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| BOOKING | REMIX | MIX.MASTERING | MYR |www.goeranmeyer.comBio - GermanProducer und DJ Göran Meyer stammt ursprünglich aus Magdeburg in Sachsen- Anhalt. Seine Liebe zur elektronischen Musik und Feierkultur entdeckte er jedoch bei der legendären Love Parade in Berlin. Aus dieser Liebe heraus startete er eigene erfolgreiche Veranstaltungen in Magdeburg mit Leuten aus der Tresor-Crew, 1040 Leipzig, Strezzkids, Bill Youngman, Markus Welby, Cannibal Cooking Club oder Hanno Hinkelbein. Viele Releases liegen auf seinem musikalischen Weg unter anderem auf Tulipa Recordings, Spielgold, Wonnemusik, FineBeatz, Infradig und Revolucion Recordings. Die Butterfly Collection mit Remixen von Mathias Schaffhäuser und weiteren Acts, wurde im Jahr 2013 auf Balushi Recordings veröffentlicht. Namhafte DJs wie Richie Hawtin spielten bereits Görans Tracks und auch die Marken JOOP!, SCHWARZKOPF sowie SYOSS wurden auf seine Musik aufmerksam. Görans introvertierte Persönlichkeit steht im Kontrast zu seinem basslastigen, treibenden Sound, der für seine Hörer eine trockene, deepe Atmosphäre kreiert. Und in einem können wir sicher sein: Er wird niemals still halten. Bio - EnglishGerman based Dj and producer Goeran Meyer first discovered his love for electronic music and the underground scene after visiting the legendary Love Parade festival in Berlin which soon saw him running his own succesful clubnights and events in his native Mageburg and the surrounding areas, sharing the booth with the likes of Bill Youngman, Markus Welby, Cannibal Cooking Club and Hanno Hinkelbein amongst others at leading venue's such as the infamous Tresor and 1040 Leipzig. His career then took the natural path into the exciting yet daunting world of production with his introverted personality shining through his bass-heavy, dancefloor based sound. Quickly building himself a solid foundation for his music signing tracks to the likes of Tulipa Recordings, Wonnemusik, Fine Beatz and Infradig whilst gaining awareness from high profile brands such as Joop !, Schwarzkopf and Syoss who loved his deep, underground tech house beats. Releases1. Göran Meyer & Friends _ Butterfly Collection ( Balushi ) 2. Göran Meyer / Lukas Edler _ Secret Room EP ( Heimlich-Audio )3. Göran Meyer _ Maschinerie der Polarlandschaft ( Heimlich-Audio )4. Ivo Deutschmann & Sebastian Weiske _ Raindrops (Remix ) Spielgold5. Tom Gräbe _ Spiritual Massage ( Remix ) ( Bandcamp )6. Sergio Sorolla & Jean Verheyen _ Razor ( Revolucion Records ) 7. Goeran Meyer _ After Night E.P. ( Revolucion Records ) 8. Goeran Meyer _ The Fear of the Unknown ( Heimlich-Audio ) 9. Goeran Meyer _ Improved Phatty ( Tulipa Recordings) 10. Goeran Meyer _ Deep House ( Roba Series ) 11. Goeran Meyer _ No I am Sorry EP ( Stencil Record ) 12. Goeran Meyer _ VA 1 Year Global Echoes Compilation 13. Goeran Meyer _ She takes the Essence VA ( InfradigRecords )14. Goeran Meyer _ Deep House 2 ( Roba Series ) 15. Goeran Meyer _ Be You EP ( Revolucion Records 101 )16. Florian Spindler _ La Memoire ( Fine Beatz 013 )17. Oldrich Sic. Jr. _ I go Deeper ( Fine Beatz 014 ) ( Remix ) 18. Göran Meyer _ You Cannot Say ( Wonnemusik _ 049 ) 19. Goran Meyer _ Scary Cognitions ( InfradigRecords 045 ) 20. Göran Meyer _ Blue Hour ( Roba Series )21. Göran Meyer _ It is what it is EP ( Revolucion Records 108 )22. Göran Meyer _ Unhurried Soul EP ( MYR 01 )23. Göran Meyer _ Addicted EP ( MYR 03 ) 24. Goeran Meyer _ Drifter EP ( Revolucion Records ) 25. Goeran Meyer _ Walking Distance EP ( MYR06 ) Referenzen1. JOOP! Summer Kampagne 2012 2. SCHWARZKOPF _ Essential Looks Kampagne 3. Syoss _ Big Sexy Volume Kampagne mit Ed MoelandsInfo In case of any question feel free to contact


