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New Dimensions is an original and powerful forum for inspired and inspiring voices and views on a wide range of timely and timeless topics. Activism, art, education, science, psychology, philosophy, health, spirituality, global transformation, cross-cultural traditions, the interconnectedness of all life All these and more are featured in this award-winning one-hour interview program that has been broadcast on public radio since 1973. For more information and over a thousand hours of downloadable programs visit


  • The Character Of Thought-The Choice To Be In Process Or Flow - Laura Basha, Ph.D. - ND3541

    18/08/2021 Duração: 57min

    We have all experienced getting caught up in a thought and identifying ourselves by it. Dr. Laura Basha talks about the ability to bring choice into the thought process. She explains the importance of listening for what’s possible rather than trying to figure it out. We also learn about Transformational Humor, the power of silence, and the two modes of thought. Laura Basha, Ph.D. holds a combined doctorate in clinical and organizational psychology. She’s an international consultant in leadership development and a personal coach. She is also a fine artist whose paintings reside in many private collections. She is the author of: The Inward Outlook (Xlibris 2014)Interview Date: 4/9/2015   Tags: Laura Basha, MP3, Three Principles, Transformational Humor, Process thought, problem solving, flow thought, in the flow, Mind, Consciousness, thought, sound of silence, character of thought, quality of thought, inward outlook, mentally ill, schizophrenia, modes of thought, Everything and No-thing, transform

  • Impermanence and Interconnectedness - Bodhipaksa - ND3387

    11/08/2021 Duração: 57min

    How can mindfulness allow us to by-pass reactivity? How do we cultivate a sense of spaciousness? Buddhist teacher and author Bodhipaksa helps us find a sense of oneness, stillness, and perfectness. Bodhipaksa was born Graeme Stephen in Scotland and currently lives and teaches in New Hampshire. He is a Buddhist teacher and author who has been practicing within the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order since 1982 and has been a member of this order since 1993. Bodhipaksa runs the online meditation center, Wildmind, to increase awareness of the positive effects of meditation. His published works include The Wisdom of the Breath (CD) (Sounds True 2009), Wildmind (Windhorse 2010) and Living As a River: Finding Fearlessness in the Face of Change (Sounds True 2010)Interview Date: 10/22/2010 Tags: Bodhipaksa, retreats, mindfulness, happiness, fear, terror, management theory, reincarnation, karma, consciousness, self, virtual selves, clinging, Spirituality, Buddhism, Science, Meditation

  • Beyond Humans, Widening Our Circle Of Friends - Priscilla Stuckey, Ph.D - ND3463

    04/08/2021 Duração: 57min

    Stuckey begins this conversation by telling three stories — how an eagle, a bougainvillea bush, and the birch tree of her childhood all communicated with her in some way. We think we are alone, but Stuckey points out “we are deeply connected with all others with whom we share our lives.” Priscilla Stuckey is a writer, book editor, scholar, and Earth-advocate. She teaches humanities at Prescott College and holds a Ph.D. in religious studies and feminist theory from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. She is the author of Kissed by a Fox: And Other Stories of Friendship in Nature (Counterpoint 2012)Interview Date: 1/21/13     Tags: animal communication, animals, communicating with animals, creeks, dog Sapphire, dogs, ecosystems, Gary Snyder, hybrid, keystone species, land stewardship, land use laws, mp3, nature, Peralta Creek, potlatch, prairie dogs, Priscilla Stuckey, reciprocal generosity, relationship, Rudy the fox, watershed, watersheds, Animals, Community,

