Tracy's New York Life

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This podcast features excerpts from my life in New York City.


  • My New York | Tracys New York Life

    My New York | Tracy's New York Life

    27/05/2017 Duração: 11min

    The release of this 10th episode coincides with the 10-year anniversary of the journey that began my life in NYC. It was 10 years ago that Mike and I drove from Atlanta to Manhattan to stay for a week, hoping that we'd land jobs and an apartment so we could embark on our adventure of a lifetime – moving to New York City. I can barely believe that a decade has come and gone since that first week of May in 2007. But even more, I can barely believe where I stand now as compared to 10 years ago. If anyone had told me that I'd be a freelance writer and blogger and living on the Upper West Side of NYC, I doubt I would've bought into it! Life is filled with curve balls, and my story proves how anyone's destiny can turn on a dime. One thing's for sure – I know a lot more about NYC than I did a decade ago. My blogging journey has made sure of that. And one thing hasn't changed and I doubt it ever will – I still love New York and I'm incredibly lucky to live here. In episode 10, I share 'My New York' – favorite plac

  • My Hearts Not in It | Tracys New York Life

    My Heart's Not in It | Tracy's New York Life

    15/04/2017 Duração: 07min

    I've watched the world-famous Rockettes perform several times over the years, but my history with Radio City Music Hall runs deeper than sitting in the audience at the "Christmas Spectacular." Long before I lived in NYC, I was a young, aspiring ballet dancer and spent a day auditioning in a dance studio at Radio City. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Sounds is the keyword here because if I'm honest, the experience wasn't too exciting, but rather stressful, exhausting, and disappointing. In this podcast, I talk about that day – having the opportunity to audition for one of the greatest shows in one of the most spectacular theaters in New York City. The outcome wasn't the usual, "I got the part," or "I got cut." But, that audition taught me valuable lessons – especially one in particular – that I have taken with me on life's journey. And that's to recognize when my heart's not in something. If my heart's not in it, then it's probably time to shift my direction or walk away. I continue to carry that sentiment with

  • The Longest Hour of My Life | Tracys New York Life

    The Longest Hour of My Life | Tracy's New York Life

    10/03/2017 Duração: 11min

    When I made the decision to try a dance class in NYC, I thought to myself, if I can find a class and instructor I like, I would be motivated. I could get in better shape and have fun at the same time. And if I really liked the class, I might be motivated to go weekly, or maybe twice each week. I psyched myself up over the course of several months before I took the plunge and walked in the door of Alvin Ailey to try a Zumba class. I had seen Zumba on television before. And, my friend Matthew had recommended it. He said it was fun and he took classes at Ailey too. So, I thought, if he can do it, so can I! Obviously, we did not take the same class. Or, I was in much worse shape than I’d thought, because, well – listen to the podcast to get the rest of the story.

  • Cash Only, Please | Tracys New York Life

    Cash Only, Please | Tracy's New York Life

    21/02/2017 Duração: 09min

    New York is a cash city. There's no doubt about it. In Gotham, you'll notice people waiting at ATMs, and dollars and cents changing hands, because cash is king here, which is why you should never leave home (or your hotel room) without it. In this podcast episode, I talk about eating a delicious Saturday brunch, going to pay the check, and realizing that I was short by a dollar and some change. I'd say that's an embarrassing moment! When I advise you to have cash in your pocket no matter what, I speak from personal experience. :)

  • Give Me a Drink and Ill Shut Up | Tracys New York Life

    Give Me a Drink and I'll Shut Up | Tracy's New York Life

    01/02/2017 Duração: 06min

    I had settled into big city life, but with life in NYC comes stress. How do New Yorkers alleviate that stress? We head to corner pubs probably far too often. In New York, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll encounter at least one eccentric character in any bar you happen to walk into. And don't feel apprehensive about going to a bar alone. You'll probably leave with more friends than you came with, and in this town, most bartenders will encourage you to pour your heart out and drown your sorrows. This podcast is an average (or not-so-average) Tuesday night out in a New York City neighborhood bar.

  • Conquer Your Fears | Tracys New York Life

    Conquer Your Fears | Tracy's New York Life

    14/01/2017 Duração: 10min

    Since I had so much to think about during my short six-week window before I relocated to New York, I didn't give the details of NYC life much thought at all. In all honestly, I was so excited about the opportunity to live in the greatest city in the world. Once I had moved to the Upper East Side, though, I was forced to adjust to my new-found city life and all that went along with it in a matter of days. In this podcast episode, I talk about how I stepped beyond my comfort zone and confronted my fears one by one (there were several), so I could get the most out of living in New York City.

  • Downsizing | Tracys New York Life

    Downsizing | Tracy's New York Life

    20/12/2016 Duração: 11min

    I moved from a 2,800 square feet home in Atlanta to a 950 square foot apartment in New York City. That life-changing move brought challenges and the unexpected. This podcast episode is a humorous take on how I handled downsizing to a Manhattan apartment.

  • Mission Possible | Tracys New York Life

    Mission Possible | Tracy's New York Life

    17/11/2016 Duração: 11min

    In this episode, I talk about the process of renting a New York apartment (and how it pained me to write a really big check to get it, as well as making the big move from Atlanta to New York City in 2007. I had little time to realize the life I was leaving behind and the life that would become my future.

  • Never Say Never | Tracys New York Life

    Never Say Never | Tracy's New York Life

    05/11/2016 Duração: 09min

    In the second podcast episode, I dig a little deeper into the how, why, and timeline of moving to NYC. Life's twists and turns aren't always expected or positive, but we have the ability to try and take a misfortune and turn it into an accomplishment, and that's what my husband Mike and I attempted to do.

  • Chances Are | Tracys New York Life

    Chances Are | Tracy's New York Life

    12/10/2016 Duração: 10min

    This is the Tracy's New York Life podcast and features excerpts from my life in New York City. In this episode, I reflect on my first visit to New York.