Harvey Sessions



Calvin Hubbard's recording sessions live from the Little Rock Motel.


  • Sessions to date


    Harvey Session #1: Capturing ideas – a chorus perhaps? Harvey Session #2 : Room 16 Demo Harvey Session #3 : Gift Demo Harvey Session #4 : Let’s Skip this thing Harvey Session #5: Run Little Girl, Run Harvey Session #6: Room 16 – full[er] arrangement, raw mix Harvey Session #7: Once in a River (Demo) […]

  • Little Rock Session #8: Thieves’ Lullaby


    Keep out the dream thieves am I asking too much because when things change, they really change–how true has that become? you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.  Once your eyes are open and you see thingsi n the world…you can’t unsee them. ever. Thieves’ Lullaby

  • Little Rock Session #7: Once in a River (Demo)


    (click the lick below to listen) Seriously–this isn’t a blog anymore so much as it is lengthy and completely vague set liner notes.  Do the rest of you miss liner notes as much as I do when you buy something digital?  I used a slide on this song made from the neck of a wine […]

  • Little Rock Session #6: Room 16 – Raw mix in progress


    (click the link below to listen to the song) Crime in progress. Evolution. This mix is essentially an aural stew, courtesy of contributers distant and magnificent. What are you running from? Something or somebody? The arrangement is coming together–and my session musicians must think I’m cracked out…not just for the sort of parts I’m asking […]

  • Little Rock Session #4 – Let’s Skip This Thing


    Here it is. The take as it happened. Little Rock Session #4: Let’s Skip this Thing

  • Little Rock Session #3: Gift


    I love when this shit is effortless….because that so never happens.  I’m going to get drunk tonight and hopefully make out. Little Rock Session #3: Gift.

  • Little Rock Session # 2: Room 16


    Little Rock Session II: Room 16 Demo Banged out some vocal ideas, drank some cheap bear, sang some more, played some bass, beat on some percussion. Shook it up, and this is what I came up with for a demo. I tossed in a bunch of snippets from the vocal takes and will listen in […]

  • Little Rock Session #1


    F’d around some yesterday. Came up with something I dig–pretty hooky and it’s been rattling around in my head since. Might have a full song on my hands before long. Little Rock Session #1