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Discussing politics in and around Iowa, some big nationwide stories, some stories you might not have heard.Hosted by Jason and Dee Vajgrt, it's a refreshing dose of life in Iowa and seeking answers to all that doesn't seem right with the world.Support Levels Show Supporter: $5.00 USD - monthly Badass: $10.00 USD - monthly Uber-fan: $25.00 USD - monthly Newshound: $50.00 USD - yearly Billy Badass: $100.00 USD - yearly "Mad as hell": $250.00 USD - yearly


  • #98: Wrap-up of Iowas US Congressional Races Iowa House and Senate races

    #98: Wrap-up of Iowa's US Congressional Races; Iowa House and Senate races

    08/10/2012 Duração: 01h04min

    All shows are now hosted here: http://lostinthecorn.radiofubar.com [Intro: Tesla - What You Give] Happy Ten Year Anniversary Episode. Dee and I were married ten years ago Friday, October 5th 2002. We celebrated Saturday. It was great.This week, we finish up where we left off last week with the Iowa US House races. Give Steve King some shit, talk about idiocy in the redder parts of the state, and hypocrisy...also in reference to King.Then we talk about some of the Iowa House and Senate races. Big ones that we are going to be following on Election Night. Namely Senate districts 18, 34, 36. As well as House Districts 18, 23, 44, 71, 72, 64, and more. [Outro: Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait] This episode will be the last episode posted on this feed. As of October 13th, all episodes will be LIVE at radiofubar.com on Saturday nights from 7-9pm CT, with episodes posting to the feed by Noon CT Sunday. Check us out next week. There will be a slight format change from how we do the episodes now, and we'll keep you abr

  • #97: US House District 1 Scott Turner, host of WoW: Uncensored

    #97: US House District 1; Scott Turner, host of WoW: Uncensored

    29/09/2012 Duração: 02h13min

    [Intro: Gangnam Style] On this week's episode, Dee and I talk about the U.S. House race in Iowa's First District.After Dee ducks out because she's still not feeling the best, Scott Turner -- host of the WoW: Uncensored podcast -- joins me and we talk at length. Starting off talking about video games: FPS console vs PC, our favorite consoles, favorite shooting games, favorite arcade games, favorite consoles, moments in games we've played. Then we take a turn and talk about TV shows we've watched, and where they went wrong or what they did right. Then the discussion goes to homophobia in online gaming (check out the No Homophobes site as well), and then back to TV for a bit.Then we discuss Scott's podcasts, video gaming parties of yore (complete with the soundtrack of Killer Instinct), things our kids won't know about how we used to play video games, my mayoral bid and Scott TOTALLY blows my mind as he's figured out (spoiler alert) who the mother is on How I Met Your Mother!Voicemail comments: 331-444-CORN Foll

  • #96: Taking a break, of sorts, this week...

    #96: Taking a break, of sorts, this week...

    24/09/2012 Duração: 51min

    [Intro: Lady Gaga - Just Dance] This week, Dee, Shellie, and I, all sit around and talk about life and stuff. Topics include Shellie's time at camp, dorm living, college studies, life aspirations, minimal talk about politics, and mentions of a girl who got jizzed on by the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man...I'd post the pic, but it's NSFW.[Outro: Lady Gaga - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich] Follow us on twitter: @LostCorn, @MiSheLuna Find the show on facebook Voicemail: 331-444-CORN Email: lostcorn@gmail.com 

  • #95: No, seriously, f*** you, Steve King...and Matt Schultz, too!

    #95: No, seriously, f*** you, Steve King...and Matt Schultz, too!

    16/09/2012 Duração: 18min

    [Intro: Hollywood Undead - Everywhere I Go] This week, I give you a roundup as to why Steve King is a bag of douche.  Also, Matt Schultz is a bag of douche as well! [Outro: P.O.D. - Alive] email: lostcorn@gmail.com follow @lostcorn on twitter voicemail: 331.444.CORN Be decent, we are all humans.

  • #94: The fuck did you just say?

    #94: The fuck did you just say?

    02/09/2012 Duração: 57min

    [Intro: Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (for the invisible Obama)] First, we talk about our week, and ask the listeners to tell us what they call a penis or a vagina Then we talk about Jon Stewart's skewering of Clint Eastwood. Then there is the masturbatory fantasy/bootlicking piece about Corporation Day? As if it wasn't bad enough...Vaginoplasties are on the up-and-up...(In the middle of this, Charity and Cody join in and we go from there) Victoria Jackson shows us the "dumb blonde" act on SNL was NOT an act! Voicemail: 331-444-CORN Follow @LostCorn on twitter. Please don't drop 40 stories in my opinion of you and think that Victoria Jackson is RIGHT!

  • #93: You might be a fascist if...

    #93: You might be a fascist if...

    01/09/2012 Duração: 17min

    [Intro: Baroness - Take My Bones Away] This episode (1 of 2 this week) deals with a man who has been accused of pedophilia since the 1980s. You might be a fascist if... [Outro: Propaghandi - The Only Good Fascist Is a Dead Fascist] Follow @LostCorn on twitter Voicemail 331-444-CORN lostcorn@gmail.com

  • #92: Its going to be loud!

