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You’re Smart, You’re Beautiful, You Can Do This: Author Tiffany Dufu of The Cru



When Tiffany Dufu says “I am the cumulative investment of a lot of women who have poured themselves into me,” she’s not just speaking of her own accomplishments. She’s paying it forward in droves. Her passion for helping women and girls extends from her role as a board member of Girls Who Code, to the authoring of inspirational memoir Drop the Ball,  to the founding of online community The Cru and beyond. So invested is Tiffany in the welfare and success of women that she has raised over $20 million for women’s charities, and is endorsed by none other than the mother of the modern women’s movement herself, Gloria Steinem. Across her many endeavors, Tiffany’s goal remains the same: to imbue in women the power of affirmation that her mother bestowed upon her, helping each woman connect with like-minded individuals who raise each other up and remind each other of their inherent power and worth. Thanks for listening!  Don't forget to order Rebecca's new book, Fearless: The New Rules for Unlocking C