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Alo Galera! I am Dj MarkimI hope you enjoy the sets of drum n bass that I have posted,to download more sets of Drum n happy 2009!Markim ...


  • 01/2009

    11/01/2009 Duração: 01h02min

    Human Nature-Michael Jackson(Bungle Bootleg RMX) Bjork-Machines(Akira RMX) Brother-Blue Note Aspect-Soul Lady Utah Jazz-Leap Of Faith Furney-Fowardbound Sardi-Perennial Dreams Bungle-Nu Chance Dawid WS feat Melianti-Soul Anisty(Futurist V.I.P) Simplification-Dreams L.A.O.S-Beatiful D.Bridge-China Blue Will Miles-Turn this way Electrosoul System-Fun

  • Set 12/2008

    31/12/2008 Duração: 01h02min

    Electrosoul System -Nine Planets TC-The King of Africa Lomax - Artisan Eric Pridz-Pjanoo (High Contrast Remix) Simplification-Dreams Random Movement-Psychedelic Drainpipe Peyo-Old Times Mutt-The Motions Makoto+ T-AK-Voyager Apex-Locked on Adele-Hometown Glory(High Contrast RMX) Bionic 1-Frozen Liquid Break-Jungle Step D Kay-Waxd (RMX)

  • Set/09/2008

    15/09/2008 Duração: 47min

    SET Setembro 2008 The Funkstatics-Honey (Shogun) Mutt-The Motions(Future Retro) Break-Enigma(Knowledge Magazine) Brooklin-Stages(Commix RMX)(Horizons) Calibre-Mr Right on(Signature) Marky and Makoto-Impulse(Innerground) Donnie Dubson-Everywhere (Have-a-Break) Electrosoul System-Movin on Transit (Spearhead) Lomax and Focus-5 Weeks(Bingo) Syncopix-Rising (Syncopix REC) Calibre-Gemini (Innerground) Break-Let it Happen(Shogun) Cloud 9- Jazzmin(Marky and XRS RMX)(DUB) Cybass-Joy(DUB)

  • Set 07/2008

    27/07/2008 Duração: 48min

    Dj Zinc-Take me with you (Bingo) Mutt-Trying Measures(Focus) TC-King of Africa(D Style) Redeyes-Blenders(DUB) Matrix vs Futurebound-Strength 2 Strength(Metro vs Viper) Bungle-Where I am(Liq weed Ganja) Hive-Last Call V.I.P (Extended Playaz) Moving Fusion-Turbulence (Ram) Vice Versa - Still Doin It (Good Looking) Lynx-Randy (Soul:R)

  • Set 02/2008

    28/06/2008 Duração: 59min

    A sides-Planetary Motion Lynx-Distance Zero Mutt-Trying Measure L.A.O.S-Harmony Logistics-Together V.I.P Danny Bird-Soul Function Cloud 9-Jazzmin(Marky and XRS RMX) Commix-Roots Train Bungle-Down To Earth Culture Shock-Rework EBK-1000 Years Nero-Workout Drumsound and Bassline Smith-Go! Total Science-Rated X(C.A.B.L.E RMX) Mr. L-Back to the Roots