Ninja Jill Knows

Episode 412: If You Only Have 15 Minutes



Did you know that committing just 15 minutes a day to something could change your life? I don't know what your dreams, desires and goals are but what I do know is that if you are just committed to spending 15 minutes a day moving closer to them by taking the actions needed, you would achieve them faster and this would change your life. Will you need to spend more than 15 minutes a day at something? all depends on what your goals are BUT to start out, 15 minutes a day is better than zero minutes a day.  Listen in to find out what I achieved in just 15 minutes a day and how this approach has created a lot of what I want in my life and can in yours too.  Be sure to subscribe so that you can always hear the latest Ninja Jill KNOWS episodes on Apple Podcast or Stitcher. To never miss an episode and be inspired weekly, be sure sign up for my email.  Connect with Jill:  To sign up for the weekly email, visit When the Meaning is Lost, has helped its readers to find meaning again