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  • 3.18.2020 The Rich Ruler

    3.18.2020 The Rich Ruler

    16/03/2020 Duração: 22min

    3.15.2020 The Rich Ruler Luke 18:18-30 Examine and lookin the mirror. What do we value more than God? Is it safety, security, financial well-being, etc? Maybe family ? Jesus read us, knows us. We need to be able and willing to make commitments to more than what is right in front of us. What keeps you from fully trusting God? We all have idols because we all have sin. Jesus points out that we need to realize who God is and what He is willing to do bring us to His kingdom.

  • 3.8.2020 The God Who Sees

    3.8.2020 The God Who Sees

    09/03/2020 Duração: 21min

    3.8.2020 The God Who Sees. Luke 18:1-8 We normally think of righteousness as what we do, but it is more like Justice to God. When yo have no one else on your side you don't have to beg God to see and hear your struggles and help. He sees our needs and troubles, and He enters in to help us . Take time to see and be a part of the injustices around us. God works through us to send His justice on earth. Prayer helps us to know we are not alone.

  • 3.1.2020 The Found Sons

    3.1.2020 The Found Sons

    02/03/2020 Duração: 38min

    3.1.2020 The Found Sons. Luke 15 God didn't send Jesus to appease His anger against us, but to show us that sin is defeated and He has made u the gap that divided us. God will provide, protect and bring back His Sheep. there are 2 types of sins, 1 is the sin of the lawbreaker and the other is the sin of the law keeper. You can do everything right and still be in sin. We must choose to accept the Father , the Great Shepherd, coming to find us and bringing us back to Him.

  • 2.23.2020 Woah! Really!

    2.23.2020 Woah! Really!

    24/02/2020 Duração: 34min

    2.23.2020 Woah! Really! Luke 14: 15-35 Things that we need most.. God, family, minds. Life can fell empowering nd at the same time overwhelming. How busy are we really? Worldwide, people feel compelled to lie about their levels of busyness. we tend to equivalate busy with significance. We don't allow ourselves to be available. The goal of human life is not just to get to Heaven but to be more like Jesus. What are we willing to do or no do to follow Jesus?

  • 2.16.20 Whos In

    2.16.20 Who's In

    18/02/2020 Duração: 38min

    2.16.20 Who's In? Luke 13:18-30 Who is in on the family relationship of Jesus? Without a relationship that happens by intentionally working towards being with Him and a part of His family, you are not part of grace. Grace does not happen without judgment or a faithful following of Jesus. It is opposed to merit, or thinking you have done something to deserve it.

  • 2.9.20 Wilderness Wanderings

    2.9.20 Wilderness Wanderings

    10/02/2020 Duração: 29min

    2.9.20 Wilderness wanderings. Luke 9:57-62 What is to really follow Jesus? We don't know how to wait , we don't trust that the Lord is leading us to where to go and to what. There is no going back, following Him is a commitment to not knowing what is ahead and we are to lose our identity as it is and find a new one in God. He promises to be with us in the valleys and the peaks, the mundane moments and the mountaintops.

  • 2.2.20 A Tale Of Two Cities

    2.2.20 A Tale Of Two Cities

    03/02/2020 Duração: 26min

    2.2.2020 A Tale of Two Cities. Luke 6:12-26 When we build objects and create our investments out of what we have, rather than who we are, we miss our whole purpose. We limit God to how we see the world and miss how He operates within others. Consider whether we draw our values and identities from the One or from our what we have.

  • 1.26.20 A New Way Forward

    1.26.20 A New Way Forward

    27/01/2020 Duração: 34min

    1.26.20 A New Way Forward- Luke 5:27-39. Does where we live and how we have always done things suggest more about how we see the world instead of who we should follow? When you focus on things beside how we live our lives and how God is at work in our world and in our neighbors we miss our mission. Be God's hands and feet to help establish His Kingdom on earth. Learn to trust each other, serve together, invest in people not the packaging.

  • 1.19.20 The Whole Gospel

    1.19.20 The Whole Gospel

    21/01/2020 Duração: 32min

    1.19.20 The Whole Gospel. Luke 4:31-37 The Reign of God, the Coming Authority, the Power over Heaven and Earth. Jesus comes proclaiming He is bringing the unification process. He has the authority. The Good News is the proclamation of Jesus is the Messiah. God wants to be fully present in our lives, with our identity fully in Him an of Him and understanding the very nature of God.

  • 1.05.2020 A 2010 Vision

    1.05.2020 A 2010 Vision

    07/01/2020 Duração: 35min

    1.05.2020 Luke 4:1-13 2010 Vision. Try having 2010 vision by taking a step back. What did Jesus do to have better than perfect vision? We need to have a personal intimate connection with God. Find a way to recognize and grow your trust in God. Mae a commitment to practice some discipline that will help you focus on Him. Trust how He can help you with your burdens.