    #92: It's going to be loud!

    25/08/2012 Duração: 54min

    [Intro: Big & Rich - Loud] This week: Justeen has a crush on a boy, and they went to the movies. He then tried to win me over...and I fell like dominos. Dee and I talk about rapists having control over women's vaginas and the kids that result from rape babies...yes, it turns out that Todd Akin is WRONG.  We then talk about Mittens wanting to cut funding for the arts. Also, I may or may not be running for mayor. [Outro: Bloc Party - Banquet] Email: lostcorn@gmail.com Voicemail: 331-444-CORN This week, do something that would make your momma proud!

  • #91: Free Pussy Riot!, Mittens says Barack isnt playing fair, Pedobear-approved haircuts...

    #91: Free Pussy Riot!, Mittens says Barack isn't playing fair, Pedobear-approved "haircuts"...

    18/08/2012 Duração: 01h03min

    [Intro: Sum 41 - Still Waiting] This week, we talk about the Pussy Riot fallout. Putin is mad about Pussy! (Dee laughs uncontrollably at the thought of the name Putin) Then we talk about Mittens Romney accusing Barack Obama of not playing fair. Also, the Tom Morello op-ed about Paul Ryan...it's not good for Ryan. Finishing up, we talk about special haircuts, and why some women like it how they do. [Outro: Ludacris - #1 Spot] Follow the show @LostCorn on twitter Voicemail 331-444-CORN Email: lostcorn@gmail.com

  • #90: Phone it in Friday...or Saturday?

    #90: Phone it in Friday...or Saturday?

    11/08/2012 Duração: 54min

    [Intro: The Guess Who - No Time] This week's show is just a clusterfuck. I blame my laptop being a piece of shit for that. I'm back on the backup laptop again...#firstworldproblems... We discuss the passing of a local legend, the mayor, and a former board member of the local playhouse.  Then, in another "Fuck You, Steve King" segment, Stephen Colbert takes on Steve's statement about dog-fighting versus human fighting. We discuss this. Then we talk about Mitt Romney announcing his VP tomorrow (today for you), which then leads to a 20 minute rant about the Tea Party. [Outro: One-Eyed Doll - Monster] Please donate to the show so I can get a new laptop! Follow us on twitter: @LostCorn @FoodPussy @faerydee Check the facebook page.

  • #89: More Chick-Fil-A, homophobia, Gabby Douglas...

    #89: More Chick-Fil-A, homophobia, Gabby Douglas...

    03/08/2012 Duração: 02h33min

    [Intro: Counterfeit] This week, Dee and I follow up on the Chick-Fil-A bullshit and explore all the different aspects and people's comments about it from around the web. Then, the long-awaited return of the segment "Go Fuck Yourself, Steve King," (intro by Propaghandi - The Only Good Fascist is a Very Dead Fascist), as well as the return of the "One-Minute Fuck You" segment. Then we talk about Gabby Douglas, and end the show on an awesome note. [Outro: Faith] Follow us on twitter, join the group on facebook and email lostcorn@gmail.com Voicemail: 331.444.CORN Kudos to Gabby Giffords for making history in the female gymnastics competition!

  • #88: On #RAGBRAI, Chick-fil-A and local homophobia, and positivity

    #88: On #RAGBRAI, Chick-fil-A and local homophobia, and positivity

    26/07/2012 Duração: 01h01min

    [Intro: Queen - Bicycle Race] This week, Dee and I talk about #RAGBRAI coming through Marshalltown, homophobia and it's corporate ties to Chick-Fil-A, trying to be positive, talking about her parents, and I spend about five minutes talking about things I love in life. [Outro: Papa Roach - Between Angels and Insects] Listener Voicemail Assignment: Call 331.444.CORN and go for two minutes about something amazing and positive in your life that made your week. Calls will be played on next week's episode. Please leave your name and a location. Thanks Email: lostcorn@gmail.com Twitter: @lostcorn, @faerydee, @foodpussy Tumblr, Facebook

  • Episode 87: Losing Faith In Humanity

    Episode 87: Losing Faith In Humanity

    20/07/2012 Duração: 59min

    [Intro: Pumped Up Kicks] This week, Dee and I fumble through an intro buffer. Then we get down to talking about the missing girls in Evansdale. Then we spend about 40 minutes discussing the horrific shootings in Aurora, Colorado. Much yelling and bitching and dead air as I collect my thoughts (read: run out of expletives that fit describing this douchenozzle). [Outro: Psycho] My heart goes out to the families of the girls in Evansdale, and to the victims in Colorado. It does. Let nothing I say take away from that. First and foremost, these people need solace, some kind of comfort in this harrowing time. They need answers, a friend, someone to hold, to cry, to try to make sense of this madness. Neither of these situations I wish on anyone. And as I've said in the episode, I wish a lot of ill on a lot of ill motherfuckers. Find us on twitter, facebook, and tumblr. Email: lostcorn@gmail.com Voicemail: 331.444.CORN In this time of sorrow, one must count only the sunny hours.

