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Podcast by Spicy Mayo


  • Mini Epi (Ep. 3.5)

    Mini Epi (Ep. 3.5)

    21/07/2016 Duração: 15min

    I did this for the culture... No, not really. I did this mini episode because my podcast got cut off yesterday due to the fact that I'm not yet a proficient SoundCloud rapper and I can't master tracks. #StwuggleBars

  • Runneth Me Mines! ( Ep. 3)

    Runneth Me Mines! ( Ep. 3)

    20/07/2016 Duração: 20min

    With all the thievery and scamming going on nowadays, EVERYONE needs to protect their necks. This cut throat world requires legal protection and Spicy Mayo is here to provide you with (a couple) "Glo-isms". *Also in this episode: Taylor Swift's FIRM and RIGHTEOUS dragging, Black Twitter, and Tamron Hall's reading of IRS approved receipts. Enjoy. :)

  • Take 10: A Reflection (Ep. 2)

    Take 10: A Reflection (Ep. 2)

    07/07/2016 Duração: 25min

    Fuckery, police violence, coping mechanisms, and reflection are the subjects of this week's show.

  • Get In Formation (Ep. 1)

    Get In Formation (Ep. 1)

    26/06/2016 Duração: 20min

    Welcome to Girl on the Glo Ep. 1. On this episode, we're talking tequila sedatives, organizational apps, the power and meaning of being organized, and #BeckyWithTheBadGrades. Hopefully this discussion gets you in line, in "formation", and on track!