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  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - October 22, 2011


    How do you find balance in your life? Listen to Don speak into Mary's life and helping her through stressful times with solutions.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - October 15, 2011


    Continuation of conversation with Judy and her son Mike and dealing with Judy's alcoholism for 30 years and then being healed and her life after that.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - October 8, 2011


    Amazing story of one woman's struggle with alcoholism for over 30 years and finally winning over the addiction. This is a 2-part episode, so do not miss next week's show also.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - October 1, 2011


    Hear Susan, who has been somewhat frustrated with her traits and then listen to Don Crosby as he walks her through each of her behavioral traits to help her see her traits in a positive way.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - September 24, 2011


    Awesome conversation with Host Don Crosby as he speaks to our guest, Mindy, who is blind from birth, and to listen to her challenges in life and being able to overcome them. Very encouraging.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - September 10, 2011


    Host Don Crosby speaks to guest Craig Phillips and his amazing testimony of his challenges with closed brain injury and his successof being an overcomer.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - August 27, 2011


    Are you curious about yourself and your behavior and need direction while going through a season of change? Diane is and came on as a guest and spoke to our Host Don Crosby. Listen in to hear about he had to say.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - August 20, 2011


    Host Don Crosby interviews Jim Dunn of Charlotte, NC, a business and now a personal friend. He has been impacted by Don's insights into his behavior.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - August 13, 2011


    Hope you did not miss the first episode of the 3 sisters. If you did, you can still listen to the August 6th broadcast first, then listen to this session. Wonderful conclusion.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - August 6, 2011


    Do you really know your own family? Amazing conversation with 3 sisters who are grown up now and finding out things about each other that were assumed while growing up, not necessarily right, and now wanting a more intimate relationship with each other. This is a 2-part broadcast, so listen in to this week and next weeks.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - July 23, 2011


    This is Part 1 of a 2 part broadcast with two young men, just graduated from high school, with a passion to reach the youth of today and creating a place where kids can go to for answers to questions on issues they are dealing with.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - July 16, 2011


    Wow what a show. Meet Angel and listen to her passion. If you are interested in learning more about yourself and how to use your God given gifts more effectively, go to and Sign Up to talk to Don Crosby.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - July 9, 2011


    Our guest Jerry was curious as he listened to other guests and how they were amazed at the accuracy of the behavioral tool, and so took the survey himself and was amazed also at the technology and its accuracy. We invite everyone to send us a request to also take the survey and have Don Crosby discuss it with you. Go to

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - July 2, 2011


    What do I do after graduating from college and to best use my gifts? Have you asked those questions to yourselves? Well, Adina did and came on to be a guest of Host Don Crosby after taking the ProScan behavioral survey and was introduced to herself by Don. Listen to Don as he points out little nuggets to Adina.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - June 25, 2011


    This is the second episode to Eric and Lorena's conversation with Don Crosby as he concludes with the nuggets that will help both of them in making for a successful marriage for their future.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - June 11, 2011


    Have you ever started something and then never complete it and/or take a long time to complete it. Well, listen in as Host Don Crosby explains to Pat, why she does the things she do to give her freedom to herself.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - June 4, 2011


    You may think your actions and behavior is strange to others, but that is only a perception of ourselves. Once we truly understand why we do what we do, we can start to accept ourselves and not think of ourselves as strange. Listen to the whole conversation as host Don Crosby uncovers other areas for Teresa to be more comfortable with herself and eliminate some of the stresses in her life.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast on May 21, 2011


    Again we are blessed to be able to make a difference in someone's life by helping them to understand themselves better. Here is Steve who want to have consistency is his life and Don Crosby being able to share to Steve the depth of his behaviors and making a difference.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast May 14, 2011


    Want to grow and learn and be all what God wants you to be? Have you asked that question? Well, Carol did. Listen to Don Crosby as he helps her understand her strengths and how to use them for the glory of God.

  • Sound Behavior Broadcast - April 23, 2011


    Another fascinating conversation between Host Don Crosby and his guest today, Rhonda. Rhonda wanted to learn to be more patient and more tolerant towards other people. Don brought everything full circle for her to understand her behavior and how to adjust them to achieve what she sought.

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