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Episode 418: How is the Energy Around You Impacting You?



While I was working out recently, I was listening to an Ed Mylett podcast and he said something that got me thinking. It was about the impact those around you have on your life. As I continued to workout, I thought about not only how those physically around me impact my life and my energy but also how what I read, listen to and consume does it as well. Who is in your Instagram, FB or Twitter feed? Are do they impact you? Do they lift you up or does your energy drain as you scroll? Your life is directly impact by the energy around you. Listen in to find out how to take care of this energy that you can create more of what you truly want. To never miss an episode and be inspired weekly, be sure sign up for my email.  Connect with Jill:  To sign up for the weekly email, visit When the Meaning is Lost, has helped its readers to find meaning again after loss and hard life experiences like divorce, health crises and major life changes. If you need some hope, a way to create meaning again and