  • The Evolving Masculine Soul - Jed Diamond, Ph.D. - ND3733

    28/07/2021 Duração: 57min

    Diamond has worked with thousands of men who are angry, irritable, and to some degree violent. "There isn't one man that I've ever worked with that when you get to the root, when you look at his early life experience, violence is part of his experience. He's been wounded in some way." He offers many examples of ways men heal cultural and personal wounding. Jed Diamond, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist, a founding member of the American Society of Men’s Health, and an internationally respected leader in the men's health movement. He’s the Founder and Director of MenAlive, a health program that helps men live long and well. Though focused on men’s health, MenAlive is also for women who care about the health of the men in their lives. Jed Diamond is the author of many books including: The Irritable Male Syndrome (Rodale Press 2004), Mr. Mean: Saving Your Relationship from the Irritable Male Syndrome (Numina Press 2010), MenAlive: Stop Killer Stress with Simple Energy Healing Tools (Fifth Wave Press

  • Enlivening Prayer - Rabbi Paul J. Citrin - ND3732

    21/07/2021 Duração: 57min

    Prayer can influence our state of mind which then has an effect on our state of body. It’s a portal that connects us with Divine Source and is an intensely personal journey inward as well as an act of conversation with the Presence of the Infinite or what some call God. It can help us to move from a primarily secular, materialistic life into a more spiritual one. Rabbi Paul J. Citrin has served various congregations as a rabbi for over 40 years. He is retired from the pulpit, but continues to teach in synagogues and community centers. He is the author of several books including: Gates of Repentance for Young People (Paul Abrams, Judith) (CCAR Press 2009), Ten Sheaves: A Collection of Sermons and Articles (2014), Lights In The Forest: Rabbis Respond To 12 Essential Jewish Questions (editor) (CCAR Press 2016) and I Am My Prayer: A Memoir and Guide for Jews and Seekers (Resource Publications 2021) Interview Date: 5/20/2021  Tags: MP3, Paul J Citrin, prayer, communal prayer, Judaism, Reform Judaism

  • Staying Well with Guided Imagery - Belleruth Naparstek - ND3731

    14/07/2021 Duração: 57min

    Guided imagery is a powerful technique to lessen anxiety, pain, cognitive decline, insomnia, and many other chronic ailments. It can lead to better outcomes with surgery and many other health issues. Naparstek is a pioneer in recorded guided imagery programs and this dialogue is filled with practical advice. Belleruth Naparstek is a psychotherapist, author, and guided imagery pioneer, She, along with George Klein, launched the Health Journeys guided imagery audio series in 1991. Since then, this audio library has expanded to include over 250 carefully curated, science-based, meditations that target a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. Many major medical institutions, departments of corporate human resources, and wellness centers provide this content to their members. Some of these organizations include Kaiser Permanente, Johns Hopkins, the US Veterans Health Administration, the Mayo Clinic, Blue Shield of California, Progressive Insurance, the US Armed Services and many more. Belleruth

  • Awe And Wonder - Keys To Living A Passionate Life - Gregg Levoy - ND3539

    07/07/2021 Duração: 57min

    A sense of wonder is an active ingredient in a passionate life. Even suffering and restlessness can be seen with curiosity, says Levoy. Making space in our minds for the unknown, and allowing creativity to flow, he says, can keep us from being pulled into the “burden of purpose.” Levoy talks of the powerful effects of small actions and the importance of saying “yes.” Gregg Levoy is a former adjunct professor of journalism at the University of New Mexico, and former columnist and reporter for USA Today and the Cincinnati Enquirer. He’s written for the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Omni, and Psychology Today. He has presented lectures and seminars for the Smithsonian Institution, Environmental Protection Agency, Microsoft, National Conference on Positive Aging, American Counseling Association, National Career Development Association, and others. He is the author of Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion (Penguin 2014) and Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life (Random House 1

  • A Mysterious Illness, Parasites, Facebook, And Other Things - Gabrielle Glancy - ND3538

    30/06/2021 Duração: 57min

    For close to three years Glancy suffered from a debilitating illness. Despite consulting with countless health practitioners and subjecting herself to innumerable tests - CT scans, EEGs, EKGs, colonoscopies and much more - the diagnosis proved elusive and her illness progressed. Listen and discover how she finally solved the mystery and returned to health. Gabrielle Glancy is an award-winning poet and translator whose work has appeared in The New Yorker and The Paris Review among other publications. She’s also a top expert in getting high school students into college. She is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the author of The Art of the College Essay (Oneiric Press 2014), Best College Essays 2014 (editor) (Oneiric Press 2014) and I’m Already Disturbed Please Come In: Parasites, Social Media and Other Planetary Disturbances (A Memoir, of Sorts) (Oneiric Press 2014)Interview Date: 3/26/2015    Tags: Gabrielle Glancy, Mysterious illness, parasites, Facebook, bronchitis, Prednison