  • Simple Things // DJ Set // May´20

    Simple Things // DJ Set // May´20

    01/05/2020 Duração: 01h01min

    Göran Meyer // Simple Things // DJ Set // May´20 It's the very simple things that we can do to reduce any risk if there is some risk.” Enjoy your weekend with some fresh tunes. Stay healthy and keep care of you. Tracklist: 1 Get With My Light Willaris K. 2 Down On Earth (Djuma Soundsystem Rmx) Neil Amarey 3 Cascabel (Original Mix) Alejandro Mosso 4 Sierra Stefan Obermaier 5 Numb (Joris Voorn Remix) Elderbrook 6 Nobody (Original Mix) Gorgon City & Drama 7 Methodic (Original Mix) BAKKA (BR) & Elly Fly 8 Gold (Club Vocal Mix) Daniel Rateuke & AWEN 9 Die Schraube (Anja Schneider Remix) Timo Maas 10 For A Feeling (Original Mix) CAMELPHAT x ARTBAT 11 Overrated Juli Lee 12 Embrace (Black Coffee & Aquatone Remix) Agoria MYR Official: ☛ ☛

  • Stay At Home // DJ Set // April´20

    Stay At Home // DJ Set // April´20

    03/04/2020 Duração: 01h46s

    Göran Meyer // Stay At Home // DJ Set // April´20 Stay at home is a stricter form of social distancing. Stay at home means: Stay home! So maybe you find some time for new music ! Enjoy your weekend with some fresh tunes. Tracklist: 1 One Night (&lez Remix) Kasango 2 Mama Negra (Original Mix) K.E.E.N.E. 3 Everything Is Happening Philipp Straub 4 Phormosa Rodaq 5 Toxic Temptation (Original Mix) Peer Kusiv 6 Blackout (Moonwalk Remix) Nico Morano 7 Sharab (Vocal Mix) Namito & Naghib 8 One Love (Original Mix) Jojo Angel 9 Dont Know How To Remix (Biggi Veira ) GusGus 10 San Paulo (Original mix) DIBIDABO 11 Behind Your Sunshine Albuquerque & CANCCI MYR Official: ☛ ☛

  • Ourselves // Dj Set // March´20

    Ourselves // Dj Set // March´20

    09/03/2020 Duração: 01h01min

    Göran Meyer // Ourselves // Dj Set // March´20 In these situations, how can we hold our selves together and restore a healthy, honest unity? Enjoy your week with this session

  • Grab  Go // Dj Set // Jan´20

    Grab & Go // Dj Set // Jan´20

    06/01/2020 Duração: 01h01min

    Göran Meyer // Grab & Go // Dj Set // Jan´20 So, the next time you don't feel like getting out of bed, grab a banana and go to work in your pajamas! Enjoy your week with this session

  • Goeran Meyer // From The Lab To The Real World // Live // Dec´19

    Goeran Meyer // From The Lab To The Real World // Live // Dec´19

    17/12/2019 Duração: 01h38s

    `FROM THE LAB TO THE REAL WORLD` is a new mixing session including unreleased files and newest sounds recorded and filmed by Goeran Meyer. The session is performed exclusively with a digital setup and only with own productions. Located at the heart of the Set, the studio plays a large role in mixing and mastering the sound line and ensures that stand as a benchmark for quality and excellence. Offering an extensive selection of tracks, Goeran Meyer has shown us in this session his incredible view and feeling of playing some live cuts. YOUTUBE: ☛ SOUNDCLOUD: ☛ MYR Official: ☛ ☛

  • Enforce // Dj Set // Nov´19.WAV

    Enforce // Dj Set // Nov´19.WAV

    12/11/2019 Duração: 01h01min

    Göran Meyer // Enforce // Dj Set // Nov´19 The sound waves displace bodies in waves that are caught, enforced, filtered and made audible by the device. Enjoy your week with this session

  • Don´t Cross // Dj Set // Oct´19

    Don´t Cross // Dj Set // Oct´19

    09/10/2019 Duração: 01h01min

    Göran Meyer - Don´t Cross (DJ SET) Let´s cross the road now. Enjoy your week with this upload. Stay tuned! Soundcloud ☛ incl. tracks by : Ruede Hagelstein Taavi Tuisk Jepe AC Slater Agoria El Mundo & Zazou Aaaron Fur Coat Delhia de France Onur Ozman & Lazarusman Moogie & Sasson Le3Roy Kalyma Glows Frankey & Sandrino MITÜ Prince Kaybee Gregorythme Pontias Peter Makto & Gregory S Web ☛ Facebook ☛

  • The Deep Room Guest Mix 230 (DJ SET)

