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  • Drew And Mike – June 24, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 24, 2020

    25/06/2020 Duração: 03h13min

    Drew got kicked out of the scouts, Bubba Wallace, Pablo Escobar, Maz checks in, and we talk to a victim of Michigan's Unemployment Agency. Keep calling the Bonerline (209-66-Boner) to request drops you haven't heard in a while.Photos of Vladimir Putin's daughters have surfaced. SIST: They got the bad genes.Is Drew watching Narcos? Possibly. He's also watching Pablo Escobar: The Drug Lord.Bubba Wallace and Don Lemon discuss the NASCAR noose fiasco. Now Bubba is being compared to Jussie Smollett.Careful what knots you tie when renovating.Drew got kicked out of the Boy Scouts after causing mischief and arguing about his uniform.Intern Kennedy wrote all about us and only brings you today's Bonerline.NBC pulled the 30 Rock episodes that featured blackface and Megyn Kelly takes a shot.Michigan's unemployment has had some issues with claims and many people have been flagged for fraud, including Jennifer Bruins (AKA Jessica Cooper). We chat with Jenny and hear her story.BranDon's Dinner: Chicken Taco

  • Drew And Mike – June 23, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 23, 2020

    24/06/2020 Duração: 03h03min

    Martha Ford passes her glasses, Ron Jeremy arrested for rape, Jimmy Kimmel's apology, NASCAR noose is NASCAR oops, searching for Gilbert Gottfried, a Bonerline of drops, and we get info on Seattle's CHOP from Sanjaya's dad.Martha Ford has stepped down and Sheila Ford Hamp is in charge now. Here we come Super Bowl!The MLB is coming back with special weird rules to stop the spread of coronavirus. The NBA is already having some players saying they aren't going to be joining the league in their Disney World bubble.Some restaurant employees are scared to go back to work. SIST: who knew Buddy's Pizza paid so well. BTW: Mesa in Royal Oak is still hiring cooks, servers, hosts, and bussers. Email Francis Bean Cobain's ex is NOT the 'Hat Douche'. That title belongs solely to Michael Lockwood, Lisa Marie Presley's ex.Breaking News: The noose found in Bubba Wallace's garage was a pull-cord for the garage door. As you were NASCAR.A 70-year-old was totally nude at Gilbert Gottfried's daughter's Bat m

  • Drew And Mike – June 22, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 22, 2020

    23/06/2020 Duração: 02h51min

    Everybody hates John Bolton, Pablo Escobar's managerial style, HBO doc on Roy Cohn, The ESPYS lecture, Dan Bilzerian, and we talk to Batmobile Barry who claims he has the only real Batmobile.Drew recalls another group from high school: the 'Super Seven'. He also recalls the time the triple threat trio called Mr. Ham.Batmobile Barry vs Monkeemobile Mel: Battle of the Car Guru's. We talk to Batmobile Barry about "the only" Batmobile around.Ranker surprisingly has the Batmobile ranked #8 on the list of coolest fictional cars.Drew declares Pablo Escobar and other drug lords the greatest management team ever.Paul McCartney played a trumpet (badly) with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.Drops requests are coming in via the Bonerline. Dial up 209-66-Boner and leave a message with your drop requests.Karl from WATP is still cranking out new episodes. Check out their latest on The Vocal Fries Pod.Joe Rogan is still facing heat for just laughing at a sexual assault joke.The Hunt is a new movie starring sexy Ethan Suplee.

  • Drew And Mike – June 21, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 21, 2020

    21/06/2020 Duração: 03h56s

    Donato the Fisherman™ on Elián becoming a father, Justin Bieber & Baby Driver #MeToo'd, Cancel Joe Rogan is a thing, Kurt Cobain's guitar sold, MTV should drop the M, and game shows.Happy Father's Day!Drew reminisces about the time Gilbert Gottfried came in studio and had a laugh-off with Mike Clark.We recall game shows of the past and the turds who hosted them. The "in the butt, Bob" lady was way ahead of her time.MTV is now the 'Ridiculousness Network'.Jimmy Kimmel is taking some time off following anger for 20-year-old blackface. We're also introduced to the time he used the n-word.If you want a job, hit up Mesa! Email them at info@likemesa.comJoe Rogan is in hot water because he laughed at someone else's sexual assault story years ago.'Parkland Survivor' David Hogg is leading the #boycottspotify revolution.Whitney Cummings and Amy Schumer do NOT have Chris D'Elia's back.NASCAR has been hijacked by the Confederate flag. Meanwhile, people revisit The Dukes of Hazzard controversy.Justin Bieber has been accus

