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Unleash the Badass!: Amy Errett of Madison Reed



There was a time when the concept of the Dollar Shave Club was revolutionary. Amy Errett, however, was unimpressed. Even then, the founder and investor of multiple companies had that entrepreneurial hunch that there was an even better way to do things. With unrivaled patience, she spent what most founders would find an excruciating amount of time in research and development before launching Madison Reed, an omnichannel beauty brand challenging industry titans in hair color space. With 51 stores in 2021, and 40 more to come in the next year, Madison Reed’s success only continues to flourish. Amy shares the vital importance of focus and discipline, why it pays to do one thing really well, the importance of maintaining corporate culture through growth, and what she looks for when considering investing. Above all, Amy conveys the value of being fully present and living in a space of tender curiosity to reveal the full extent of your gifts and strengths. Our listeners can use RMSUPERWOMAN for 20% off at checkout o