  • Episode #86: Steve King is a Detachable Vagina (7/13/12)

    Episode #86: Steve King is a Detachable Vagina (7/13/12)

    12/07/2012 Duração: 59min

    [Intro: Teach Me How To Dougie] This week, Dee and I discuss bankruptcy, welfare, and how Steve King ties into it all. We also talk about Nikki Haley being a fucking disgrace to women everywhere by calling battered and abused women "distractions." Then we talk about Daniel Tosh and the comedy club incident. We finish up talking about how we fear for the world our daughters will inherit. [Outro: Alice In Chains - Over Now] Follow us and the show on Twitter Email lostcorn@gmail.com Voicemail line: 331-444-CORN Tumblr and facebook Be good. Don't be an asshole. Otherwise, gremlins will take you away!

  • #85: Fueled By Nachos.

    #85: Fueled By Nachos.

    07/07/2012 Duração: 51min

    [Intro: Don't Step On The Grass, Sam] But this is the intro I was thinking of when I said "Fueled by nachos" This week, Dee and I sit down to talk and riff. We talk about the recent drownings in the Iowa River, stupid people with insecurities about abortion and misguided views about it as well, then we talk about parenting and some other weird and wild moments in life. Yeah, this week's episode is kind of throwaway, but I wouldn't have it any other way. [Outro: Hell] Follow us on twitter Look up the show on facebook Email: lostcorn@gmail.com Voicemail line: 331-444-CORN I'd like to take this spot to tell you to listen to the Citizen Radio episode from 7/6. It features Kate Bornstein and her AMAZEBALLS interview! It's so powerful to hear her recount her tales of being and awkward male youth and her transition etc.

  • Episode 84: The One With Jay From Best Of The Left!

    Episode 84: The One With Jay From Best Of The Left!

    25/06/2012 Duração: 49min

    [Intro: Bad Religion - Wrong Way Kids] On this special episode, I sit down to chat with Jay Tomlinson, producer of the Best Of The Left podcast. We talk about some things that make him tick, about the show, and about his current projects like expanding the activism role of Best Of The Left as well as starting Our Blue Media. [Outro: Bad Religion - Meeting Of The Minds] Follow Jay on Twitter @BestOfTheLeft Follow the show @LostCorn Find the show on Facebook and Tumblr Voicemail: 331-444-CORN E-mail: lostcorn@gmail.com Please support those who I have nothing but respect for! Without their shows, or comedy, I wouldn't be podcasting again!

  • Episode 83: WHAT THE FUCK?!

    Episode 83: WHAT THE FUCK?!

    22/06/2012 Duração: 44min

    This week I discuss the Michigan State Rep who blocked two women from talking about a bill calling it "a timeout" like you'd do with a child, John Boener wants to continue defending DOMA despite continually being handed losses, a local boy drowns in the Iowa River, a local store closes and a friend goes through some legal issues about her transgender status. Which then leads to the final thought of the week. Your thoughts are appreciated as always and this week I want your responses to the situation talked about at the end of the episode. Please consider donating to the show as your donations (especially recurring ones) will go towards hosting fees! We're looking to upgrade the show's hosting so I can start putting episode audio back on the feed! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr. Email lostcorn@gmail.com, voicemail: 331-444-CORN

  • Episode 82: Go Eat A Flaming Bowl of D***s

    Episode 82: Go Eat A Flaming Bowl of D***s

    15/06/2012 Duração: 40min

    [Intro: Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls] This week, Dee is back, and we discuss teaching young girls how to hunt for a husband, transgender persons in jail, Bryan Fischer is still a flaming homophobe, and "vagina" is a bad bad dirty word in Michigan. I end the show with a One Minute Fuck You about the Michigan Republican House members. This week's discussion is on CeCe McDonald's incarceration with male inmates. Email or call the voicemail line with your thoughts to be played/read on the show. Email: lostcorn@gmail.com Twitter: @Lostcorn @Faerydee Voicemail: 331-444-CORN Tumblr

  • #81: Primary Election Wrap-up Clusterfuck

    #81: Primary Election Wrap-up Clusterfuck

    07/06/2012 Duração: 01h02min

    [Intro: Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade] This week, Dee is off for family issues, so Amber joins me to talk about election night wrap-up shit. Scott Walker, douchenozzle and Pedobear extraordinaire, retained his seat in the state of Wisconsin. Truckloads of Koch Brothers funded money came into the state funding a negative campaign against his opponent. Jane Jech won the Primary for Senate District 36 in Iowa against Larry McKibben. Amber and I discover she is a member of the Marshalltown Tea Party. This fact then leads to much hilarity. Talking about Jane Jech gets us talking about the Times-Republican and George Bush II editing the paper. Hilarity also ensues. Also, Jane Jech is a poor driver... Then we cover what Steve Sodders was talking about wrapping up the 2012 session and looking forward to 2013. Also covering what Steve Sodders is doing and how his career in the Iowa Statehouse has made our lives better. [Outro: Psychostick - Do You Want A Taco?] Follow @FoodPussy, @LostCorn, @faerydee on t