Death To The Brushes!

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I was born in the outskirts of São Paulo. Merit or Demerit?

Take your own conclusions. As for myself, I have not failed any accomplishment, nor missed anything.

The suburbs gave me the strength to deal with major problems, I think I got more resistance, became more clever, I don't know!

In moments of danger, on the streets of São Paulo, some friends from the 'other side [of the city]' said: 'Hey, Clau, thank goodness you know what to do, in these situations'. In other words: I'm glad that you know their language!

The basis obtained in the outskirts no school will be able to give. Cliché? May be, but the truth is: it is necessary to be very smart, to travel around Europe with 500? in the pocket, aimlessly, solving all problems, and on the end returning with the accomplished dream, meaning: to become a writer. As time went by, the suburbs ceased to be my daily route, but my essence, I kept it, keep it...

I knew some countries and so I could compare better the good and bad things. What bothered me before, became a common factor, and what pleased me turned out to be secondary? It was the well known maturation process which only travels, books and interesting people are able to boost...

On my first trip to Europe, I was practically in prison, working in a private mansion in Lisbon, as a maid.

These were the most tortuous moments of my life, deprivement of liberty is one of the worst things that can happen to a human being. I was in jail for almost a year! I had the option of becoming a prostitute, but I found out that to do it, the talent is primordial, and I don?t have it, fortunately or unfortunately. It?s a matter to be analysed!

I didn't become a whore, but a writer, and on this occasion my first son/book was born: DEATH TO THE BRUSHES - DIARY OF A JOURNALIST WHO BECAME A MAID IN PORTUGAL. A controversial book that brought me new guidelines and a new path to follow... Then for the second one it was not difficult, since I breathed literature, and I've come to believe that I could do everything, since I believe and seek tirelessly.

But this tirelessly way, sometimes tires, and only when there are people at your side, who believe in you, it is possible to gather the strength to continue after each hit.


Based on the experience within a psychiatry, where I worked for two years, and from where I left much more human, and oddly enough less insane, because I could see what is true madness. A pathology surrounded by prejudice and very, very cruel. Most patients have become my friends, and I thought I should do something. Today I minister lectures about the theme for free.

With each new person, a new testimony, and with every new visited country, new cultures absorbed. I am in fact a privileged woman, but I confess that often I am not very lucky, especially with macho men, and thinking about them, I wrote: A MODERN WOMAN HAS AN ACCOMPLICE, where I approach another controversial topic: violence against women.

And now CIDADE TIRADENTES ? FROM A GIRL TO A WOMAN, a lyrical approach of the largest housing complex in Latin America.