  • Drew And Mike – June 18, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 18, 2020

    19/06/2020 Duração: 02h47min

    Drew made some new friends today, MLB owners v. MLBPA, 90 Day Fiance The Other Way, Ford v. Nicole Brown's family, AG Dana Nessel v. Emagine Theaters, and we learn the meaning of Gator Bait.We hate birthday shout outs, but Paul McCartney is special. His birthday wish isn't fulfillable either.Happy Father's Day! BranDon got a grill.Drew got a new TV, a new screen door and now some new scrapper friends.Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Poison are rescheduling their tour dates.The billionaires and millionaires can't come up with an agreement to bring the MLB back.A few Atlanta Police walked out after their colleague was charged and facing the death penalty.The half-brother of a black man who was recently found hanging in a park has been shot by police.The 75-year-old Trump-branded "Antifa" member that was pushed by the Buffalo police is now getting death threats.New Cameos include former MLB players like David Wells and Tino Martinez!People in Oakland County are sick of wearing masks and some are throwing tantrums.N

  • Drew And Mike – June 17, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 17, 2020

    18/06/2020 Duração: 02h49min

    Danny Masterson's finally arrested, Chris D'Elia creeping on minors, Corey Feldman's a bad boss, Officer Garrett Wolfe charged with murder, Melania Trump bio, and TMZ's Charlie Neff has a message for us.iHeart update: Mojo is doing the heavy lifting, Jay Towers is super busy and Trudi is chugging along at WLLZ.Johnny Depp suit against Amber Heard has now revealed that she had a threesome with Cara Delevingne and Elon Musk.People are pissed at us for telling the Frank Biden story, so I guess we'll pile on Mary Trump... who has an NDA with Uncle Donald.It's the summer of President Trump books with a biography on Melania, one from his niece, and one from former National Security Advisor John Bolton.Adam Carolla and Tucker Carlson are best buds. Adam has a new book on "woke culture" that is available now.Breaking News with Mort Crim: Mort Crim is writing a book too.Charlie LeDuff showed up on Fox News. Don't forget to subscribe to the No BS Newshour.Our favorite TMZ personality, Charlie Neff, recorded us a very s

  • Drew And Mike – June 16, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 16, 2020

    17/06/2020 Duração: 03h05min

    Too many Batmobiles, MSP shooting in Monroe County, Frank Biden's trail of disaster, we're not getting sports anytime soon, ticketed for a fart, new Cameos, and #unblockmarcfell is failing.The United States of A**holes is super bummed out.Monkeemobile Mel vs Kevin Adell: Too many Batmobiles Edition.Amazon's customer service might need improving, but not as much as eBay.A dude has been punished in Austria for "weaponizing" a fart aimed at police.GoFundMe seems to never be concerned about the legitimacy of the fundraisers on their site.Rodney King was a likable guy, but had his struggles. The housing market is doing well despite 2020 being the worst. Don't forget to hit up Hall Financial!Marc Fellhauer's campaign to be unblocked by the Detroit Zoo is chugging along. Also, Marc has 10,000 followers on Twitter now. Congrats.The MLB is a mess. We need to get back to the good old days of 'roids and crying announcers.Emagine Royal Oak is defying state orders and opening up a film festival on Juneteenth. Who wants to

  • Drew And Mike – June 15, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 15, 2020

    16/06/2020 Duração: 03h04min

    Derek St. Holmes joins us, Gary Graff finally made a list, Howard Stern responds, Long Gone Summer, ABC News executive in trouble, and we learn why Harvey Weinstein's genitals are messed up.Reminder: Joey Kramer is the black sheep of Aerosmith.Ford has brilliantly decided to release the new Bronco on OJ's birthday.We first learned about Juneteenth because of vandalism in Clio. Schools never taught the Tulsa Greenwood Massacre... not even in Tulsa.ESPN's 30 for 30: Long Gone Summer covered the battle between Mark McGwire & Sammy Sosa to break Roger Maris' single season home run record in 1998. Speaking of baseball, check out No Filter Sports as their latest guest Rod Carew.Harvey Weinstein's weiner is super weird looking and now we have more info on the condition of his junk.Oakland Press' Gary Graff finally made a list. He dials in to give us the 10 most influential albums of his life.Derek St. Holmes of Ted Nugent fame calls in to discuss his career in rock and roll and his upcoming projects.Matt Farley con