    The Deep Room Guest Mix 230 (DJ SET)

    03/09/2019 Duração: 01h02min

    The Deep Room Guest Mix 230 - Göran Meyer (MYR, levelNONzero) from Germany + our Resident Talal (Frequenza, Dear Deer, FSOE UV) from London. Soundcloud: @goeranmeyer Facebook: FOLLOW US on + & @talalsound The Wrath of Nanook (Original Mix) Road to Mana Kubrick Thursdays (Dave Pad Remix) Echonomist Shining (Solee Remix) Slideshow Park Energy (Illyus & Barrientos Extended Mix) BURNS, A$AP Rocky & Sabrina Claudio Oh Jane (Taavi Tuisk Remix) Days of May Soho (Original Mix) Gareth Wyn Nocturnal (Bomb Dylan Remix) Jagā Substance (Dateless remix) James Organ Kunuaka (Stereo MC's Remix) Makossa & Megablast On My Mind ft. AVEC (Original Mix) Peer Kusiv Lenmana (Alejandro Mosso Remix) Rey&Kjavik Restart Part 3 ILO Scars ft. Waterson (Original Mix) KDA Lost City (Original Mix) Moon Boots Yöurr - Molo Phaeton Tim Engelhardt Certain Shadows on the Wall (Original Mix) ADIN Hans Solo Bartella Journey (Extended Mix) Calvin Logue Comfort (Fl

  • Exposure // Dj Set // Aug´19

    Exposure // Dj Set // Aug´19

    02/08/2019 Duração: 01h03min

    Göran Meyer - Exposure (DJ SET) The conditions that make available an opportunity to learn or experience new things! Enjoy your weekend with this fresh tunes ... Stay tuned! Soundcloud ☛ incl. tracks by : Amonita Bu.Di Monkey Fish Julia Govor & Rashid Ajami Mike Spirit & Thierry Tomas BURNS Demetrius Piemont ADIN Calvin Logue Claudio Ricci Days of May HOSH Cellini West & Hill Mark Tarmonea Miss Melera Lucefora & Boggan Jimpster Floyd Lavine & David Mayer David Morales Cashio Renato Ratier Norma Panduro Matrefakt Jordi Iven & Victor Lanman Miyagi Ezikiel Saronde Michael Hooker & M.E.E.O Mario Bazouri Claptone TouchTalk Agoria Eagles & Butterflies Web ☛ Facebook ☛

  • Entropy // DJ Set // July´19

    Entropy // DJ Set // July´19

    09/07/2019 Duração: 01h01min

    Göran Meyer - Entropy (DJ SET) Entropy is related to the amount of additional information needed to specify the exact physical state of a system, given its macroscopic specification. Enjoy your week with this fresh tunes ... Stay tuned ! Tracklist 1 Make You Do Wrong (Original Mix) Elliot Adamson 2 Hans Solo Bartella 3 Enkiyama (Florian Busse Remix) Claudio Ricci 4 Negra Macha K.E.E.N.E. 5 Comfort (Florian Kruse Remix) JOPLYN 6 Certain Shadows on the Wall (Original Mix) ADIN 7 XSOUL (Original Mix) Alessio Pagliaroli 8 Blow Oscar Mula 9 Atha Stefan Obermaier 10 Shine On Me Pascal FEOS + Guido Schneider 11 Alone ft. Blaenavon (Juliet Sikora Remix) Claptone 12 Aquiver Stereo Express Web ☛ Facebook ☛

  • Unknown Error // DJ Set // June´19

    Unknown Error // DJ Set // June´19

    16/06/2019 Duração: 01h02min
  • Leave You Alone // Dj Set // May´19

    Leave You Alone // Dj Set // May´19

    28/05/2019 Duração: 59min

    Leave You Alone // DJ SET // GOERAN MEYER // MYR Just wave your hands and arms all around the music. You don't even need to touch them! Only listen to, and they don't leave you alone. Tracklist: 1. The Slide (Original Mix) - Wild Dark 2. Desert Flower (Original Mix) - Miyagi 3. Magnolia (Original Mix) - Mees Salomé 4. Trippin - Aprapta 5. Voyage (Solomun Dub) - Tiger Stripes 6. Say It To Me - Redondo 7. A Waiting Game (Martin Waslewski Remix) - Claptone 8. Owl Flight (Delano Smith Remix) - Shahrokh Dini 9. Echoes - Stereo Underground 10. Remedy feat. Noemie (Manoo Remix) - Agoria 11. Mbamba - Migosy 12. Fortaleza - TBC - (Whitelabel) Web: Facebook MYR

