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  • Hermophobia 40: Canada Daze

    Hermophobia 40: Canada Daze


    In spite of the all the alcohol consumed, the podcast is relatively sober as we discuss all things Canada. Discussed In this Episode: Canada Day! Canadian Patriotism Canadian Heroes Canucks Riot Internet Shaming after the Riots Anthony Weiner Google Plus Workplace Impressions Basement Bedrooms Bullying Revisited Shiny Things Allen: The Smartest Man In the World – Greg Proops Podcast Mark: Fallout 3 for the PS3 John: Titan AX Pro Headphones Recommendations: John: Hudson Hawk Mark: Stir Crazy Allen: So I Married an Axe Murderer Earworms Allen: Kenny Rogers – Ruby Mark: Kenny Rogers – Ruby (Allen plants another bug!) John: Janis Ian: At Seventeen Download This Episode

  • Hermophobia 39: A Place Where Nobody Dared to Go…

    Hermophobia 39: A Place Where Nobody Dared to Go…


    John returns and Allen gets “over served” during this fast paced episode. Much fun was had in the making! Discussed in this episode: LA Noire Gaming Old School VS New Playstation Payback Thor Bridesmaids Hangover 2 Blondie - Panic of Girls June is Pride month in the US Schwarzenegger John and the Hitching Hooker Kingsway Whores Boy Sells Kidney for iPad Apple Neurologically Like Religion Windows 8 You Light Up My Life (with Rohypnol) Service Animals Shania Twain - Why Not? Earworms Mark: Robyn - You Should Know Better Allen Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend John: Jewel - You Were Meant For Me Recommendations  John: Talk to Her Mark: Director Ang Le: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Ice Storm Allen: Xanadu Download This Episode

  • Hermophobia 38: I Think We’re Alone Now

    Hermophobia 38: I Think We’re Alone Now


    Yay!!! John joins us to talk about all kinds of things including Telus’ entry into gay marketing, and gives us a sampling of his best wrong lyrics! It was a fun hour… hope you enjoy too! -Allen We Discuss: the PSN returns having to change passwords on other sites old school games comedies long running times – the gay phone company? Wonder Woman doesn’t get picked up for the new season The Bionic Woman SIRIUS Satellite Radio Lady Gaga Stevie Nicks’ and Kate Bush’s new albums Final Destination films “I Think We’re Alone Now” Earworms of the Week: John Mark Allen Recommendations Mark: Boogie Nights John: Titanic 2 Allen: Cropsey Download This Episode

  • Hermophobia 37: Catching Up

    Hermophobia 37: Catching Up


    After two busy weeks of silence, Mark and Allen catch up with what’s been going on in this crazy world including… Location Data & Privacy The Death of Bin Laden IP as ID and more Earworms of the Week… from Portal: “Still Alive” Robyn – Dancing on My Own Reccomendations Mark: The Last Supper Allen: The IT Crowd Download This Episode

  • Hermophobia 36: I Am the Candyman

    Hermophobia 36: I Am the Candyman


    This week Mark is surprised to discover his anticipation for the royal wedding, while Allen fears meat… well, the dead animal variety. On this Episode we discuss staph bacteria in US meat Apple idolizing tech critics does your musical taste determine how slutty you are? Best Buy reports increased DVD sales Huffington Post sued by contributors Canada getting plastic money Sexy new Android remote control Earworms of the week Mark: Second Hand News – Fleetwood Mac Allen: No One Else on Earth – Wynonna Judd Recommendations Mark: Hot Fuzz Sean of the Dead Allen: The Fabulous Baker Boys Personal Effects Download This Episode

  • Hermophobia 35: Deeper Understanding

    Hermophobia 35: Deeper Understanding


    This week Allen jailbreaks his iPhone while Mark makes disparaging remarks about elderly security guards! Guess who’s going to Hell! Discussed this week: Kate Bush single Deeper Understanding released Body of Proof Google holding back source code for Honeycomb Microsoft makes Anti-trust claims against Google in Europe Google successfully sued for Auto-complete results iPhone 5 speculation Woman cuts out internet in Armenia Earworms of the Week Tears for Fears – New Star Reccommendations Guy Ritchie Films… Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels Snatch David Cronenberg Films… Spider Naked Lunch Crash The Fly   Download This Episode

