks about the 6 steps needed to become a home-owner. In his YouTube Series, #90SecondShow, he covered all the steps in under three minutes. He felt that even though he was able to share great information on the videos, he had more to share, so here he will share the same steps in a more detailed manner. You can connect with Ezio on Instagram: @EzioAli or Facebook as Ezio Sanchez. Email any questions at:

  • Introduction - EP 001

    21/12/2018 Duração: 06min

    An introduction to who Ezio is, how he got into the real estate industry, and what you can expect out of this podcast.