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a Kuwaiti podcast that talks about the local opinion in movies


  • January 2008 issue

    January 2008 issue


    Download Here: In this issue, we are saying goodbye to 2007 by reviewing the good and bad and the ugly for this year of “threequles”, but don’t forget, there are small movies that you should not miss. check it out and Happy new year

  • December Issue

    December Issue


    Download Here: As usual Movie Chat Family is coming to you with its monthly issue of what you movies you should wait for in 2008. we have looked into a long list of movies and man you have to expect a lot .. anyway we don’t wanna reuin it for you hear … stay tuned […]

  • November Issue

    November Issue


    November issue, why The Kingdom banned in Kuwait, and is it worth seeing it? In this month we will review coming Movies (Lions for Lambs, 3:10 to Yuma, The Heart break Kid, and Beowulf). Last we will talk about latest movies in preproduction. Download Here:

  • October Issue

    October Issue


    October issue us here, and we are talking about the next hot movie season, Xmas lots of big blockbusters are targeting a release date in Xmas. in this months Podcast we will review whats coming this Xmas in Kuwait and around the world, so stay toned and enjoy Download Here:

  • September Issue

    September Issue


    Summer is over but the blockbusters keep coming, in this issue we will review summer hits (and misses) whats coming into the oscar season of the fall, and a very important question for Matt Damon. enjoy the hour, movie chat hour Download Here:

  • August Issue: Harry Potter, Transformers and much more

    August Issue: Harry Potter, Transformers and much more


    we are well into summer, lots of good movies out already and still more to come, in this month issue we will review both Harry Potter and transformars. in addition, we go the scope on movies to come and much more, its an hour long, so kick back and enjoy it Download Here:

  • July Issue

    July Issue


    This month we have a full show for you, we will talk about upcoming movies and review some that are out there, we also have a nice interview with movie collector who already spending thousands of KDs on his collection. also we have selected nice in between music which we hope you like, and finally […]

  • We are Back!

    We are Back!


    the wait is over, movie chat is back, with a new form. the show will come to you once every month, each episode will be almost an hour long, this will give us the time to better prepare for the show with more material, in addition to include much more in a show. each episode […]

  • Top 5 Battle Scenes

    Top 5 Battle Scenes


    They are the spices of every epic movie, grand battles with two grand armies clashing together. in todays episode we go through our top five battle scenes. enjoy the show Download Here:

  • James Bond Special

    James Bond Special


    He is the ultimate spy, and he has it all, girls, guns, money, and the thrill. every guy wants to be bond and say the immortal line “Bond..James Bond”. this week we dedicate a special show for Mr 007 himself, enjoy the show Download Here:

  • Movies about Africa!

    Movies about Africa!


    in this week’s show, we will take it to Africa, we will discuss two great movies that came out recently, and what they have in common and what made them work. join us in a comparison between Hotel Rwanda and the Last King of Scotland Download Here:

  • What does a movie producer do?

    What does a movie producer do?


    Every movie has a producers, plenty of them, but what do they do? what exactly is their function? who calls the shot in the movie? join us in this week episode as we discuss the question: what does a producer do? Download Here:

  • Why They Make sequels?

    Why They Make sequels?


    2007 is the Years of sequels, lots of them coming out this year, but is this a good idea? do we always want to see more of the same? two schools of thought, yes and no. we will go through both answers and see what can make or break a sequel! Download Here:

  • Top 10 for 2006  The importance of movie soundtrack!

    Top 10 for 2006 & The importance of movie soundtrack!


    Due to schedule problems, we could not record this episode together, each one of us is in a different side of the world, so we decided to do two separate segments and join them together in one episode. in this episode Musaed will talk about the importance of the soundtracks in movies while Fahad covers […]

  • it’s A Classic!

    it’s A Classic!


    what makes a movie a classic, the actors, the story, or the colors? join us in this weeks episode to know what do we think a classic should be! Download Here:

  • Tough Chicks in Movies

    Tough Chicks in Movies


    Tough Chicks are invading the big screens, and we love it, this week we will talk about the toughest checks out there so check it out. Download Here:

  • George Lucas, Father of Star Wars

    George Lucas, Father of Star Wars


    He is the brain behind Darth Vader and Indiana Jones, his imagination inspired millions, he is George Lucas and he is our topic for this week’s show ! Download Here:

  • Top 5 Swords Fights

    Top 5 Swords Fights


    From Kill Bill to star wars, swords fights are always fascinating for us, but which is best of them all, listen to our show to know our top five sword fights, and we would love to know yours, ON GUARD Download Here:

  • The Dark Knight Vs The Man of steel

    The Dark Knight Vs The Man of steel


    They are the most iconic comic figures known to us, their symbols are one of most recognizable symbols on the face of the planet, what’s makes them so great? What is the attraction to these characters? Why? Listen to our show this week to find out. Download here:

  • and the Oscar goes to…

    and the Oscar goes to…


    The Oscars are here, so we decided to make a special show for this event, we welcome you in the Kodak theater, with Movie chat: Oscar Special Download here:

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