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  • Looking Back (Episode 1)

    03/10/2015 Duração: 46min

    Mark and Mark launch their first episode! Get acquainted with them and their crazy friends. This episode, Mark and Mark talk about radio school, childhood shenanigans, and where they see this show going. Audio

  • 1-019 Episode 19


    Tanning, Mark B’s laundry service, Obama, Mel Gibson Tune in, log on, every Wednesday night LIVE at 10pm CST. Audio

  • 1-018 Episode 18


    Tune in, log on, every Wednesday night LIVE at 10pm CST. Audio

  • 1-017 Episode 17 LIVE


    We’re LIVE, baby! Vacation, meeting spots around town, LeBron. Catch us live on Wednesdays at 10pm CT. Audio

  • 1-016 Episode 16


    Mark B is getting ready to leave Chicago behind. Breta’s weekend goes flat. And the guys make a MAJOR announcement! Audio

  • 1-015 Episode 15


    Dermatology. Botox. Hyperhidrosis. Tinea Versicolor. Betty White. The student becomes the teacher. Maybe. Audio

  • 1-014 Episode 14


    The most A.D.D. laden episode ever. Katy Perry, Blackhawks parade, Breta’s birthday, Chad, Sarah. Wait, did we already say Katy Perry? Audio

  • 1-013 Episode 13


    Blackhawks Game 6, we tell you what the “Mark and Mark Show” is about (again), home schooling, oil spill, developments in Mark B’s dog shelter. This week, how to win 100 Grand. Audio

  • 1-012 Episode 12


    Mark B has a dog shelter in his apartment. Having kids. Needing a vacation. Mark and Mark vent to each other about work. Mark Breta is three degrees of separation from Mariah Carey. Audio

  • 1-011 Episode 11


    This week with Mark and Mark: bacon, Wheel of Fortune, tipping, Breta’s sports injury, Chad’s pants. Listen. Discuss. Audio

  • 1-010 Episode 10


    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Mark and Mark, and Mexican food! Sharing passwords and finances with a significant other, flushing toilets and why Mark B thinks women are filthy. We get a white trash report. Chad moves into a new … Continue reading →

  • 1-009 Episode 9


    Golf. Girls. Immigration. Welfare. Doesn’t that make you wanna listen? Audio

  • 1-008 Episode 8


    We’re baaaaaack! Fun in the sun, child actors, construction, and who makes the first move. Chad returns with a hypothetical work-related dilemma. Audio

  • 1-007 Episode 7


    Mark and Mark are trying to make more time to help us all! 20 dating 16; what do you think? Helping the homeless; what can you do? And we check our inbox. Audio

  • 1-006 Episode 6


    It’s Mark and Mark lite this week. But we’re no April fools. The weather is nice; we talk sandwiches, parking and UFC. Then, a couple is still trying to get in the dating groove; and Chad checks in. Next week, … Continue reading →

  • 1-005 Episode 5


    It’s our rawest episode so far. Mark B questions faith; Mark Breta backs it up. What do you believe? Follow-up with last week’s listener and his supposed girlfriend. And, ringworm. Audio

  • 1-004 Episode 4


    It’s week #4. Mark and Mark are tired… and they talk about sleeping pills, their social lives (or lack thereof), doctors and dentists. Mark B meets the nameless girl of his dreams. A listener has a girlfriend with a split … Continue reading →

  • 1-003 Episode 3


    Mark and Mark are back with their crazy random rants, and they talk with a listener about her recent breakup and how to deal. Audio

  • 1-002 Episode 2


    It’s the second epic episode from Mark and Mark. They discuss office party etiquette, cell phone providers, and check in with Chad about iguanas in Florida. Audio

  • 1-001 Pilot Episode

    28/02/2010 Duração: 46min