Caroline Cain



The Freedom Seeker's Business Mentor - freedom based lifestyle business tips for women coaches and consultants.


  • The freedom myth of a lifestyle business


    Are you starting to earn more money in your business than ever before, but at the end of the month you’ve got nothing to show for it? Quite a few of my clients lately who have reached around the $10k a month mark get on the phone with me and say, “Hang on, where’s all more...

  • How to effectively blend your passions in a lifestyle business


    There are many reasons why you became a business owner. One of them is because you have many ideas and you had a desire to do something about it. But that can get a little complicated when you’re someone who’s multitalented, multipassionate; you could be doing this, or you could be doing that, and you more...

  • Should your prices be on your website?


    Should you put your prices on your website or not? What it really comes down to is that there are no hard and fast rules. This is the kind of question you can really get stuck on for a long time thinking there must be a right or a wrong answer to it, and there more...

  • The non-glamour of a freedom based lifestyle


    You may or may not know that we’re about to move back from Australia to Europe. We’ve been here about a year and we were living in Thailand before that. I’ve done over 20 international moves throughout my life; I was brought up as an expat child moving around every couple of years.

  • 3 ways to grow your newsletter list, quickly


    In today’s episode I’m going to share with you three ways in which you can quickly grow your newsletter list.

  • 3 key questions to help potential clients turn resistance into a YES


    Do you ever get stuck on your sales calls when you come to the moment of making your offer, and your potential client shows some resistance—usually around money…I want to share with you three questions that I’m sure you’re going to find really useful to help guide your clients when this resistance comes up, in more...

  • If you want to increase your engagement on facebook, do this


    In this episode, I’m going to show you three ways in which you can increase you engagement on Facebook.

  • Fund your freedom-based, lifestyle business


    When you are dreaming about your location independent adventures, do you ever wonder about the real cost of living somewhere like, for example, Thailand? Well so many people have asked me this over the last year, so I’m going to give you in this episode the real inside scoop.

  • Are you sending too many emails?


    Are you sending your newsletter list too many emails? How many emails is enough, how many is not enough, and how many is too much? …today, I’m going to talk about exactly how to find that balance.

  • What Is A Signature System And Do I Need One


    I hear this question a lot from my clients: what is a signature system and do I need one? Especially when you’re really into freedom of expression and not having a curriculum for your clients to follow, or a cookie cutter system, is a signature system something that you need to think about?