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17.1: The Movie's a Basilisk



Happy 2022 and welcome to season 17! This one was recorded a little bit ago, when we got the title of the next Potter movie, but it's chock full of theories and ideas about what could be coming in the third movie. More soon! We are still going through your emails for guest hosts! Also, we are still looking for editors so if that's you email us at staff@pottercast.com! Don't forget to follow us on @pottercast on Twitter and @pottercastpod on Instagram! Join our patreon! patreon.com/pottercast - Now, you can also join our Discord community there! You can also buy PotterCast-related merch at mischiefmerch.com! This episode was produced by Christine Peruski. Hosts Melissa Anelli, Frank Franco, and John Noe. PotterCast is (c) PotterCast 2005-2021.