Prosthetic Pressings Podcast

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In the years since its conception in 2006, Prosthetic has grown from a humble bedroom label to an internationally known driving force. Prosthetic focuses on volatile, left field techno that showcases talents from around the world. Always evolving their cultural identity, Prosthetic maintains its credibility in the Chicago community by the continuous enthusiasm and perseverance for dance music. Now in their 5th year, Prosthetic's profile must once again take a forward step into the future. Plaguing charts and their ever growing roster have helped to develop a relationship with Chicago's premier techno venue, Smart Bar, showing the support from this legendary city. Prosthetic is able to showcase their global roster and has now become home to the underground and its artistic vanguards within the electronic community.


  • PPOD | 019 | AnD

    PPOD | 019 | AnD

    25/09/2012 Duração: 01h12min

    Manchester based duo, AnD, is a faceless and covert production team that has taken the techno community by storm. Releasing on labels such as Horizontal Ground, Black Sun Records and Frozen Border, AnD showcases a diverse range of styles stemming from spaced out sonic textured beats to complex driving bass lines laced with bold and aggressive percussions. Last year they launched their very own vinyl imprint, Inner Surface Music. Their focusing on like-minded artists and producers that represent nothing but the highest quality underground music. 01. Telur - Kangding Ray - Stroboscopic Artefacts 02. Hafizz Maidan - Muslimgauze - Muzlimgauze 03. Cub2 (UST Funk Mix) - Cub - Cub 04. Second Balance (Regis Remix) - Aiken - M_Rec 05. De Chord - Developer - Modularz 06. The Strange Attractor - Silent Servant - Hospital Productions 07. Binary Opposition (Cntrls Remix) - Phase - Token 08. The Oven (Kangding Ray Remix) - Violetshaped - Violet Poison 09. Prism Guard - Rrose - Eaux 10. Hackney - Truss - Perc Trax 11.

  • PPOD | 018 | iFormat

    PPOD | 018 | iFormat

    17/07/2012 Duração: 01h15min

    Joseph McGeechan's new solo project iFormat has a darker, much more aggressive industrial feel. Heavily influenced by sinister horror movies and eerie sci-fi soundscapes, this set gives a disturbing sense of foreboding into McGeechan’s dystopian, post-punk exploration of the decay of society. This chapter in Joseph's transformation is a live set called "Leaving The Lines Behind". This set is composed of personal productions showcased at Unseen @ Studio 24 (Edinburgh, SCO) on July 6th. 01. Intro - Joseph McGeechan - Unreleased 02. Deception - iFormat - Unreleased 03. Becoming Lost - iFormat - Unreleased 04. No Changes - iFormat - Unreleased 05. Red On The Front - iFormat - Unreleased 06. In The Depth Of It - iFormat - Unreleased 07. Failed By The Conformists - Joseph McGeechan - Prosthetic Pressings 08. As We Are Watched - iFormat - Unreleased 09. The Other Side - iFormat - Egocentric 10. A Truth To Hide - iFormat - Unreleased 11. As Time Turns - iFormat - Nachtstrom Schallplatten 12. Society Decays - iFo

  • PPOD | 017 | Mick Finesse

    PPOD | 017 | Mick Finesse

    15/06/2012 Duração: 02h49min

    PERC TRAX 2012 US TOUR Opening set @ Norad (Denver, CO) on June 8th Stephen Penders, aka Mick Finesse, has been djing and promoting in locations ranging from Tokyo to Boston since 1999. Now based in Denver, CO, Mick has become an integral part of the local techno community. Having hosted the very popular Dissonance / Resonance afterhours, in addition to regular appearances at Beta’s Beatport Lounge and various other local clubs, Mick has been all the while tempering his own interpretation of techno. Obsessed with themes of context and contrast, Mick Finesse attempts to peel away layers, perception and prejudice in both his namesake and his music. Stephen's unique warm-up set at Freq Boutique (Denver, CO) is what ultimately caught Ali's attention, then he followed up soon after with a release on Perc Trax. This set shows just another angle through the mind of Mick Finesse... 01. Folk Festival - PYE Corner Audio - Type Recordings 02. De Gulpa - The Village Orchestra - Broken20 03. Mandala - Celer - Cele