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‘Neighbours’ is a short drama by Chekhov about Zina, a young woman who leaves her home for a married man. This scandalous behaviour plagues the mind of Zina’s brother, Pyotr, who believes that she has been abducted and deceived but is too fearful to help her. As Zina’s family is ashamed of her behaviour, Pyotr sets out to bring her home before news of her affair is widely known. Pyotr confronts his sister and her lover but to achieve his goal he must overcome his cowardice. A story that explores the eternal clash between conservative and liberal values, ‘Neighbours’ is a social critique that contrasts Zina’s freedom and joy with the timid Pyotr’s fear of breaking social conventions. ‘Neighbours’ portrays Chekhov’s lyrical prose at its finest and features some of his most memorable characters. This dramatic and poignant short should be read by fans of Raymond Carver and John Cheever.