Tha Leg'cast doesn't hold back. We talk about and say the thing's most people only say to their friend. Segments including Wisdom Words, The way it is, Youtube Homies, plus many more.


  • Tha Leg’cast episode 13 – Masturbation and Bacon beer

    Tha Leg’cast episode 13 – Masturbation and Bacon beer

    17/02/2013 Duração: 01h10min

    This is the biggest Episode every, Trip is joined by H and Chicko Roll aswell as Stevo, Ranga and The Bossman to talk about all things dirty, funny and just plain wrong. SEGMENT 1: Wisdom Words   SEGMENT 2: The Way It IS 1. Aussie man has a wank gets caught by Girlfriend she smakes up the mother in-law. 2. School janitor gets done for sex at school. 3. Wife caught on home sex tape, kid walks in and people are upset. 4. Kids at Canadian school toilets get rashs on their butts from cleaning products, still trying to work out why one boy has rash on elbows. 5. Pre-op transsexual trys to force girl into rape dungeon (True story) 6. nudest found not guilty after getting caught rubbing Eczema cream on his junk in public. 7. Bubble Wrap saves falling man. 8. German cookie monster returns golden cookie after kids at hospital receive ransom of cookies. 9. Chinese new bride burns husband alive in bed because he didnt wash his feet. 10. Politician claims people that drink beer and watch porn should not be able to v

  • Legcast Episode 12 AND A HALF - Recap of past episodes

    Leg'cast Episode 12 AND A HALF - Recap of past episodes

    11/02/2013 Duração: 21min

    This weeks show is a recap of some the best bits of past episodes. Including bits from Trip, H and The Special Comments Midget as well as Stevo and H's Mum

  • Tha Legcast Episode 12 - Free prostitutes for the old people.

    Tha Leg'cast Episode 12 - Free prostitutes for the old people.

    03/02/2013 Duração: 01h01min

    For this episode Trip is joined by Repeat Offender 'H' and Trip's younger brother Sparky to find out why people in nursing homes are getting Prostitutes and how losing you virginity effects you. Plus much more weird fun stuff. SEGMENT 1: Wisdom Words   SEGMENT 2: The Way It Is 1. Retired British army are getting Prostitutes, to stop them groping nurses. 2. 71 year old caught for prostitution, she claims to be well preserved. 3. People in north Korea eating there own kids. 4. The Cookie monster has stolen real gold cookie, leaves ransom note saying free cookies for sick kids or Oscar the Grouch gets gold cookie. 5. Man goes to court to get all his downloaded porn back, claims he needs to get the most from a pornsite subscription. 6. Man cuts fetes out of wife claims synthetic drugs made him do it. 7. Wife attempt to kill husband by poising her vagina. 8. Study looks at how peoples future sex lives are effected by the lose of virginity (Trip call Azn to find out) 9. Religious man claimes his Penis is bless

  • Tha Legcast Episode 11 - Oprah likes foreskin on and around her face

    Tha Leg'cast Episode 11 - Oprah likes foreskin on and around her face

    28/01/2013 Duração: 01h01min

    In This Episode Trip is joined by a podcast virgin, 'Ranga' joins the show to fill in for 'H' to talk about the strangest, weirdest and just plain wronge news story around.SEGMENT 1: WISDOM WORDS SEGMENT 2: The Way It Is 1. Japanese man Kills son for being a serpent. 2. A professor of genetics has claimed he can reproduce a Neanderthals baby 3. New study has uncovered that Woman look older at 3.30pm every Wednesday. 4. Drug courier calls the police asks for them to write a letter for missing money. 5. A swiss woman has asked for her breasts back so she can say good bye 6. Alex Jones says that chips and fluride is turning kids gay. 7. Swiss woman kiils husband with her boobs. 8.The German army is looking to change up the way they do drills after 35 soldiers had to have there newly growing breast fixed. 9. Chinese works at a large factory have lock up their 18 managers for up to a day and a half because of short toilet brakes 10. A couple have lost their 7 adopted kids for running a strip club at their home 11.

  • Tha Leg’cast Episode 10 – Humans are related to a Bananas

    Tha Leg’cast Episode 10 – Humans are related to a Banana's

    20/01/2013 Duração: 01h03min

    WARNING: Not made for kids or Those easily offended.In this Episode Trip and H and midget are joined by azn(asian) to talk about everything weird funny and stupid things people do. Including a new segment 'Doing It Doggy Style'SEGMENT 1: Wisdom Words SEGMENT 2: The Way It Is 1. Man caught wanking at high school because Justin Beiber told him to. 2. Study finds Kiwi's that smoke weed have lower IQ's. 3. Man arrested for giving complete strangers wedgies. 4. A horny man steals Super sucker vagina from sex shop. 5. Tampa bay Florida cops have had their patrol car stolen, turns out woman just wanted Macca's 6. Female drug dealer was arrested after ringing 911 after selling rock salt as Meth, busted smoking weed with kids. 7. Man shot wife, maybe premature. 8. Man stole underwear to serve his time in jail for theft. 9. Preganant woman's water brakes in night club, causing a shot out. 10. A Cincinnati teacher is having a whinge about the fact she has a phobia of kids. 11. 1000 chinese cats save from dinner plates a

