Right To Know

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The birth of their son Ajay brought tremendous joy and good fortune to Avanti and Dinesh Kumar. With happiness and joy abounding in their home, the Kumars grew from being a lower middle class family to become rich, powerful, and famous. But the family’s joy is shattered as Ajay grows older and becomes curious about the identity of his biological father. With Dinesh unable to give Avanti a child due to a low sperm count, she was forced to use donor sperm to become pregnant with Ajay. Ultimately this division in the family leads to Ajay taking his mother to court, resulting in turmoil that shakes the very foundations of the family unit. But with Dinesh understanding his son’s feelings throughout the proceedings, Ajay gains a newfound respect for his legal father. Will the judge honor Ajay’s argument and grant him the right to know the identity of his biological father? Will the Kumars ever be able to regain the family unity they once enjoyed? Find out as Right to Know reaches it tumultuous conclusion.