Neymar - The Authorised Biography

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Neymar Jr. rejected, at the age of 13, a millionaire offer to leave Brazil that many would consider too good to refuse. When he chose to stay, his talent and simplicity assured him the respect of fans of all teams and the idolatry of Santos’ fans. Irreverent and unique, today the player accumulates achievements and fans in all four corners of the world. And, like few athletes of his generation, managed to bring the excitement back to the football fields and brought up the true meaning of the word ‘family’ – and also the word ‘FATHER’! In this illustrated book, father and son retell the trajectory of Juninho. From a tragic accident at four months of age, through his difficult childhood, the rapid progress through the youth ranks of Santos, his father’s overprotection, the backstage of the world of football, the second refusal of an offer from an European Club in 2010, the excitement of his titles and awards, and his relationship with his son, Davi Lucca. The book also contains previously unpublished revelations about the player’s transfer to Barcelona and his plans for the future. A truly indispensable read!