  • Developing Our Natural Resilience - Linda Graham - ND3536

    23/06/2021 Duração: 57min

    It’s possible to rewire our neural networks and build resilience so that positive emotions become a default reaction. Graham explains how habits such as mindfulness, self-compassion, and body awareness can help us learn to naturally respond with grace and skill when we are under pressure. She offers practicable suggestions to consciously develop our natural resilience. Linda Graham, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist and meditation teacher in full-time practice in the San Francisco Bay area. She integrates her passion for neuroscience, mindfulness, and relational psychology through trainings, workshops, and conferences. She publishes a monthly e-newsletter entitled Healing and Awakening Into Aliveness and Wholeness, and weekly e-quotes on resources for recovering resilience, archived on her website. She’s the author of Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain For Maximum Resilience And Well-Being (New World Library 2013)Interview Date: 3/20/2015    Tags: Linda Graham, resilience, prefro

  • Matter And Consciousness: Shifting The Metaparadigm - Peter Russell, D.C.S. - ND3537

    16/06/2021 Duração: 57min

    Russell explains the difference between a paradigm and a metaparadigm and why consciousness cannot be explained within our current systems. He describes how all of life, and the universe as a whole, has the capacity for consciousness. His insight into the essence of “I am” points to how our seeking is actually obstructing our natural state of contentment. Peter Russell, D.C.S. is an author and meditation teacher focusing on consciousness and spirituality. His studies include theoretical physics, mathematics, experimental psychology, and computer science. His principal interest is the deeper, spiritual significance of the times we are passing through. His work seeks to distill the essence of the world’s spiritual traditions and present them in ways relevant to current times. In 1982, with his bestseller of the same name, he coined the term “global brain” and predicted the Internet and the impact it would have on our culture. His many books include: Waking Up in Time: Finding Inner Peace in Times of Accele

  • Discovering Your Creative Fire - Eric Maisel, Ph.D. - ND3531

    09/06/2021 Duração: 57min

    As a creativity coach, Dr. Maisel helps us to avoid getting stuck. He has learned to distinguish between every day creativity and the creative identity. When one self-identifies with an art form, it involves a new level of responsibility and commitment. He reminds us that great work takes more than mere interest, it takes love. Eric Maisel, Ph.D. is a licensed family therapist, a creativity coach, and author of more than 40 books. He also conducts writing workshops and trains creativity coaches. His books include: Life Purpose Boot Camp: The 8 Week Breakthrough Plan for Creating a Meaningful Life (New World Library 2014), Secrets of a Creativity Coach (Motivational Press 2014), Why Smart People Hurt (Conari Press 2013), Fearless Creating (Tarcher 1995), Van Gogh's Blues: The Creative Person's Path Through Depression (New World Library 2007), Mastering Creative Anxiety (New World Library 2011), Making Your Creative Mark (New World Library 2013), Natural Psychology: The New Psychology of Meaning (Natu

  • ESP, Autistic Children, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, And More - Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D - ND3528

    02/06/2021 Duração: 57min

    Dr. Powell describes how her curiosity about human consciousness led her to study the extent of human extrasensory abilities. Her research drove her to focus largely on autism, savant syndrome and abnormal brain function, among other things, to support the existence of extrasensory phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, and ESP. Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D. is a neuroscientist and psychiatrist who completed her training in medicine, neurology, and psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is a former member of Harvard Medical School’s faculty and of a think tank on consciousness at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, and has published articles in neuroscience and neuropsychiatry journals. She is the author of The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena (Walker & Company 2009) and Seriously Strange: Thinking Anew About Psychical Experiences (contributor) (Viking 2012) Interview Date: 12/4/2014     Tags: Diane Powell, ESP, tel

