Ludwig Van Beethoven — Poetic Sonata Of Freedom

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The "Coletânea Internacional Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata Poética da Liberdade" (Ludwig van Beethoven International Collection - Poetic Sonata of Freedom) is a Tribute to Beethoven in the celebrations of the 250th jubilee of his birth. The work was conceived, produced and organized by the Brazilian journalist and writer Élle Marques, who brought 90 guest authors together. It is a poetic composition that harmonizes around the Conductor's legacy. The authors reinterpret feelings such as "eternal love" and the value of creatures and nature. It is the first international collective poetic work in the world dedicated to the memory of the great German composer. The Poetic Sonata of Freedom was originally produced in Portuguese. English version: Hudson Ribeiro. Mundo Cultural World publishing house, 2021.
Contributors: Aldir Carvalho Filho, Silvio Fergon, Amauri Queiroz, Gui Kallifer, Khathleen Evelyn Müller, Ana Paula Cunha, Eduardo Souza, Fábio Roberto