  • Hermophobia 34: Adventures in Craiglisting

    Hermophobia 34: Adventures in Craiglisting


    After missing last week we return with tales of our adventures… Mark is excited by his new phone, and Allen tries nursing his hangover with some hair of the dog! Discussed This Week: Adventures in Craigslisting Elizabeth Taylor dies degrades video quality to reduce bandwidth Detroit Population drops 25% the last decade $1000 Scarface Limited Edition Record Companies sue Limewire for $75 Trillion Microsoft asking Domestic companies to pay for foreign piracy Ambient lit transparent displays TV Talk Earworms Adele - Rolling In the Deep Billy Joel - You May Be Right Picks Mark Whip It Raising Arizona A Prophet Miller's Crossing Kung Fu Hustle Allen Short Cuts The Grifters Exit Through the Gift Shop My Bodyguard Body Double (and Hideaway and Clay Pigeons) Download This Episode

  • Hermophobia #33: The Hangover Edition

    Hermophobia #33: The Hangover Edition


    Allen licks the wounds of excess from the night before while Mark denies fears the radiation fall out from Japan This Week We Discuss: The release of the new Blondie album “Panic of Girl” Bon Jovi says Steve Jobs killed the music industry Paramount will release “The Tunnel” via Bit Torrent AMC may carry Kevin Smith’s Red State ICANN approves XXX domain North American panic over Japan disaster Window fogging cured! Is “V” over? Recommendations: Hustle & Flow Underworld Earworms of the Week: Natalie Maines – God Only Knows Download This Episode

  • Hermophobia #32:

    Hermophobia #32:


    The disaster seems to have sucked some of the energy out of this week, but onward we go… Discussed this week: Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Prostitutes flock to Facebook Facebook Divorces The Dark Knight on Facebook Angry Birds coming to Facebook Metropolis Possibly Taken Out the Public Domain SyFy Burning Off Remaining Episodes of Stargate: Universe Scott Revisited …Then Tony Scott Netflix Recommendations Barbarella Friday the 13th Earworms New Soul – Yael Naim All the Lovers – Kylie Minouge Download This Episode Here

  • Hermophobia #31: Bully! We’re Back!

    Hermophobia #31: Bully! We’re Back!


    After two years (to the day!) we return back to our roots, our home… Hermophobia! We look forward to keeping the show free form and fun, and hope you enjoy listening as much as we do making it. This week we discuss: Bullies Blade Runner VS Thelma & Louise The Day The Movies Died Netflix(.ca) Recommendations Firefly Betrayed Earworms Pat Benatar’s cover of “Wuthering Heights” Theme From Sesame Street Download this Episode

  • Hermophobia #30: The Movies of 1982 – Part Two

    Hermophobia #30: The Movies of 1982 – Part Two


    Mark, Ross & Allen further explore the films of 1982 in a new segment they call “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” which causes some debate about what was really a bad film in 1982. (It seems Allen liked a lot of “ugly” movies!)   New Segment: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly The Good: Movies that didn’t  make our Top 5 lists,  but not necessarily #6 - #10 either. These are good films that deserve some attention for one reason or another. The Bad: These could be films that fell short of their potential, or something else altogether – a bad soundtrack, a poor performance, a terrible trend… or perhaps just a guilty pleasure we acknowledge is not a good movie. The Ugly: The worst of the worst! U-G-L-Y, it ain’t got no alibi!   discussed in this episode: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in 1982 Our Top 5 films of 1982   download this episode

  • Hermophobia #29: The Movies of 1982 – Part One

    Hermophobia #29: The Movies of 1982 – Part One


    Mark, Allen and Ross take a look at the films of 1982 and discover that it was a great year for movies! … and a great time was had talking about them. Enjoy! discussed in this episode: A Brief Talk about the 2008 Oscars The Top 20 Films of 1982 How Gay Was 1982? The Stars of 1982 The Directors of 1982   Coming Next: The Movies of 1982 – Part Two   download this episode

  • Hermophobia #28: The Movies of 1973 – Part Two

    Hermophobia #28: The Movies of 1973 – Part Two


    Mark, Allen and Ross finish talking about the films of 1973. discussed in this episode The stars of 1973 The Directors of 1973 Mark, Allen and Ross’ Top 5 of 1973   Siskel & Ebert’s Top 10 of 1973 Gene Siskel Roger Ebert 1. The Emigrants/The New Land 2. Last Tango in Paris              3. The Exorcist                     4. Cries and Whispers               5. The Day of the Jackal            6. The Last of Sheila               7. The Day of the Dolphin           8. American Graffit

