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Episode 414: Are You Doing the Things that are Important to YOU?



If you take a moment and assess how you are spending your day, are you ACTUALLY doing the things that are important to you? Not the things that seem to be the most "on fire" or the things that are most important to everyone else or mundane tasks but the things that actually matter to you?  Are you giving the most important things in your life time each day? Are you moving your life forward or are you filling your time with demands from others, tasks around your home and work or things you have said yes too that you should have said no too?  Dive deeper into how you are spending your time and how you should be spending your time in this episode. Listen in! To never miss an episode and be inspired weekly, be sure sign up for my email.  Connect with Jill:  To sign up for the weekly email, visit When the Meaning is Lost, has helped its readers to find meaning again after loss and hard life experiences like divorce, health crises and major life changes. If you need some hope, a way to create