  • Tha Legcast Episode 9 - Lots of shit, wipe your ass on the curtains

    Tha Leg'cast Episode 9 - Lots of shit, wipe your ass on the curtains

    13/01/2013 Duração: 01h27min

    Episode 9 of Tha Leg’cast. WARNING: Made to offend you In this episode Trip and H are joined by the very funny Stevo to discuss all the funny, stupid and just plain dumb people in the world. SEGMENT 1: Wisdom Words SEGMENT 2: The Way It Is 1. Gay Man turned Christian says the devil will be born of the Anus. 2. Ambassador to Columbia fired for orgy, prostitute shits on desk. 3. Two Canadian sisters arrested, one for drink driving and one for stripping at hockey game. 4. Man attempts to strangle wife with dreadlock. 5. Female air band tricked into drinking traditional fermented wine made from human shit. 6. Wife was angry so she shits on the floor. 7. young mammas boy, had police searching for him. It turns out he was just banging some chick. 8. Mother and sister fight on live porn web chat. 9. Police arrest wife,

  • Tha Legcast Episode 8 - Bank robber masturbates

    Tha Leg'cast Episode 8 - Bank robber masturbates

    06/01/2013 Duração: 45min

    WARNING: This show contains offensive stuff. In this episode Trip and H are joined by Trip's Sister and Sparky to talk about all the funny weird and just plain crazy news storys from around the web.   SEGMENT 1: Wisdom Words. SEGMENT 2: The Way It Is. 1. Father Leaves baby at a strip club. 2. Cats and dogs on the menu in Switzerland. 3. A woman Kills her brother when posing for facebook picture. 4. People stand up to Pizza Hut, Delivery boy defends himself to save him self. 5. Octomom masturbates and gets porn award nomination. (to see link, Add "pornhub .com" to the start of URL) "/view_video.php?viewkey=1388146748"   6. Elderly men  attempted to avoid police while still in the clothing store by pretending to be mannequins. 7. 100 year old grandmother is forced to sleep in pig shed with 200kg pig. 8. Swedan award disabilty pension to man addited to heavey Metal music. 9. Dogs in Scotland are killing them selfs for some unknown reason. 10. Man in America retirers and catches fish from back p

  • Tha Legcast Episode 7 - Hillbillies porn

    Tha Leg'cast Episode 7 - Hillbillies porn

    30/12/2012 Duração: 56min

    Tha Leg'cast Episode 7 - Hillbillies porn. In this episode of Tha Leg'cast, Trip is joined by Co-host H and Special Comments Midget to talk about the new Co-host Baby H only 4 days old, plus they guys talk about all the strange, weird and funny shit people do to make it into the news.   Segment 1: Wisdom Words.   Segment 2: The Way It Is.   Story 1. Man Misses own wedding, police arrest man but he has somewhere more important to be.   2. New Zealand Anglican church syas Jesus maybe gay, the Catholics are angry.   3. hilly billy porn is the in thing of the moment, people buy more hillbilly porn up 250%.   4. Anonymous have came out in defence of the American Newtown shooting victims.   5. weird things people like to put up their asses.   from A Key Have you searched high and low for your car keys but can't find them? Don't forget to check your bum!(Photo) Vibrator and Salad Tongs It doesn't take a detective to crack this case. Getting a vibrator stuck in

  • Tha Legcast Episode 6 - Itchy Vagina

    Tha Leg'cast Episode 6 - Itchy Vagina

    16/12/2012 Duração: 01h01min

    WARNING SHOW CONTAINS OFFENSIVE STUFF 18+: On this weeks show Trip and H is joined by Azn(pronounced Asian) Trip and H make Azn have a pregnancy test. And the gang talk about all this past weeks strange, stupid and funny happenings from around the world. SEGMENT 1: Wisdom Words. SEGMENT 2: The Way It Is. -Woman Caught in Spain with cocaine breast implants. -Weird baby names, H still wont name baby after Legicy. -Man who created and arrested. -Woman paints art with cat poo. -Woman is a little upset when she discovered her paved drive ways was no longer were she left it. -study finds Woman that shave have more sex. -a couple have been re-arrested only hours after being released form jail, for stealing car. -Man Carves Field with marriage proposal but J is backwards. -Dog given to pound because it scares the gold fish. -A British postman though missing for over 20 years has being found in Siberia. -nymphomaniac has died doing something she loved. -Alcohol saved two elephan