  • Hermophobia #27: The Movies of 1973 – Part One

    Hermophobia #27: The Movies of 1973 – Part One


    Ross has joined Team Hermo, and he, Mark and Allen Talk about the films of 1973… and Allen never received a prize!!! We have adjusted the line-up to get the podcast back to a digestible length. Enjoy!   discussed in this episode The Top 10 Grossing Films of 1973 Over-rated Films of 1973 Under-rated Films of 1973 The 1973 Oscars   The Hovis Loaf Ad: Story Link    Coming Up Next: The Films of 1973 – Part Two   download this episode

  • Hermophobia #26: Science Fiction  Fantasy Films – Part Two

    Hermophobia #26: Science Fiction & Fantasy Films – Part Two


    Mark, Allen & Ross continue their discussion of Science Fiction films of the the last 40 years. Long as the podcast is, there was still material that was not covered! Perhaps there will be a follow-up someday…   discussed in this episode: Sci-Fi in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s Over-rated Sci-Fi Flix Under-rated Sci-Fi Flix Mark, Allen and Ross’ Top 5 Science Fiction Films   Coming Next: 1973   download this episode

  • Hermophobia #25: Science Fiction  Fantasy Films – Part One

    Hermophobia #25: Science Fiction & Fantasy Films – Part One


    Mark & Allen are joined by Ross in this first end-of-cycle special focusing on Science Fiction and Fantasy Films.     discussed in this episode:  What is, or defines, a Science Fiction Movie? 2001: A Space Odyssey Sci-Fi & Fantasy in the 25 Top Grossing Films Sci-fi: Not taken serious in critical and awards circles - Taken very seriously by fans Sci-Fi Franchises Big Thanks to Ross for participating in the podcast and bringing his wealth of film knowledge to the table. We are looking forward to more collaborations with him and hoping he will become a regular part of the podcast. Next Week: Science Fiction & Fantasy Films – Part Two download this episode

  • Hermophobia #24: The Movies of 2005 - Part Two

    Hermophobia #24: The Movies of 2005 - Part Two


    Mark & Allen continue talking (and talking, and talking…) about the films of 2005     discussed in this episode: Remakes Stars of 2005 Directors of 2005 Horror Flicks of 2005 Drama _____________________________ Ebert & Roper Roger Ebert Richard Roeper 1. Crash 2. Syriana 3. Munich 4. Junebug 5. Brokeback Mountain 6. Me and You and Everyone We Know 7. Nine Lives 8. King Kong 9. Yes 10. Millions 1. Syriana     2. The New World     3. Crash     4. Munich     5. Nine Lives     6. Capote     7. Brokeback Mountain     8. A History of Violence     9. Walk the Line     10. The 40-Year-O

  • Hermophobia #23: The Movies of 2005 - Part One

    Hermophobia #23: The Movies of 2005 - Part One


    Mark & Allen talk about the films (and mediocrity) of 2005      discussed in this episode: The Top 20 Grossing Movies of 2005 Our Friends’ Films Comedy Movies of 2005 Sci-Fi & Comic Book Adaptations of 2005 Action Movies of 2005 Coming Next: 2005 Part II download this episode

  • Hermophobia #22: The eemo-Homo-Mobile

    Hermophobia #22: The eemo-Homo-Mobile


    Mark and Allen take a break from the new format to talk about it, and various other things including shopping for an old beater!   coming next: 2005 download this episode

  • Hermophobia #21: The Movies of 1994 – Part II

    Hermophobia #21: The Movies of 1994 – Part II


    Mark and Allen continue discussing the films of 1994… and Mark distinctly says “she!” discussed in this episode: The stars of 1994 The directors of 1994 Horror Movies of 1994 Dramas in 1994 Westerns, Documentaries, and Foreign Film of 1994 Siskel & Ebert's Top 10 of ‘94 The Oscars Overlooked, Under-rated or Forgotten Films of 1994 Over-rated and Best Forgotten Films of 1994 Mark and Allen’s Top 5 of 1994 COMING SOON: 2005 download this episode

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