  • Deserve A Break // DJ Set // April´19

    Deserve A Break // DJ Set // April´19

    18/04/2019 Duração: 01h49s

    DESERVE A BREAK // DJ SET // GOERAN MEYER // MYR Deserve a break today. It's time for a more balanced view of sunshine with this lovely mix by Goeran Meyer. Tracklist: 1 Julius Malandra Jr. 2 Markgrafendamm 13 The Journey 3 Aftertaste Of Love TK.Kim 4 Racer Snake (Reset Robot Remix) Collective States 5 Zamin (Original Mix) Rasi Z 6 Song For You (Jacques Greene Remix) Rhye 7 Moyo Mama (Jimpster's Dub) Saronde 8 Cut Me Down (Radio Slave Remix) Sasha 9 Landing (Original Mix) Seb Wildblood 10 Patience (Oblique ild. Remix) Seth Schwarz & Die Ruhe 11 Borderlands Soma Soul 12 Aviv Brian Cid Web: Facebook MYR

  • Empty Space // Dj Set // Feb.19

    Empty Space // Dj Set // Feb.19

    21/02/2019 Duração: 01h02min

    When you take a look out at the Universe, past the objects in our own solar system, beyond the stars, dust and nebulae within our own galaxy, and out into the void of intergalactic space, what is it that you see? - Empty Space - ? Start your weekend right with some fresh tunes mixed by Goeran Meyer. Tracklist: 1. Permanent Route - Squire 2. Chasing Shadows (Vocal Mix)- Road to Mana ft. Jinadu 3. Parafin - Brigade & Ivorie 4. Roger (Huxley 's Muscular Mix)- Matthias Vogt 5. Sirius (Jobe Remix) - Steve Glass 6. Your Mulana (Trikk Numero Fim Dub)- Chaim 7. Audissey (Club Mix) - B/O/M 8. Back Down (Jonas Rathsman Remix) - Bob Moses 9. La Esperanza ft. Katie Stelmanis (Patrice Bäumel Remix) - Claptone 10. How Them Started - Fran Bortolossi 11. Pazass (Original Mix) - Head Nodders ⎈ Web: ☛ Facebook MYR ☛

  • Emotional  Moving // Dj Set // Dez.18

    Emotional & Moving // Dj Set // Dez.18

    29/12/2018 Duração: 01h17s

    // Emotional & Moving // Dj Set // Dez. 18 // Loving these cold days to get in the right mood. Enjoy the last hours of 2018 with this music and emotional moving by Göran Meyer. Tracklist: 1. Bruma (Original mix) JP Elorriaga 2. Avila (Sabb Remix) Dorian Craft 3. Quando Rando Seth Schwarz 4. Bolivian (Original Mix) &lez 5. Universal Infinite (Collé remix) Squire 6. Midnight Wanderer (Original Mix) Esteble, 7. And The Entire Sky Fluida 8. Your Mulana (Trikk Numero Fim Dub) Chaim 9. Embrace ft. Phoebe Killdeer (Black Coffee Remix) Agoria 10. Once Upon A Time Ariel Merisio 11. Ongg Debal Sommer VA - Nautilus 12. The Lights Of Sion Squire ⎈ 
 Facebook MYR

  • Keep A Smile In Your Pocket // Dj Set // Nov.18

    Keep A Smile In Your Pocket // Dj Set // Nov.18

    15/11/2018 Duração: 01h05min

    // Keep A Smile In Your Pocket // Dj Set // Nov.18 What puts a smile on your face? There are so many things that puts a smile on our faces! For example the music when you need it. Enjoy this new upload here! Tracklist: 1. Like A Motherless Child (UNDERHER Remix) - Moby 2. Please (Jeff Samuel Remix) - Rhye 3. Where Does It All Go (Original Mix) - Ricoshëi 4. Wave (BDTom Remix) - Vasily Umanets 5. Tongue Tab - Fluida 6. Jurutungo - Brian Cid 7. Jeopardized (Nic Fanciulli Remix) - Sabb 8. Void ft. Echo Collective (Original Mix) - Prope 9. Idjewena - Mozaïk 10. I Wonder ft. Qendresa (Ninetoes Remix) - Jerome Hadey 11. Spondylus (Original Mix) - Francesca Lombardo 12. Narrow Arrow (Marco Resmann Remix)- K.E.E.N.E. 13. Unknown (ALX Remix) - Archila 14. Embrace ft. Phoebe Killdeer (Black Coffee Remix) - Agoria ______________________________________________________ Official: ☛ ☛

