An Idiot And A Broad

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An Idiot and a Broad is a fun, energetic, and honest podcast FOR teens BY teens. The two hosts, Benjamin Gleckman and Claire Corlett never fail to entertain! If you like lame jokes and off-topic discussions while simultaneously learning a fact here and there... then this podcast is perfect for you!Each episode will entail a few different segments...1. The Knowledge. We ain't just a bunch of nimnuts over here at Idiot and a Broad headquarters... we bring you facts and statistics relating to the topic of the episode.2. Story-Time with Ben and Claire. It's self explanatory - Ben and Claire each tell stories relating to the given topic. Are the depressing? Sure. Funny? Definitely. Weird? Dunno.3. Where Do You Stand? Here, the hosts take sides on the matter. Will they oppose each other and try to convince each other to change their opinions? Do they disagree on everything? Or are they straight down the middle? Why do they feel the way they feel? All these questions will be answered in this segment of the podcast. , and talk more about why we feel this way.4. Comment Corner. Here, questions and comments from listeners following our Twitter (@IB_Podcast) will be answered and discusses. One this is for sure on this podcast... everything and all answers will be 100% honest. Episodes will be approximately 60 minutes long.


  • Drunk At John Cenas

    Drunk At John Cena's

    19/12/2016 Duração: 01h05min

    On the last episode for a while the hosts talk about Jell-O shots, shotgunning, and how kush-tea is the new way to get high. Plus, they both tell stories about when they first got drunk. Do you think smoking Smarties or Rockets are better for your health?

  • Juicy Booty Pics

    Juicy Booty Pics

    12/12/2016 Duração: 01h04min

    What the heck is VK? Do people post booty pics for themselves or for others? The hosts answer these questions, while also explaining the real purposes of the top 10 social medias. Plus, Ben and Claire give you some advice on how to take the best photos...