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Aaron Salome has returned to host an updated version of his 2005 podcast "Technology Today". The new show, "Tech2Nite", closely follows the original show's format keeping you up to date with the latest tech news from industry insiders while continuing to keep it fresh & fun. Website: /// E-Mail: /// Twitter:


  • Another Quick Update

    Another Quick Update


    Aaron talks about the upcoming relaunch of Tech2Day (now called Tech2Nite) and the status of his relationship with VAMO. Also, be there when AppleChat relaunches this Sunday, January 25th. Go to for more info, or subscribe to AppleChat on iTunes (or your favorite podcast service).

  • A Quick Update

    A Quick Update


    Aaron has posted a new blog detailing what’s been going on at VAMO in the past few months. The blog is here. Just a quick audio update from Aaron.   Happy Holidays from everyone at VAMO!

  • Tech2Day #9

    Tech2Day #9


    In this episode: Best Buy aquires Napster, Metallica still hates P2P, Verizon ETF settlement, and more… LISTEN NOW! Website: Email: Twitter:

  • Tech2Day #8

    Tech2Day #8


    In this episode: Comcast banwidth caps, AT&T U-Verse slowdowns, MPAA cuts off Pirates, Gates & Seinfeld’s new ad campaign, Aaron reads comments & more. LISTEN NOW! Website: Email: Twitter: Pownce: pownce.come/aaronsalome

  • NOTICE: Apple Event Live Blog

    NOTICE: Apple Event Live Blog


    Tech2Days Evan Herlan is at todays Apple Event Click Here for his Live Blog from the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

  • Tech2Day #7

    Tech2Day #7


    In this episode: Intel’s wireless power, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, New Nanos?, Limewire Store, and Mozilla Ubiquity. Website: Email: Twitter:

  • Tech2Day #6: Live from IDF

    Tech2Day #6: Live from IDF


    In this episode: Aaron was on the scene at IDF this week to bring you some big news from Intel. We didn’t plan on releasing 4 shows this week but that’s just how things happened. Next week, we’ll return to our regular schedule of 1 episode per week. Website: Email: Twitter:

  • Tech2Day #5

    Tech2Day #5


    **This episode was posted 2 days ago, however it somehow dissapeared from the server. If you already listened to this episode, then you can skip over this re-post. In this episode: Dell’s “Latitude On”, the controversy over, American timetable for 4G cellular network adoption, New glasses protect against “digital eye fatigue”, and Aaron reads […]

  • Tech2Nite: Micro-Blogging

    Tech2Nite: Micro-Blogging


    Between soaking in everything IDF has to offer and preparing to record our second live show in the last week, I had just enough time to record this episode of Tech2Nite. I hope it’s informative and keeps you occupied until the IDF Live Show gets broadcast this weekend. This first installment of Tech2Nite compares some […]

  • Tech2Day #4: Special LIVE Edition

    Tech2Day #4: Special LIVE Edition


    Tech2Day was live at the New Media Expo on Friday. We’ve put together an abbreviated version of that show for your listening pleasure. Thanks to everyone who came out to make the show a huge success. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed every minute of it (except for the when one audience member […]

  • Tech2Day #3

    Tech2Day #3


    This episode covers some new Best Buy news, App Store Sales, the Apple fire, Mega Man 9, Unwrap Mosaic & The Boss plays the Superbowl… Emails: techtoday2008@gmail.comTwitter:

  • Tech2Day #1

    Tech2Day #1


    In This Episode: A few tech updates that occurred in the last 3 years,Rumors about upgrades coming to Mac notebooks this Fall, new search engine, Digg “connects” with Facebook, new marketing angle for Windows Vista, astronaut talks aliens, PS3 Greatest Hits…..E-Mail: techtoday2008@gmail.comWebsite:




    It’s been 3 years since we produced the last episode of Technology Today and after much consideration, I’ve decided to re-launch the show. The new name is Tech2Day and this time around it’s going to be a much more focused effort. The new episodes will still cover all the best news in the Tech Industry […]