Separate But Together

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Carrie Bain & Chris Colon are two functioning alcoholics who live in Chicago. Listen in as they discuss life over a casserole, a bottle of wine, or two, or three, or maybe throw in some beers, or maybe even an entire bottle of vodka.


  • Just Say No (Episode 7)

    Just Say No (Episode 7)

    15/01/2014 Duração: 01h25min

    Carrie & Chris are reunited after months of being separated due to Carrie being a hermit. Once again we find Carrie dealing with her sexuality. Is she a lesbian? Chris needs to control his inner demons. Carrie tells about her apartment flood and friends don't let friends rent from Kass. Food stamps. Farewell Canadian. Chris gives us pointers on how to properly break a windshield and they of course discuss the holiday's.

  • #keepingitclassy (Episode 6)

    #keepingitclassy (Episode 6)

    05/10/2013 Duração: 53min

    Chris has a pressing matter to discuss with Carrie. We talk about the ramblings of Stephen King. Chris admits to a guilty book pleasure. Talk about one of the most depressing concerts we've ever been to and yes, I think it was still effecting us. Don't worry we get a lil' more drunk after 30 minutes into this episode. We talk about getting older and how when we were kids the interweb was brand new. First time getting drunk stories. Carrie mets her future husband on the Yellow Line. Yes, the mandolin is the sexiest instrument ever. Also, Chris really wants to get his loot on.

  • Canadia (Episode 5)

    Canadia (Episode 5)

    03/09/2013 Duração: 46min

    We're live in Chris' apartment!! Carrie & Chris discuss how they've known each other since 2007, but yet Carrie has never been to his apartment. Hmmm? Should we get an intern? Seriously, should we get an intern? Honey Bee's are dying everybody. We had guests scheduled, but none of them showed up. Carrie is already having trouble speaking within the first 15 minutes. Once again we discuss the horrible life of Ok Cupid. Carrie divulges who her secret Facebook crush is and why she won't date people in wheelchairs. Chris lets us know how Oprah changed his life even though he wasn't doing coke. Carrie realizes she had an out of body experience involving second hand black tar. Listen to the very end! Chris has some really amazing words of wisdom.

  • Lets Get Political (Episode 4)

    Let's Get Political (Episode 4)

    18/08/2013 Duração: 01h08min

    Listen in to Carrie Bain & Chris Colon's FIRST EVER LIVE PODCAST!! Our regular Skype caller Kelley Addis joins us in her new apartment in Orlando. We discuss Chris' new adventure. We talk about curry and indian foods. Carrie reveals a secret on her internet life. Chris once again proves that Carrie is a racist. Twerking? What the hell is it? Even more OkCupid discussions. Really guys, why do you flash your penis to us? Don't forget to keep listening even after the credits. You might get a lil' nugget of something fun.

  • Eye of the Storm (Episode 3)

    Eye of the Storm (Episode 3)

    18/08/2013 Duração: 01h08min

    Check it out for part two of our awesome new podcast titled Lock & Loaded: Happy Hour with Chris Colon & Carrie Bain. We have the very talented Kelley Addis with us via Skype. Carrie & Kelley play an awesome game and of course Carrie keeps getting drunker and drunker through the podcast. Carrie & Chris reveal how they first met. Carrie learns a horrible person has been dead for two years. Chris goes on a rant about yelling at an old person. Blue cheese! Who doesn't love blue cheese! Listen towards the end and Carrie can't even say the word contribute.

  • Before the Storm (Episode 2)

    Before the Storm (Episode 2)

    18/08/2013 Duração: 45min

    Carrie Bain and Chris Colon are back for their second podcast! Listen in as they discuss a variety of topics, drink some wine, and eat a delicious casserole. They discuss Felicity, boy on boy action, Keri Russell, Simon Rex, and a whole bunch of stuff. This is the first part in a three part series. This is the sober part of the podcast. Check back later for special guests and real drunk talk.

  • I Hate Everyone (The Pilot Episode)

    I Hate Everyone (The Pilot Episode)

    18/08/2013 Duração: 43min

    Brand new podcast featuring Carrie Bain & Chris Colon. In this episode we discuss many different topics ranging from London and how we'd like to get Benedict Cumberbatched, Casino night, Carrie's breasts, how showing your balls as a man is like showing your breasts, Chris gives us great advice on how we know to pursue a romance, Chris' new business, Hermit lifestyle, Foood, Bike's, Food, and a bunch of other. Stick around! More episodes to come.