  • Drew And Mike – June 14, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 14, 2020

    15/06/2020 Duração: 02h57min

    RIP Layla, Dave Chappelle's 8:46, Howard Stern's blackface history, COVID cases from protests, Juneteenth holiday, Kyrie Irvin v. NBA, Oscar & Grammy's new rules, and 2020 still sucks.Did you know Ty Cobb has the Detroit Tigers hit-streak record? Bloop.RIP Layla.Gary Graff finally dropped his Top 10 influential albums. Unfortunately, you'll have to navigate through his Twitter account and some people are saying his compilation albums are cheating.There are rumblings that some people working on the Big 3 lines are nervous about a second wave as distancing just isn't possible.Get your Chad Daybell and Mumia Abu-Jamal books today before Amazon takes them down. We'll be talking with Derek St. Holmes tomorrow, which leads to a discussion on Meatloaf's work with Ted Nugent.Band Aid has solved racism by unveiling band aids that are various colors to match skin tones.Juneteenth becomes a paid holiday for Quicken Loans employees.That damn Nigerian Prince is back stealing Coronavirus payments.The shooting death of Rays

  • Drew And Mike – June 11, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 11, 2020

    12/06/2020 Duração: 02h14min

    I Take Responsibility, Joe Biden talks reparations, the Dow dives, a new Bonerline, Paw Patrol, Ice Cube's trying to get "canceled", Spencer Torkleson, and OJ got a haircut.Drew feels it's been like 9/11 for the last few months, Marc believes it's been like WWII. Cancel Drew and Marc.The markets got smoked today.Remember the "good old days" of Coronavirus?Pete Davidson's "The King of Staten Island" is being released and the reviews are split.George Bush and Mitt Romney's votes are up in the air... meaning they'll end up voting for Trump.The Detroit Tigers have selected 1st... I mean 3rd baseman Spencer Torkleson. Fun fact, Spencer is good friends with Guy Fieri. Bloop.The Amazon driver vs. a Warren police officer happened because a driver's license wasn't produced.You can't use the bathrooms in Brooklyn no matter who you are or what you look like.The Hudson's Tower is never getting done.Tucker Carlson's hot takes are costing him big sponsors.Lady Antebellum just found out the meaning of their band name after

  • Drew And Mike – June 10, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 10, 2020

    11/06/2020 Duração: 02h25min

    There's no stopping Jobbie Nooner, a George Floyd officer posts bail, Mayor Fouts supports BLM... now, Sommy, Coronavirus comeback, bad movies that are good, and BranDon ❤️'s Smash Mouth.BranDon has power for now, though many may be without it due to the damn storm. If this storm or another brings water damage to your home, call ERSI!We need a "where are they now?" for Sommy.Drew's mad at the judicial system after watching more on Jeffrey Epstein and Alan Dershowitz.We are number 1 in Hour Magazine... now it's time to win Vote 4 The Best.Listeners are complaining about certain drops. What other drops do you hate?Cancel update: Christopher Columbus, some Teen Mom nobody ever heard of and some Vanderpump chicks.Congrats to Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo on becoming a Trojans again. Now the focus is on getting the other OJ back into the fold.Some dude totally read Rage Against the Machine wrong... for a long time.We dial up a gym that had an odd George Floyd inspired workout, but for some reason their answering machine

  • Drew And Mike – June 9, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 9, 2020

    10/06/2020 Duração: 02h50min

    Bruce Lee's 30 for 30, Trump's conspiracy theory tweet, TikTok's Sway House, Chad Daybell arrested, COPS canceled, doxing the wrong cyclist, The Day I Met El Chapo, Lea Michele's the worst, and BranDon's about to "lose yo job".President Trump decided to tweet and attack the 75-year-old who 'fell down harder than he was pushed' by the Buffalo police.Candace Owens may have had some points, but why tear down George Floyd, especially now?BranDon has been called out on a lot of things lately & his claim that he never loses power is the latest. People complaining about politics on the show has Drew feeling exhausted.Drew is still angry at the white race for a lot of reasons & one of them just so happens to be 'content houses'. Currently, TikTok's Sway House is facing the wrath of its neighbors.Human remains were found at the home of Chad Daybell in what some people are calling a 'rookie move' for murderers. Drew watched The Day I Met El Chapo documentary on Netflix & ended up learning a lot about the savvy drug lor

