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Lee, Kelly and John Michael talk about all their favorite Japanese stuff, from wrestling to toku, to movies, anime and whatever else is cool at the time.This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com


  • #LikesJapanShit Episode 10

    #LikesJapanShit Episode 10


    It's the first show of the new year and it's a doozy. After catching up on the new and old things the boys have been buying, reading, watching and all that, they sit down check out Netflix's newest anime offering, Devilman: Crybaby. And just because we don't want to send you home too terribly sad, they take a peek at Blazing Transfer Students (also on Netflix). It is tonal whiplash at its best.

  • #LikesJapanShit Episode 9

    #LikesJapanShit Episode 9


    It's thematically appropriate tonight as the boys sit down for the first time in a long time. to watch the truly surreal "Yokai Monsters, Spook Warfare." Before we get to that, John Michael went dumpster diving and it was something real special.

  • #LikesJapanShit Episode 8

    #LikesJapanShit Episode 8


    It's something a little different this episode, as the boys sit down to watch Wanna Be the Strongest in the World. It starts off kind of creepy but by the end of episode 2, they come around. It's an interesting watch, for sure.

  • #LikesJapanShit Episode 7

    #LikesJapanShit Episode 7


    Whoooo boy. The boys settle in to talk some news and trailers and that's fine. Then it gets real. This episode, they watch Kamen Rider Hesei Generations. That's the movie where a bunch of Kamen Riders fight Pac-Man.

  • #LikesJapanShit Episode 6

    #LikesJapanShit Episode 6


    AMAZON! The boys are joined by the PoP!-Cast's Jose Guzman as they check out the beginning of Kamen Rider Amazons (Now in Season 2). The general concensus is that it's way better than Iron Fist.

  • #LikesJapanShit Episode 5

    #LikesJapanShit Episode 5


    It's a tale of three beginnings this week as the boys watch the first episode of Zyuranger, the first episode of the original MMPR and the lost pilot episode. All that, plus news, toys and the review of the new Power Rangers movie.

  • #LikesJapanShit Episode 4

    #LikesJapanShit Episode 4


    We're hopping into the Not-So-Wayback machine this week for a re-issue (or maybe it's a Legacy Edition) of PoP!-Cast Episode 359. Lee, Kelly and John-Michael dive into the OG 1995 Power Rangers movie, just in time for the new one this weekend. It's a surprisingly good time.

  • #LikesJapanShit Episode 3

    #LikesJapanShit Episode 3


    It's been a few weeks, but the boys are back talking toys, Toku and whatever else pops into their heads as they watch the first three episodes of newest Super Sentai Series, Kyuranger. Talk about lucky!

  • #LikesJapanShit Episode 2

    #LikesJapanShit Episode 2


    Zero joins Lee and John Michael as they do a comparison to this year's Power Rangers and the source material, Shuirken Sentai Nininger. There are some... interesting changes, to say the least.

  • #LikesJapanShit Episode 1

    #LikesJapanShit Episode 1


    Join Lee, Kelly and John-Michael as they dive into the first episode of #LikesJapanShit. They talk Power Rangers, Kamen Rider and watch the truly bizarre and equally spectacular Great Space Battle 2016.