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  • Surreal L.A. Podcast #8: Halloween Edition featuring Ghost Stories with Paranormal EXP

    28/10/2011 Duração: 01h11min

    Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? The team at Paranormal EXP LIVES for that sh*t and has the EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) to prove it! Settle in for some spooky stories and sounds from some of L.A.'s most haunted places...Happy Halloween ghosts and ghouls! How did Marcus of Paranormal EXP get these scratches on his back: And this mark on his neck?: Listen in to find out! For more pictures and EVPs from Paranormal EXP, please visit their website: ALSO, don't forget to tune in to 102.7 KIIS FM tonight from 7pm-10pm as Marcus, Clare and Jason do a live investigation of the Queen Mary. Afterward, get your ghost busting on at The Comedy Store's last Haunted Midnight of the month where you can meet Paranormal EXP in person and see live proof of the joke house's very ghostly past...Keep it spooky, Los Angeles!  

  • Surreal L.A. Podcast Episode #7: Occupy L.A., Anonymous, Smiley and West

    22/10/2011 Duração: 01h09min

    Don't miss this boiling pot of hot political debate and bonus words of wisdom from Smiley and West's Poverty Tour. Shanon & Valley Girl spend a day at Occupy LA where they run into members of Anonymous and ask the million dollar question: "What can the 99% do to take back the wealth and power from the 1%?" The answers may surprise you. Just another day in Surreal L.A.

  • Surreal L.A. Podcast #6: The Downtown Train, Tranny Hookers and Weird Band Stories

    12/10/2011 Duração: 01h14min

    Venture down the rabbit hole with Shanon, Valley Girl and special guests Mr. Now the brooding blogger and Matty "B" Heintz from Los Angeles-based blues band, The Downtown Train. Injected with a jolt of testosterone not commonly found in most Surreal L.A. podcasts, the conversation meanders around subjects like seedy Hollywood strip clubs, tranny hookers and why Courtney Love is such a trainwreck. Buckle up, folks, this will be a bumpy ride. Also - check out The Downtown Train at Harvard & Stone in Hollywood every Tuesday night during the month of October!  

  • Surreal L.A. Podcast #5: Hollywood Boulevard, Unemployment, Homeless Teens & “Friday”


    Shanon & Valley Girl join the unemployed masses and seek solace on Hollywood Boulevard, aka the "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" where they meet homeless and pregnant teen, Venice, talk to Green Lantern and other costumed folk, and learn important lessons from the movie "Friday." Keep it surreal, L.A.! Surreal L.A. Podcast #5: The Hollywood Boulevard Edition SUBSCRIBE VIA ITUNES

  • Breaking News: What Really Happened between the LAPD and SpongeBob Squarepants


    A couple of weeks ago, an actor dressed as SpongeBob Squarepants was detained by the LAPD in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard for what the Police Department described as a “brief incident with two females.” All the local news outlets, blogs and e-rags (including Surreal LA) assumed that the incident was SpongeBob's fault. But, according to several eyewitnesses, SpongeBob was the victim. Last week, Valley Girl and I ventured into the bowels of Hollywood to find out what really happened to SpongeBob. All we had to go on was this photo of SpongeBob face down on Hollywood Boulevard. Yeah, I know, it's fucking precious. Our first stop was the scene of the crime: Grauman's Chinese Theater -- a mecca for clueless tourists, who pay out-of-work actors dressed as super heroes to take their pictures with them. Many of these characters have been known to be a little on the aggressive side when attempting to collect coin from passersby. See, the law states that the actors are allowed to be ti

  • Surreal L.A. Podcast #4: Brazil Day, Burning Man Interview, Eccentric Artists & More!


    Join Shanon and Valley Girl as they explore Brazil Day in historic Hancock Park near the stinky La Brea Tarpits; hear stories from the 2011 Burning Man from two Valley Burners and much more! Don't miss this edition of the Surreal L.A. podcast recorded from our San Fernando Valley studio...complete with questionable futon. Surreal L.A. Podcast #4: Brazil Day, Burning Man, Eccentric Artists & more!  

  • Surreal L.A. Podcast #3: Crazy Cat People, Car Chases and Quentin Tarantino’s Foot Fetish


    The Valley Girl drags Shanon into the weird claws of a Cat Show. They witness a Tarantino-esque car chase on their way to the Inglewood diner Pann's -- and discuss some of Los Angeles' homeless celebrities, mental illness and their plans to find Clive Barker at the Magic Castle. That's right, we like to keep it Surreal, L.A.! Surreal L.A. Podcast #3: Crazy Cat People, Car Chases & Quentin Tarantino's Foot Fetish

  • Surreal L.A. Podcast #2: The Mulholland Drive Edition


    Don't miss the Mulholland Drive Edition of Surreal L.A., where the Valley Girl and Shanon record the podcast live from Mulholland Drive, overlooking the grimy, but glittering, San Fernando Valley. Follow their cracked-out, midnight conversation, covering topics from their epic search for Quween on the Scene to David Lynch's Club Silencio, movies in the cemetery, and ghetto bootylicious photo shoots in front of the LACMA. Yeah, things just got weirder, L.A. Surreal L.A. Podcast #2: The Mulholland Drive Edition We want to hear from you too. Send your strange and unusual stories to for a chance to get them read on the podcast or published on the blog. Keep it Surreal, L.A.!

  • Surreal L.A. Podcast #1 : Nearly Nudist Cults and Venice Beach Mayhem

    30/08/2011 Duração: 45min

    Join Shanon, Valley Girl & A.W.O.L. as they discuss the Raelian Movement, National Go Topless Day, Venice Beach craziness and anarchistic artists. Just another day in Surreal L.A. ...