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Yoga teacher, nutritionist and author of The De-Stress Effect (Hay House) and other books. Specialising in all things de-stress, with a mindful approach to help those with busy lives prone to feel the effects of over stimulation.www.charlottewattshealth.comfacebook: @cwnutritionyoga


  • Yogacampus Talk - Yoga For Immune  Respiratory Health

    Yogacampus Talk - Yoga For Immune & Respiratory Health

    17/04/2020 Duração: 27min

    Award-winning Nutritional Therapist with nearly 20 years’ experience and a Senior Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher and Trainer Charlotte Watts Health discusses using natural health defences to support our boundaries and self-protection physically and emotionally and offers some simple home-based practices to support and navigate the physical, mental, and emotional experiences during these turbulent times. Curious to learn more? Charlotte's brand new 6 week online course on Online: Teaching Yoga for Immune and Respiratory Health is coming up at the end of the month!

  • Respiratory  Immune Support At Home

    Respiratory & Immune Support At Home

    28/03/2020 Duração: 27min

    This Podcast on Respiratory & Immune Support at Home features health tips for self-protection (including for asthma sufferers) - nutrition, breath, movement and lifestyle.

  • Supporting Healthy Detoxification

    Supporting Healthy Detoxification

    31/01/2020 Duração: 11min

    Detoxification isn't just a regime or phase we choose to do... It is a key body process that is happening every second we are alive, not just in the liver, but in every cell of our bodies. In this podcast, I briefly explain how this works and give you plenty of tips about how you can support your natural elimination capacity - to revive energy, clear skin, support happy digestion, mental health and more!

  • Batch Cooking With Friends

    Batch Cooking With Friends

    11/12/2019 Duração: 13min

    Batch Cooking with Friends - the food we eat isn't simply about the nutritional content. Humans evolved through the tribal cooperation where eating together was a key part of social cohesion. In this podcast, Charlotte Watts discusses how bringing back community and the shared creation of what nourishes us can also help with the practicalities of feeding ourselves and our families; whether you live alone or with others.

  • All About Gluten

    All About Gluten

    04/12/2019 Duração: 11min

    All About Gluten by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Meal Timings  Fasting

    Meal Timings & Fasting

    14/11/2019 Duração: 15min

    Charlotte Watts looks at Meal Times & Fasting

  • Why Do We Crave Foods That Dont Suit Us

    Why Do We Crave Foods That Don't Suit Us

    28/08/2019 Duração: 15min

    Why Do We Crave Foods That Don't Suit Us by Charlotte Watts Health

  • The Bloating  Chewing Connection

    The Bloating & Chewing Connection

    14/08/2019 Duração: 07min

    The Bloating & Chewing Connection by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Thoughts On Supplements

    Thoughts On Supplements

    30/07/2019 Duração: 08min

    Thoughts On Supplements by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Craving, Desire  Want

    Craving, Desire & Want

    25/07/2019 Duração: 39min

    Craving, Desire & Want by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Why You Shouldnt Feel Guilty About Craving Sugar

    Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Craving Sugar

    29/05/2019 Duração: 36min

    Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Craving Sugar by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Regulating Exercise Levels

    Regulating Exercise Levels

    06/02/2019 Duração: 13min

    Regulating Exercise Levels by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Trauma Release  Shaking

    Trauma Release & Shaking

    23/01/2019 Duração: 12min

    Trauma Release & Shaking by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Explaining Fatigue, Inflammation  Cytokine Sickness

    Explaining Fatigue, Inflammation & Cytokine Sickness

    09/01/2019 Duração: 09min

    Explaining Fatigue, Inflammation & Cytokine Sickness by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Real Festive Joy

    Real Festive Joy

    19/12/2018 Duração: 09min

    Real Festive Joy by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Good Mood Food

    Good Mood Food

    12/12/2018 Duração: 06min

    A quick introduction into my new book, Good Mood Food... available for pre-order now on Amazon!

  • Surprising Help For Fatigue

    Surprising Help For Fatigue

    31/10/2018 Duração: 07min

    Surprising Help For Fatigue by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Noticing Overwhelm

    Noticing Overwhelm

    24/10/2018 Duração: 05min

    Noticing Overwhelm by Charlotte Watts Health

  • Do Less To Lose Weight

    Do Less To Lose Weight

    11/10/2018 Duração: 07min

    Do Less To Lose Weight by Charlotte Watts Health

  • How Nature Reduces Inflammation

    How Nature Reduces Inflammation

    05/09/2018 Duração: 10min

    Spending time in nature, connecting with the natural world, is absolutely essential to living a more CALM life. Historically, we have always been a part of nature but in modern days, we have become disconnected. Getting outside to experience and explore, to feel the earth beneath our feet, to hear the sounds around us - are all necessary to create more ease in your life, more overall well-being in our body and mind AND can even help reduce inflammation in your body. Learn more about Calm Club:

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