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Inspired Choices Network What if every person did what they could to give to someone else on a regular basis and it gained huge momentum? What would that be like? What if each one of us lived up to our own potential and managed our resources so well that we could provide for ourselves, our families and our communities in a meaningful and substantial way? Lynn Whetham


  • YOU – A Force For Good ~ Guest Cindy Stone


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show YOU- A FORCE FOR GOOD with guest Cindy Stone: A compassionate approach to creating connections, empowering yourself and enriching the lives of others. Have you ever experienced something where you wished you could make a change, but you thought, Who am I? Who am I to make a difference? Who am I to impact other lives?…and that was all it took to stop you. We will explore; how compassion as a driving force changes the choices we make and the actions we take, the things that stop us, how to break through those limiting beliefs, how to make great connections and mobilize groups to become a force for good in this world.

  • The State of Canadian Film Making and What it Means to You ~ Guest Priya Rao


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Films and Documentaries are incredible tools for communication and change.  We will discuss motivation and challenge as it relates to this industry and its contribution.

  • 10 Vital Steps to Making Friends with Your Money; Lynn Whetham


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show How are you and your money getting along?  Are you giving the relationship the attention it deserves?  Do you allow money a place in your master plan or do you believe you can separate it from the rest of your life?  Join Lynn as she discusses the 10 vital steps to a great relationship.

  • Coming to a Theatre Near You! Suubi: Drum, Dance, Dream – Guest Valerie Hill


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show 6 Canadians travel to Uganda to exchange ideas about music, dance and life.  Join Valerie Hill as she shares her “Dream for Uganda”. See the film trailer  here.

  • Peace Through Education with Guest Gem Munro


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Defeating ignorance with the most powerful force known to man: Woman.

  • Retiring; from what? with guest Bill Schwarz, B.A. J.D.


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show In the past retirement may have been considered the end.  The end of work, the end of productivity and the end of added value and approaching the end of life.  No wonder many avoid thoughts of retirement.  What are the new realities?  What has changed?  What options are now available?  How can you take control and design the retirement or un-retirement lifestyle of your dreams?​/  

  • What you should know about Charitable Giving in Canada ~ Guest Sherri Grosz


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Canadians are generous.  We give to many charities every year.  In 2013, the vast majority of Canadians (82%) made financial donations to a charitable or non-profit organization.  The average annual amount per donor was $531 in 2013, up $61 from 2010.  The “top donors,” defined as the 25% of donors who contributed the most money, contribute to about four fifths of the total annual amount of donations in a given year. Most Canadians give cash directly to the charity but there can be good reasons to explore additional ways to give and resources available to help.  Perhaps someone wants to be intentional about their giving.  Perhaps they have additional cash to give away this year – due to selling a business or receiving an inheritance.  Perhaps they are curious about giving stocks or mutual funds or want to know more about donating life insurance. Regardless of the amount or method, it's important that people ensure they can track their donations, both from a financial pla

  • Can I make a Difference? With guest Reverend Canon Linda Nixon


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show The challenges affect us all. Whose responsibility is it to conserve the environment?  Whose responsibility is to ensure our children are educated?  That our neighbors have jobs?  That children are fed? Does it matter if I’m informed?  Do my values make a difference?  What influence do I have? Are my small efforts of any significance at all? Join Lynn as she chats with the Reverend Canon Linda Nixon.

  • And the Moral of the Story is….with Guest Tanya MacIntyre


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Our lives are made up of the stories we live and tell.  Please join Lynn and Tanya as they share simple stories that create the fabric of life.

  • What Would You Do If Money Was Not An Object? With Guest Host Tanya MacIntyre


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Life pulls us in multiple directions and most of them are motivated to earn money to pay bills.  What would change in your life, if money was no object?  Tanya speaks with her guest who made a bold decision to start concentrating on loving life instead of paying bills. Jane Wojtaszynski:  ~ Tanya MacIntyre :

  • In Pursuit of the Good Life: Business Edition


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Being an entrepreneur is both exciting and terrifying, especially when faced with challenging times and big choices.  Alyssa has a 6-step process called The Shine System that meets businesses where they are, and sees them in motion, generating dollars, quickly.  This hour will be packed with great tips about marketing, promotion, and the catalyst:  Innovation. To Contact Alyssa Light: Phone:   519-362-3281 or skype: Light.Alyssa For Lynn Whetham:

  • Building Strong Communities: One Orphan At A Time


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Ever wonder what is really happening in Africa? You see the images on television, hear the appeals for help and try to grasp the scope of need. What is happening on the ground? Who is doing the work? Where is all the money going and is anything really changing for the better? Project HOPE seeks, through African partnerships, to develop effective long-term solutions that strengthen a community’s ability to care for widows and orphans. Project HOPE values sustainability and accountability, and endeavours to care for the whole person. Spend some time with us as we unpack for you the work of Project HOPE in Africa and share their heartbeat for those at risk.

  • A New Perspective From Traveling Thailand with Guest Heather Kocsis


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show After a three-week adventure traveling Thailand, professional visual artist Heather Kocsis shares some antidotes on a heart-opening experience.

  • Demystifying Your Credit Score


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show When was the last time you checked your credit score?  Within the last year?  Five years?  Never?  If you have no idea what your score is, what makes up your score, and how you can improve your score, you’re not alone.  Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, teaches us the ins-and-outs of your all-important credit score.

  • The Wonderful World of Wills with Guest Sherri Grosz


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Preparing a will gives you the opportunity to speak from the grave.  Wills are often revealed after death and the instructions you leave can indicate the people and things that are important to you, allow you to easily make gifts to the charities you love and more.  Yet many Canadians haven’t made wills at all and some have wills that are quite out of date.  We’ll find out what you need to consider to create or update your will and how easy it is to include charitable gifts.  And just for fun, you’ll hear about some weird and funny wills that have been written over the years.

  • Creation Matters ~ Guest Rev Canon Linda Nixon


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Who’s responsibility is it to conserve the natural environment?  The Anglican Church includes in their mission to “safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth”.  Learn how many faiths are taking actions to fulfill this mission. On June 18th, Pope Francis released an encyclical on climate change. Meanwhile in Toronto, Canada a wide reaching group of faith communities has been coming together to mobilize for the March for Jobs, Justice & the Climate.

  • Celebrating the Impermanence of Our Lives with Guest Janice Canning


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Change is inevitable.  How we approach it can make all the difference!  It can be upsetting or uplifting.  Accepted or rejected.  Learn from Janice Canning how to take control and create your own unique and meaningful personal response to your life events.

  • When You Need to Start Again ~ Guests from Intermediate Christian Home


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Intermediate Christian Home helps the homeless transition from fear to a peaceful structured environment.  Hear 3 personal stories from 3 guests of challenge and victory!

  • In Pursuit of the Good Life ~ Guest Alyssa Light


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Does money buy happiness?  The question isn’t new.  Perhaps it depends how we use that money.  Alyssa Light is always making a difference.  Join Lynn and Alyssa as they chat about producing happiness and let Alyssa make a difference for you.  

  • Your Child and Money with Guest Steve Blakely


    Stepright with Lynn Whetham Radio Show Join Lynn and Steve as they discuss the four character traits every child must be taught to manage money well.  Learn how to position your child for financial success. Steve is a certified parenting coach, author, speaker, and the founder of Parenting with Leadership. When parents apply the four leadership principles in Steve’s book, “How to LEAD Your Child to Success”, parents can solve over 80% of the typical child and teenage misbehavior they encounter.

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