  • Cosmic Messengers-Extraterrestrials - Alan Steinfeld - ND3730

    26/05/2021 Duração: 57min

    Here we explore a larger picture of human life as relating to the cosmos. Steinfeld says, “I think the opportunity, that meeting the others, making contact, expands our consciousness. It expands the potential of our humanity. I think that's what's so important. We have to open another part of our mind in order to relate to the possibility.” Alan Steinfeld is an explorer of consciousness. For over 30 years he has hosted and produced the weekly television series New Realities in New York City. The series includes interviews with luminaries in the field of health, spirituality, UFOs, human potential, remote viewing, and the nature of alien contact. For five years he has emceed the largest UFO event in the country, Contact in the Desert. He is the editor of Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial ExistenceInterview Date: 3/27/2021   Tags: MP3, Alan Steinfeld, Francis Crick, DNA, human hybrids, extraterrestrials, UFOs, aliens, ETs, dormant DNA, Bashar, Darryl Anka, Neande

  • The Timeless and Urgent Wisdom of Joseph Chilton Pearce - Michael Mendizza - ND3729

    19/05/2021 Duração: 57min

    The deepening of personal transformation is an ongoing act of self-discovery and we're standing on the shoulders of the many pioneers in the study of the astonishing capacities of the human mind and spirit. One such pioneer is the late Joseph Chilton Pearce, whose work has encompassed many decades of extensive research and inquiry into human consciousness. Michael Mendizza is an entrepreneur, author, educator, documentary filmmaker, and founder of Touch the Future, a nonprofit learning center focused on optimizing human potential beginning with the parent-child relationship. His books include Magical Parent-Magical Child (co-author Joseph Chilton Pearce) (North Atlantic 2004) and The Life and Insights of Joseph Chilton Pearce: Astonishing Capacities and Self-Inflicted Limitations (Editor) (Park Street Press 2021Interview Date: 3/19/2021    Tags: MP3, Michael Mendizza, David Bohm, Robert Lanza, The Grand Biocentric Design, Crack in the Cosmic Egg, materialism science, magical child, nurturi

  • Quantum Wholeness - Sky Nelson-Isaacs - ND3725


    Nelson-Isaacs shares the good news that the cosmos is responsive and synchronicity occurs to help us come into our wholeness. Here we explore some of the filters that hold us back from being our whole, vibrant, creative selves and some tools to help us achieve it. Sky Nelson-Isaacs is a physicist, musician, teacher, parent, and activist. He has many years of experience as a physics and math instructor and has also worked in the software industry. His current work involves research in the field of quantum foundations and he has published a growing body of peer-reviewed work developing the foundation of a theory of synchronicity. He has also earned recognition as a singer, songwriter, and performer. His books include Living in Flow: The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World (North Atlantic Books 2019) and Leap To Wholeness: How The World is Programmed to Help Us Grow, Heal, and Adapt (North Atlantic Books 2021) Interview Date: 3/19/2021   Tags: MP3, Sky Nelson-Isaacs, Big

  • Four Keys For Thriving In Chaotic Times - Justine Willis Toms - ND3522

    05/05/2021 Duração: 57min

    This is an edited talk that Justine Willis Toms gave in the summer of 2014. She includes the four keys to thriving in chaotic times and compares this time to that of a caterpillar inside the cocoon where it liquefies and the imaginal cells begin to coalesce, soon to emerge as a butterfly. She suggests that we are the imaginal cells of the changing of an age. Since 1973, Justine Willis Toms has been exploring personal, social and spiritual transformation through her work as an electronic journalist, editor and writer. She is co-founder, executive director and host of New Dimensions Radio. She is a founding convener of The Millionth Circle Initiative and has been actively involved in circle work since 1980. She serves on the board of World Prayers as well as Women’s Perspective. In June 2004, she was one of 30 people in the world invited to participate in The Synthesis Dialogues with his holiness the Dalai Lama. She was inducted into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2011. She is the author of: True Work: Doing