  • 12.29.19 Sunday Service

    12.29.19 Sunday Service

    30/12/2019 Duração: 38min

    12.29.19 Practicing the Presence. Luke 2:33-40 The Redemption practice of the Firstborn was meant to remind us of the redemption that God had provided to Israel through His Presence in their lives. We all have certain rituals or celebrations, ex. birthdays. Anna the Prophet stayed in prayer, she recognized Jesus as the Redemption of Israel. Practice the Presence of God in our lives, choosing a discipline of abstinence. Maybe fasting or giving up cell phone time. Choose to be encouraging instead of sarcastic. Notice God in your life more.

  • 12.22.19 Jesus Is Here!

    12.22.19 Jesus Is Here!

    23/12/2019 Duração: 21min

    Return of the King: Jesus is Here! Luke 1:39-56 If Jesus the Son in the Flesh became a real person to come to you, don't you think that the Holy Spirit will do everything in His power to make Jesus a real person in your heart and life? Christmas, that time when we celebrate that God entered this world for our benefit to redeem us and draw us nearer to Him.

  • 12.15.19 Scorched Earth

    12.15.19 Scorched Earth

    16/12/2019 Duração: 35min

    12.15.19 Scorched Earth. John 4:7-12 Return of the King Do you remember how you felt when you discovered that the world was not perfect? Did it affect you in a adverse way? Sin holds us captive and wants to keep our minds there. We want to be set free. We think Jesus will free us, but we get caught up again and gain. He crosses all boundaries to get to us. When He does, everything changes, including the power sin has to hold us. The Light breaks through the darkness.

  • 12.8.19 Get Some Rest

    12.8.19 Get Some Rest

    09/12/2019 Duração: 28min

    12.8.19 Get Some Rest Guest Speaker Randal Carr . Genesis 2,Pslm 62:5 When we neglect rest we start to suffer in energy, contentment, we lose discernment in recognizing God's presence in our lives. Resting and sleeping are not the same. This resting is the quiet undisturbed, state of simple peace. God rested after He created the Earth and He speaks of keeping the Sabbath as a day of rest. Take time to rest, be still, and contemplate all that He is at work in You and around you.

  • 12.1.19 The Lion King

    12.1.19 The Lion King

    03/12/2019 Duração: 23min

    12.1.19 Return of the King: The Lion King. Isaiah 32:9-17 It is easy to become complacent a take everything for granted when times are good. We stop looking for the Hope that is found in the coming King. Everything is brought down by complacency. We are not in control. God's restoring of justice comes through the King and His Spirit is poured out on His people. When He returns things will be made right. It is something to Hope for.

  • 11.25.19 The Art Of Thankfulness

    11.25.19 The Art Of Thankfulness

    25/11/2019 Duração: 26min

    11.25.19 The At of Thankfulness. When you greet people, how do you take inventory of your life? Busyness keeps us from being able to see God in the world around us and captivates our vision. We stay focused on anxieties and fears. Slow down and practice the Art of Thankfulness. Repetitive complaining will attract things for you to complain about. Repeated gratitude will attract things for you to be thankful for. Practicing the Art of Thankfulness grows the Heart.

  • 11.17.19 Why We Serve

    11.17.19 Why We Serve

    18/11/2019 Duração: 35min

    11.17.19 Why We Serve. Guest Speaker Shawn Tyler. Why are you here? Is it habit, choice, want, or going through the motions? "Every man is worth just so much as the things are worth that he busies himself with. " Take inventory of what is really valuable in your life, and be about the Father's business.

  • 11.10.19 Why We Preach

    11.10.19 Why We Preach

    12/11/2019 Duração: 27min

    11.10.19 Do What? Why We Preach. 2 Timothy 4:1-8 Preaching has been a way for the people of God to encounter God for a very long time. It is useful to Teach, Reproof, Correct, and Exhort. Preaching is meant to challenge and think about the way we live. It should shape our doctrine rightly, it should remind us of who we are in Christ.

  • 11.3.19 DoWhat.Why We Sing

    11.3.19 DoWhat.Why We Sing

    04/11/2019 Duração: 44min

    11.3.19 Do What?: Why We Sing. Ephesians 5:17-21, Romans 12:1-2 Music is a powerful tool to connect & express in ways our experiences that we cannot explain. We sing for each other. Singing is a whole expression of our Love. We sing because we are filled with the Spirit. Singing demonstrates & expresses our unity in Christ. Singing puts the focus on Christ.

  • 10.27.19 Be And Do

    10.27.19 Be And Do

    28/10/2019 Duração: 25min

    10.27.19 BE and Do James 5:13-20 We do certain things because of what we have been made into through Jesus. One of the most difficult things to is own that you messed up. But true wisdom is to live out your lives in community , the one you were made to be...the church. Be doers of the Word, because of who you are in Christ.

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