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  • Episode #132: Michael Cera

    Episode #132: Michael Cera


    It’s our belief that it should be a rare thing to remake a movie.  However, if a movie is going to be remade Michael Cera should be a part of that remake.  At least, that’s our contention and discussion for this week’s episode of the Brick Room.  We recorded this awhile ago, so apologies if […]

  • Episode #131: The Future Is Now, Part II

    Episode #131: The Future Is Now, Part II


    In today’s podcast we continue our discussion from a few episodes ago and talk about things that should have happened by now in our real world if the world of movies was true.  For instance, if the events of 2001, A Space Odyssey, and it’s sequel, 2010, are true then we should have massive spacecraft […]

  • Episode #130: Star Wars vs Harry Potter

    Episode #130: Star Wars vs Harry Potter


    Which universe is cooler?  Star Wars or Harry Potter?  Is a Jedi more powerful than a wizard? More than anything else, these are the questions on everyone’s mind right now in this country and The Brick Room is here to help you learn the answers. Disclaimer, this podcast was recorded a few weeks ago so […]

  • Episode #129: More Sports!

    Episode #129: More Sports!


    Marc and Chris talk sports, Sex and the City and Canadians

  • Episode #128: The Future Is Now!

    Episode #128: The Future Is Now!


    According to Back To The Future II, we should have self lacing shoes, flying cars, food rehydration machines, and all sorts of other cool stuff by now.  In fact, we should have had all that stuff by 2015.  If the terminator movies are to be believed the entire world should a post apocalyptic wasteland right […]

  • Episode #127 – Sport

    Episode #127 – Sport


    Hey guys! This week we talk a little about film but we also talk about sport (as the British call it. This isn’t actually referenced at all this episode) and what actually goes through a peak athletes brain as they perform basically miracles with their bodies. Football players are basically human car accidents too… FYI… […]

  • Episode #126: Selling and 3d Printing

    Episode #126: Selling and 3d Printing


    You’re a salesman.  What’s the best way to approach a customer?  Do you walk up and say, “Do you have any questions about that merchandise?”  That’s a direct way of opening a conversation.  The customer is looking at your products and you offer to help.  Or, is it better to start with some small talk? […]

  • Episode #125: Vaccines, Fast Food, and Being Fat

    Episode #125: Vaccines, Fast Food, and Being Fat


    Did you get your flu vaccine?  In today’s podcast we talk a little bit about vaccines and where they come from.  Then we get down to business and talk about food and getting fat. When is food fast food and when is it not?  This is an important matter and we solve the mystery today. […]

  • Episode #124: Lethal Weapon

    Episode #124: Lethal Weapon


    Did you know the movie Lethal Weapon has been turned into a TV show that is broadcasting now?  Chris didn’t realize that but Marc did, and he’s even seen a few of the episodes.  In this week’s episode of the Brick Room we talk about the Lethal Weapon movies and the TV show.  We talk […]

  • Episode #123: End of Summer and Comic Book Movies

    Episode #123: End of Summer and Comic Book Movies


    All the summer movies have been released.  All the fall movies have been released.  How did all the comic book movies do?  Every other movie that comes out is a superhero movie. At the beginning of the summer we made predictions on how all of this years comic book movies would do, with the help […]

  • Episode #122: Halloween

    Episode #122: Halloween


    It’s time for a spoooooooky Brick Room episode!  Well, maybe not spooky, but about Halloween anyway.  We talk this week about one of favorite holidays.  We discuss, costumes, which candy is the best, which is the best day of the week for Halloween to occur on.  Basically, we just talk about all kinds of Halloween […]

  • Episode #121: Relationships and Gordy

    Episode #121: Relationships and Gordy


    Brick Room guest Gordy is back for this episode as we mostly talk about relationships.  Marc just got married and we talk about married life, single life, and relationships in general.  We also wonder, how long is it acceptable for a couple to refer to themselves as “Newlyweds”? Previous to all this relationship talk we […]

  • Episode #120: Doctors

    Episode #120: Doctors


    In today’s episode we talk about doctors and dentists and they way they talk.  They all seem to have a similar pattern to their speech and they use words and phrases that many other people, even professional people, do not use.  We’re not talking here about medical terminology, although they love to throw those weighty […]

  • Episode 119 – Lando’s Cape

    Episode 119 – Lando’s Cape


    Who’s the smoothest in the Galaxy? Lando. Obviously. We talk Star Wars again in this podcast, starting with Marc’s cosplay plans to how much we just want to follow Lando around. Also, I guess we’re #DonaldForLando now… We also discuss the trend of remaking/rebooting movies including Ben Hur, a movie that has been remade into oblivion… […]

  • Episode 118 – The Olympics!

    Episode 118 – The Olympics!


      Hey everyone! First thing is first: We recorded this podcast on August 14th, before certain information was discovered. Read below and listen for the thrilling conclusion! We’re back this week with a very international Brick Room! We’ve got Olympic fever and not the kind that you’ll get while swimming in Rio. We did some […]

  • Episode 117 – Video Game Fight Night

    Episode 117 – Video Game Fight Night


    Hey all! This week’s podcast is about competitive video game tournaments. Specifically EVO 2016. We didn’t know it was a thing, but now we do. Listen to us observe the final few fights of the night as we root for people we know nothing about! So, naturally, we try to find ways to perfect it […]

  • Episode 116 BondyMon Go!

    Episode 116 BondyMon Go!


    We’re back! Hey guys, now that we’re back we decided to tackle a very important, socially heavy subject. Pokemon Go.  We recorded this on a Sunday a week and a half from the release of the Poke-Craze sweeping the world. We may not be the most knowledgeable about Pokemon but we’re pretty knowledgeable about a […]

  • Episode 115: Bracket of Badassery -Final Result!!

    Episode 115: Bracket of Badassery -Final Result!!


    Welcome back, Brick Room Listeners.  We hope you had a great 4th of July weekend.  We are back today to finish up the Bracket of Badassery. How can that be, you ask, since there are 3 match-ups yet to go?  Well, we’re crossing the finish line with strong by doing all three contests in one […]

  • Episode #114: Bracket Of Badassery – Apone vs. Ripley

    Episode #114: Bracket Of Badassery – Apone vs. Ripley


    We delve into the Bracket of Badassery once more to continue our quest to find out who is the most badass character from all of action movies.  This week we have special guest Chris Daily on the podcast to help us sort out the difficult problem of determining who is more badass between Sgt. Apone, […]

  • Episode #113: Greg Returns and Ranch Dressing

    Episode #113: Greg Returns and Ranch Dressing


    Of all the condiments, which one is the most flavorful?  Many people would say ranch dressing is the answer to that question.  Of all the condiments, which one is the most versatile?  For use outside the kitchen?  In this podcast, we learn that certainly ranch dressing has to be in running for #1 in that […]

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