  • The Life-Enhancing Benefits of Wonder and Awe - Allen Klein - ND3727

    28/04/2021 Duração: 57min

    Here we explore the complex emotion of awe which frequently involves a sense of surprise, unexpectedness, or mystery. Wonder and awe have many benefits and here you’ll find many ways to invite more of these most positive emotions into your life. Klein shares many inspiring examples of how we can tap into the power and benefits of awe. Allen Klein is the former Director of Life and Death Transitions in San Francisco. He's a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. He is the author of many books including The Healing Power of Humor (Tarcher/Putnam 1989), The Courage to Laugh, Change Your Life: A Little Book of Big Ideas (Tarcher 1998), Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying: Embracing Life After Loss (Goodman Beck Publishing 2011), Embracing Life After Loss: A Gentle Guide for Growing through Grief (Mango 2019) and The Awe Factor: How a Little Bit of Wonder Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life (Mango Publishing Group 2020 or Conari Press 2020)Inter

  • Redeeming the Body and Its Hungers with Self-Love - David Bedrick, JD, DIPL PW - ND3726


    Here we explore an alternative to looking at our bodies through the lens of the brutal forces of cultural bias that highlight the personal shaming that tears down the expression of our intelligence, power, and beauty. Bedrick gives many enlightened examples of women he’s worked with. He takes us into the deeper mysteries of the deeper hungers we are going for. David Bedrick JD, DIPL PW is an attorney, educator, and process worker. He founded the Santa Fe Institute for Shame-Based Studies where he teaches and works with individuals from around the world. He is the author of Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology (Belly Song Press 2013), Revisioning Activism: Bringing Depth, Dialogue, and Diversity to Individual and Social Change (Belly Song Press 2017) i You Can’t Judge a Body By Its Cover: 17 Women’s Stories of Hunger, Body Shame, and Redemption (Belly Song Press 2020)Interview Date: 2/23/2021   Tags: MP3, David Bedrick, body image, shame, dieting, weight loss, hun

  • The Sacred Purpose of America - Glenn Aparicio Parry, Ph.D. - ND3728


    Here we explore the Native American influence on the founding of the United States and how putting our country back together in full integrity requires us to remember and respect the living roots of our nation. Parry states that the ultimate reason he is interested in politics is so that we can get to more kindness, compassion, and respect for Mother Earth. Glenn Aparicio Parry, Ph.D. is an educator, international speaker, entrepreneur, and visionary whose life-long passion is to re-form thinking and education into a coherent, cohesive whole. He's the founder and past president of the SEED Institute, and is currently the president of the think tank The Circle for Original Thinking. Parry organized and participated in the groundbreaking Language of Spirit Conferences from 1999 - 2011 that brought together Indigenous Native Elders and Western scientists in dialogue. This series of conferences was moderated by Leroy Little Bear. Parry is an avid outdoorsman and makes his home in the foothills of the Sandia Mount

  • The Essential Human Essences of Creativity, Imagination and Beauty - J. Ruth Gendler - ND3521


    At a very young age, Gendler became enamored with elements of creativity such as words, colors and beauty. After years of writing, painting and teaching, she has come to know herself as an “Anthropologist of the Imagination.” She offers insight into qualities that make us human, such as joy, beauty, curiosity, and courtesy. She suggests some ways to spark our creativity.  J. Ruth Gendler is an artist and a writer, and has been a teacher of writing and art for more than twenty years. She leads workshops in writing and creativity throughout the United States, and has been an artist in residence with California Poets in the Schools and Young Audiences of the Bay Area. She has worked with elementary, middle school and high school students teaching through California Poets in the Schools, and writes about the transformative power of art. In October 2007 the Lineage Dance Company presented a theater piece based on her book The Book of Qualities (Harper Perennial 1988), now in its 52nd printing. Her books also

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