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"This is my world, this is my planet and my planet rocks." - Axwell & Dirty South (Open Your Heart)


  • 05/10/11 - Eyekon Pres. E.D.See HOUSE promo

    05/10/11 - Eyekon Pres. E.D.See HOUSE promo

    12/05/2011 Duração: 33min

    I keep hearing everyone get mad when I play music that is not centered around vocals... lol... ok then... vocals it is! For all the house heads and the more 'commercial' crowd interested in mingling with the EDM scene, this is the mix for you! :) Track appearances by Dennis Ferrer, Ian Carey, Chuckie, Stardust, Kid Massive, Funkerman, Moguai, DONS, and many more! Part two of this set (a non commercial house mix - no vocals) will be released soon, but in the meantime, this is something for people headed to Orlando for EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) and Rave Invaders in Miami June 3rd ---> Enjoy the mix!!! TRACKLIST TBA - maaaaybe ;) hahaha -EYE- Listen.To/Eyekon

  • November 2010 - Arkeyev (Tech/Trance Mix)

    November 2010 - Arkeyev (Tech/Trance Mix)

    09/11/2010 Duração: 01h01min

    TRACKLISTING - ARKEYEV (NOVEMBER 2010 - TRANCE ENERGY) Full swing ahead! This Arkeyev Episode features an hour of high quality Trance and techtrance for all of my high BPM fanatics. Feel free to drop this into your sound system and prepare for takeoff with tracks from Trance heavyweights Talla 2XLC, Ernesto Vs. Bastian, Activa, BT, and Cosmic Gate - alongside a slew of new and familiar talent. My personal favorite is the flashback containing Abel Ramos' Jakarta - a track I loved to throw onto the decks back in 2008. 001. TALLA 2XLC - PRO LIFE (TEMPO GIUSTO MIX) 002. SCOTT MAC - DAMAGER 02 (W&W MIX) 003. ERNESTO VS. BASTIAN - EVERY INCH A KING (ORIGINAL MIX) 004. BT - FORGET ME (MR SAM MIX) 005. RONALD VAN GELDEREN - THIS WAY (CRISTIAN KETELAARS 2010 MIX) 006. ELLRICH & PLAICE - SOCIETY (UMMET OZCAN MIX) 007. REVOLUTION 9 - THE FALL (JOHN ASKEW MIX) 008. ACTIVA FT. PEETU S. - WARGAME (REAKY MIX) 009. ANDRE GLENSK - MONDAY REFLECTIONS (MEKK V MIX) *FLASHBACK 2008* 010. ABEL RAMOS - JAKARTA *FLASHBACK 2008* 0

  • November 2010 - Arkeyev (House Mix)

    November 2010 - Arkeyev (House Mix)

    04/11/2010 Duração: 54min

    November 2010 - Arkeyev (House Mix) When most people come home from a long day they sit down and have whatever it may be to induce a 'Happy Hour' sensation. This sensation is most definitely vice-related, whether it is a good book, a strong drink, tasty food, or enduring excercize. For me? My personal vice is music. It has always been very therapeutic to hear the fruits of labor brought together in a good quality mix. As a result of being away from BPM.FM I figured I would still keep up on my mixes. This archived material of old and new tracks is the first of a few mixes that will incorporate this method. These tracks are ones I have had, but never really got around to play. Maybe it was the fact that at the time I had requests to play different types of stuff, or the fact that I had no corresponding tracks to work with them. In any case, the right time and place brought these together for an hour of noise therapy...(noise therapy.. I like that.. nice ring to it!) Enjoy the sounds of artists such as Zoo Bra

  • November 2010 - Eyekon Pres. The KNOWHOW

    November 2010 - Eyekon Pres. The KNOWHOW

    03/11/2010 Duração: 38min

    Sometimes it takes an event to jolt the mind out of its' creative block. In this case, it caused me to go MIX-CRAZY... pumping out 3 mixes in two days spanning 3 diffrent genres :) The first (and shortest) of these mixes is a ~40 minute set I drew up with some quality breaks and bootlegs from both well known and unknown artists and dj's. Look forward to the sounds of artists like Miles Dyson, Bingo Players, Starkillers, DJ Dan, and a slew of others to help move your feet. Caution : Prolonged dancing to this cd WILL make your feet hurt - Please dance responsibly and wear comfortable shoes (lol) TRACKLISTING - THE KNOWHOW 001. BINGO PLAYERS - DEVOTION (BOOTLEG) 002. STARKILLERS - B!TCH @$$ TR!CK (BOOTLEG) 003. BINGO PLAYERS - TOM'S DINER (RE:EDIT BOOTLEG) 004. YOUNG MC - KNOWHOW (STANTON WARRIORS EDIT) 005. BAD BOY BILL FT. ALEX PEACE - FAST LIFE (TOCADISCO VS REFAZE EDIT) 006. DJ DAN - OPERATOR (MILES DYSON MIX - RE:EDIT) 007. REL1 - CHAAK TREATMENT (RE:EDIT) 008. MILES DYSON - MINIMAL MY @$$ (KRAFTY KU

  • EOYC - Spring 2010 Promo 1.0

    EOYC - Spring 2010 Promo 1.0

    06/02/2010 Duração: 58min

    Rendered 12.31.2009 Eyekon Pres. EOYC Spring 2010 Promo 1.0 Ok, I will be honest... This mix is really just a teaser to keep my friend's and fans occupied until the REAL Spring promo comes out shortly before WMC.. I have to keep it under wraps as some people are already coming out with their own.. patiently wait and pick out the finest tracks, mashups, and reworks and set it off right ! In the meantime, this mix does nothing short of jam! A few friends have been asking for an energetic house mix to put on while doing cardio exercizes and on the way to/from clubs. This type of mix is that which focuses more on vocals, a nice blend of electro-tribal goodies and 'out-there' tracks to keep it fresh and keep people singing to the tracks. Power up your amps, load your subwoofers, and set this on high, sit back, and enjoy ! Tracklisting :: 001. OLIVER TWIZT - ANOTHER STEP [MARK SIMMONS MIX] 002. SECOND SUN - GOLDEN [AUSTIN LEEDS MIX] 003. CHUCKIE VS BLACK EYED PEAS - SEXY FEELING [BOOTLEG] 004. SYDNEY SAMS