  • Drew And Mike – June 8, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 8, 2020

    09/06/2020 Duração: 03h05min

    Tattletales, the meaning of "Defund the Police", Joe Biden meets George Floyd's daughter, Holiday Market v. BLM, Bono provides a long message, a new Bonerline, and we check in on a threesome "gone wrong".People of the US finally seem to agree on one thing: 80% of people feel the country is "spiraling out of control".'Dear Class of 2020' is coming at you with all of today's stars for four hours. Bono gifted graduates with their favorite thing: a lecture. He then gave FINNEAS an old song to ruin.A Cat Stevens video led Drew to a Donald Trump happy birthday ad. Next thing you know, they'll want him to join the MAGA boat parade.Record companies are dropping $225,000,000 on social justice causes. How much will go to those that really need it?Pearl Jam finally revealed the uncensored video for Jeremy. Marc says he is a fan, but had no idea that the song is about a suicide and not a school shooting.Charles Pugh looks THRILLED to be in prison.Let's do a deep dive on 'Defund the Police' since the messaging is leaving

  • Drew And Mike – June 7, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 7, 2020

    08/06/2020 Duração: 02h54min

    "You about to lose yo' job", disbanding the Minneapolis PD, idiots v. tattletales, Jeff Bezos v. Michael Sanchez, Trump v. cotton swabs, Lea Michele's still the worst, Drew Brees can't win, and two stoners got robbed on COPS.Police caught on camera are now getting arrested and charged.Johnniqua Charles has gone viral for telling a strip club security guard he's about to lose his job. Spoiler Alert: he didn't. Someone has already set up a GoFundMe for her for some reason.Michael Sanchez wants to go to war with Jeff Bezos for nailing his sister.Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are looking to be the forefront of the Black Lives Matter cause, but first they need to study.'Defund the Police' is the new hotness... that could help President Trump. Two Buffalo police officers have been charged for shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground and watching as he bled.Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey, took a walk of shame after he refused to 100% abolish the police instead of lying like a politician.COPS and Live PD have been te

  • Drew And Mike – June 4, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 4, 2020

    05/06/2020 Duração: 02h44min

    Lea Michele-gate continues, George Floyd's memorial, Drew Brees' apology, Gov. Whitmer's ok with protests now, Gabrielle Union not giving in, Billy Bush's privilege, Meghan Markle says nothing, and we try to buy jet skis with eBay gift cards off of Facebook Marketplace.George Floyd's funeral took place today. Many celebrities showed up, as did Al Sharpton.Lea Michele just can't win. More Glee cast members and former co-stars come out to blast her.More celebrities are "in trouble" with social media: Rachel Griffiths is ok thanks to her manicure, Madison Beer's protest photo-op, Miss Malaysia is cancelled and Hugh Jackman can't show support the "right way".Billy Bush either has some serious white privilege or he just didn't like one particular co-worker.Meghan Markle has FINALLY broken her silence regarding the protests.Listen to us on WLLZ on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7am to 9am now.The St. Clair Shores police have shut down their happy birthday parades because Maz was using up all their resources. Sp

  • Drew And Mike – June 3, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 3, 2020

    04/06/2020 Duração: 02h50min

    Instagram boyfriends, more Minneapolis cops in George Floyd's murder arrested, Madeleine McCann's disappearance, Elton John's money woes, Ashton Kutcher tries to cry, Quibi's a disaster, Chet Hanks is deep, and a "shock" radio show blown out.BranDon's wife needs to label his dinner so he knows what he's eating.Employers are struggling to get workers back as many are making more money on unemployment due to the CARES Act.The NBA is coming back... but with only 22 teams meaning the Pistons are left out.Elton John has given Marc 30 days to decide if he wants to have his money refunded or not. Furnish would rather not give it back as Elton has lost his retirement money.We eulogize Bob Kulick, who is definitely not Bruce Kulick. What's worse, a 17-year-old and his buddies having a Nerf war or a 45 year old having a water balloon fight?Photo ops are great for your Instagram clout, but terrible when you have a real job and are an idiot. Ashton Kutcher gets deeeeep on Instagram and really tried his hardest to shed so

