All That Jazz (a Podcast You Might Not Hate)


All That Jazz is a podcast hosted by Hiro Chemers and Magnus Fulton that talks about this, that and everything in between. Star Wars? We Got It. Music? We Got It. Political Issues? We Can Talk About It For Maybe More Than 8 Minutes!


  • ATJ 17- Tell on Yourself #WereBack!

    ATJ 17- Tell on Yourself #We'reBack!

    16/04/2018 Duração: 58min

    ALL THAT JAZZ IS BACK AND WITH A VENGEANCE!! A tasty vengeance! Hiro and Magnus return, and Hiro isnt willing to tell on himself. Seriously guys, we get into all of it! -Wicked and why it's just fan fic -Marvel breakdown from a non Marvel fan -Incredibles 2: Will it live up to the hype? AND SO MUCH MORE.... or not.... who knows.... we arent telling on ourselves. Listen to the episode to get it.

  • ATJ 16-FANTASTIC BEASTS Review, Bee Movie Memes and Hiro Hates Couples

    ATJ 16-FANTASTIC BEASTS Review, Bee Movie Memes and Hiro Hates Couples

    04/12/2016 Duração: 53min

    "Hey Mr. English guy, I think there's a new episode of All That Jazz" Yeah we review Fantastic Beasts, da Harry Potter spin off. It's pretty BEASTS if ya ask me. But we also discuss Bee Movie Memes, Dreamworks face and why Hiro hates couples. Seriously, he's pretty triggered, and in the final 10 minutes he gives out an open dating call to ask if women like him, so listen around there. Love is in the air and he just doesn't care, in fact, he hates it! But it's still fun and jazzy on an all new EPISODE OF ALL THAT JAZZ.

  • ATJ 15- Welcome to America #TheElectionIsOver

    ATJ 15- Welcome to America #TheElectionIsOver

    10/11/2016 Duração: 51min

    Oooo boy All That Jazz gets political!!! That's a first. Hiro and Magnus discuss he turning point for America after one of the most influential presidential elections in history. What does it mean? Will Donald Trump be a good president? Will Hillary Clinton be a good loser? SOOOO many questions? We try not to offend anyone, and I bet you all know how that goes. Also we do a little Marvel Universe talk cause you know how it is. Anyway America, stay chill, stay focused and do your best to support one another in these... let's say interesting times. This is coming from a Brit. Happy Almost Thanksgiving