  • Anywhere From Here Is A Place // Dj Set // Okt.18

    Anywhere From Here Is A Place // Dj Set // Okt.18

    16/10/2018 Duração: 01h06min

    Anywhere From Here Is A Place // Dj Set // Okt. 18 Easy mood in today's upload. Loving these autumn days to get in the right mood. Enjoy your week with this music and emotions mixed by Göran Meyer. Tracklist: 1. What Is Loneliness? Lee Jones & Cali Lanauze 2. The Oaks (Leftfield Remix) Gaz Coombes 3. Can't Go Back (OC & Verde Remix) Giovanna 4. Tuesday In Space (original mix) Graff 5. Rules (Davide Remix) Habitat & Leo Arato 6. Elephant In The Room (Ronnie Spiteri Remix) 7. Addiction ft. The Baroness (Piem Remix) L.O.U 8. Tinga Mozaïk feat B'utiza 9. Aftertaste Of Love TK.Kim 10. Quality Time 4 All (free download) Pascal FEOS 11. Movin' ft. Michelle Weeks (Original Mix) PAX 12. Lost & Found (Piemont Remix) Moonbootica & BONDI ______________________________________________________ Official: ☛ ☛

  • Göran Meyer - Clear Your Mind - DJ Set

    Göran Meyer - Clear Your Mind - DJ Set

    11/06/2018 Duração: 01h25min

    Clear Your Mind // Dj Set // After the day's work is done move in pure nature, inhale the fresh air, clear your mind and forget everyday life. Enjoy your week with this fresh mix by Göran Meyer. Tracklist 1. Rey & Kjavik - Intro ( Elfenberg Remix ) 2. Tube & Berger - Fetzen ( Djuma Soundsytem & Westerby Remix ) 3. Miyagi - Thousand People ( Jonas Saalbach Remix ) 4. Rey & Kjavik - Ulima ( SIS Remix ) 5. Everything Counts - Tuareg 6. Claptone - Under The Moon ( Catz n Dogz Remix ) 7. Yuksek & JD Samson - Dont Even Try 8. Nicolas Masseyeff - Muse 9. Mario Bianco - Manumission 10. The Disco Evangelists - De Niro ( Agoria Rotor Remix ) 11. Miyagi - Cloud ( David Hasert Remix ) 12. Afterculture - Gonna Miss ______________________________________________________________ Offical Web ☛ Facebook ☛

  • Göran Meyer - Closer Than They Appear - DJ SET

    Göran Meyer - Closer Than They Appear - DJ SET

    09/05/2018 Duração: 01h00s

    // Closer Than They Appear // Dj Set // Either we get in the way, or things make use of us. Now you can't tell a thing. Closer Than They Appear ingratiates its listeners with a unique soundscape. Enjoy your week with this mix by Göran Meyer. ▼ Tracklist ▼ 1. Tunnelvisions - Mbosa Light 2. Jimmy Edgar ft. Dawn - Burn So Deep 3. Juli Lee - Not Yet 4. The Dualz - Darkside 5. Milkwish - Mega Chord 6. Yuksek & Bertrand Bergalat - Icare ( Yuksek Rmx ) 7. Charlie Rope - All For You 8. Avon Stringer & Ron Caroll - Trapped In The Music 9. Nicson & Skinnybone Love - Pompete 10. Lui Mafuta - Snaggel 11. Soul Clap - Moov To Tha Beat 12. Oumou Sangare - Fadjamou ( St. Germain Rmx ) x Offical Web ☛ x Facebook ☛

  • Capture The Moment (DJ SET)

    Capture The Moment (DJ SET)

    15/03/2018 Duração: 01h02min

    ✱ Göran Meyer - Capture The Moment (DJ SET)✱ With the look I capture the moment of life, which turns the living space into home. Always be ready when it happens! I capture the moment and initiate what my intuition tells me to. Enjoy your week with this tunes mixed by Göran Meyer. Tracklist ▼ 1. Ted Jasper - The Drum 2. PBR Streetgang - Everything Changes (Crooked Man Remix) 3. My Friend - Solace 4. Monolink - Sirens (Patrice Bäumel Remix) 5. Alexander Matchak - Make Me Fly 6. Mark Maxwell - Make You Feel It (Beth Yen Remix) 7. Ninetoes - Deli Kadir (AJ Christou Remix) 8. Alexis Tyrel - At The Beach 9. Marst - Fury 10. Olsen ft. Nick Kingswell - Falling For You 11. Claptone - In The Night (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix) 12. Milk & Sugar ft. Ron Caroll- House Dimension (Club Mix) 13. Oumou Sangare - Kounkoun (Pedro Remix) ⎈ Web ☛ Facebook MYR ☛ Mix & Mastering ☛

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