  • Drew And Mike – June 2, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 2, 2020

    03/06/2020 Duração: 02h36min

    President Trump's photo op, more celebs are being "canceled", Hong Kong steals Drew's idea, a new Bonerline, and a kid injects himself into the George Floyd murder story to say "it could have been me".Jimmy Fallon is so super sorry for wearing blackface 20 years ago that he's punishing his viewers so he can learn a lesson.Lea Michele tried to tweet support for the protesters, but got called out by a Glee co-star for being mean. She lost her HelloFresh deal that no one knew she had.Emma Watson is in trouble with her fans for not showing support fast enough.A Fox News Reporter was praised for his coverage on the protests... until a podcaster reveals that he spit on her in high school.The Detroit Popcorn Company's owner made some questionable posts on social media, lost his contract with the Detroit Zoo, and then had to sell the company to the previous owner to keep it going.The New York Knicks owner James Dolan stays on brand by staying silent.A Wendy's franchisee donated to President Trump and now #Wendysisove

  • Drew And Mike – June 1, 2020

    Drew And Mike – June 1, 2020

    02/06/2020 Duração: 02h07min

    Cyclists are mad at Drew, 2020 is the worst year, COVID & the protests, Michael Jordan's love letter, a new Bonerline, Kylie Jenner's spending, and Katherine Heigl is so worried that she wrote an essay.Teebs kicks us off today. TEEEEEEEBS!What is the solution to institutional racism?2020 has sucked from the start and it seems like it's not going to get any better.Protest video includes: The most dangerous protesters are elderly men with canes, a mentally challenged woman gets knocked out and a youngster who took a full mace spray.Katherine Heigl is having such a tough time explaining the protests to her kid that she had to write about it on Instagram.Meghan Markle should be protesting in her very expensive security bubble.Clashes with police include Atlanta cops fired for pulling folks out of a car, the sister of a suspected terrorist is killed, a protester dragged in Las Vegas and even some scuffles in Detroit.Celebrities want you to know they "care": Bethany Frankel has words to say and tears to cry, Khloe

  • Drew And Mike – May 31, 2020

    Drew And Mike – May 31, 2020

    01/06/2020 Duração: 03h33min

    A weekend of protests & riots across America, SpaceX launch successful, OJ v. Mark Fuhrman, Kylie Jenner: liar & not a billionaire, Hannah B's long apology, and we begin to rebuild our relationship with Monkeemobile Mel.This weekend was full of protests and riots nationwide after the murder of George Floyd.The police officer that kneeled on George Floyd's neck has been arrested and dumped by his beauty queen wife.Some celebs make the protests about themselves : John Cusack got pushed around, Madonna's brat dances to Michael Jackson in Floyd's honor, Halsey got shot, Ariana Grande is on the front lines, Paris Jackson has all the answers and the hot mugshot guy is back!Don Lemon still wants celebrities to do more... like appear on his show.A 21-year-old Eastpoint man was killed near the Detroit police brutality protests.Somebody from that big Lake of the Ozarks party has Coronavirus.Odds are we're going to see a massive spike in Coronavirus cases in the next 10-14 days.No one quite understands the justice syste

  • Drew And Mike – May 28, 2020

    Drew And Mike – May 28, 2020

    29/05/2020 Duração: 02h07min

    Drew has hot water again, riots & protests in Minnesota, COVID-19 squatters & scams, Gym Jim, a new Bonerline, and we learn our relationship with Monkeemobile Mel is irrevocable.The protests of the death of George Floyd turned into riots and looting last night.A super old 30-year-old lady in the Minnesota riots took on everyone at Target.The UConn double murder has been caught, but at least he was wearing a mask for the safety of everyone else.Gym Jim is the latest "BBQ Becky" after he "calls 911" on a few black businessmen hitting the gym.Colin Kaepernick wants everyone to revolt and fight back.The 17-year-old girl who filmed the death of George Floyd is getting death threats because she didn't save him from four police officers.If you're going to squat, the best squatting is Hamptons squatting.The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency is running a bit late because of scammers. Drew was able to take a hot shower for the first time in weeks thanks to Marc & his father-in-law.Check out the new Bonerline!The f

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