Get Out Of Your Head

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Alex Kazam is an award-winning performance artist.He has performed over 5,000 shows internationally, on stages, television and radio. He has also performed privately for celebrities like Donald Trump, Paul Shaffer and David Suzuki (just to balance things out)."Get Out of Your Head" came from his desire to stop over-thinking everything he wanted to accomplish, and move to actually start doing it.Every Monday, Alex is joined by a new guest. He dives into the tools and processes they have used, to do what they have done. Funny stories, learned experiences and new ideas always ensue. Thanks for being here. Please visit: for more information & professional bookings.


  • Belong. Empower. Create. Get Out of Your Head - Ep. 15

    "Belong. Empower. Create." Get Out of Your Head - Ep. 15

    25/08/2017 Duração: 47min

    Shauna Macleod is the executive director of the Willow Community Support Services. We sat down and chatted about the world of mental health, the life of a project and what family has to do with it all. In just 2 years, this non-profit, that provides recreation and creative services to Niagara residents with mental health and addiction diagnoses has developed into a vibrant community service. To find out more visit: Please rate, subscribe and share this show. Prefer to watch? Visit:

  • Moved to L.A. With a Dream  Made It! Get Out of Your Head - Ep. 14

    "Moved to L.A. With a Dream & Made It!" Get Out of Your Head - Ep. 14

    04/07/2017 Duração: 01h14min

    Craig Scime is an actor, producer, emcee, and award-winning TV host. I ask him about making it in the wacky world of show business, how he decided to let go of fear, follow his heart and move to L.A., and much more! To find out more about Craig visit: Twitter & Instagram: @craigscime Thanks for listening!

  • Ive Never Been Successfully Seduced in a Nightclub! Get Out of Your Head - Ep. 13

    "I've Never Been Successfully Seduced in a Nightclub!" Get Out of Your Head - Ep. 13

    10/06/2017 Duração: 50min

    A conversation with Exotic Dancer, Circus Artist and Burlesque Performer Miss Cherry Poppins. What would you ask her? I asked her to tell me about her personal love life vs. professional one? What's the craziest thing you've ever done? You have so many people enamored with you but do you ever feel lonely? Cherry Poppins started her exotic dance and burlesque career in the small city of Regina, Saskatchewan. Dissatisfied with the archaic laws prohibiting striptease in Saskatchewan, she moved to Alberta to further her career as an exotic entertainer and burlesque artist. She has danced and competed at various venues and clubs in Canada. She has won many titles throughout her career, most recently they include: 2017 Miss Burlesque World 1st Runner Up, 2017 Miss Nude World's "Best Aerial Show" & 2017 Miss Nude Redhead World. To find out more about Cherry visit: Follow her on instagram: @misscherrypoppins Facebook: For more on me, visit: w