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Best friends Rosellen Rother and Sharan Ghai bring you Twenty Something - a podcast where we chat about everything from politics to pooping.


  • Episode 33: Bachelor in Trouble

    Episode 33: Bachelor in Trouble

    23/06/2017 Duração: 51min

    This week we realize that all roads lead back the the Bachelor franchise. Just kidding...but not really. We discuss healthcare, Kamala Harris, Bill Maher, Uber, sexism, racism and Bachelor in Paradise. It all flows together, we promise. Listen and hear for yourself!

  • Episode 32: District of Chaos

    Episode 32: District of Chaos

    09/06/2017 Duração: 01h04min

    Happy Friday! This week we dive back into the chaos that is DC and politics at the moment, but first Rosellen takes us on a verbal tour of her recent trip to DC and her favorite spots. We then hit the ground running with a discussion about Comey’s testimony, the GOP health care bill, Trump’s travel ban, and pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. And while ‘covfefe’ is doing a great job of distracting the American people, The Bachelorette and other great TV is proving to be a great distraction for us personally. Enjoy!

  • Episode 31: Option B

    Episode 31: Option B

    26/05/2017 Duração: 35min

    We’re baaccck!! After a month of weddings, engagements, babies, and graduations, we are back with a new episode! This week we discuss Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Option B. It is a heavy and very sad read about resilience and grief after the loss of Sandberg’s husband Dave when he was only 47 years old. A box of tissues on hand was a necessity while reading this book, but no tear jerking moments on the pod, don’t worry. While it was a heavy read, there were some great life lessons that are applicable even if you have not experienced a loss like Sandberg’s and others in the book. We like a good balance, so we lighten the mood with thorough coverage of the premiere of The Bachelorette and critiques of this season’s new crop of men. Enjoy!