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The Better You Feel, the Bigger the Impact: Author Heather Chauvin



There is a message perpetuated over and again that sacrifice is synonymous with being a good mother. While there is inherently a degree of surrender that accompanies parenthood, it’s also impossible to nurture our children if we constantly neglect to nurture ourselves. Heather Chauvin understands firsthand how the intersection of parenting and hustle culture can be physically and mentally devastating, which she details in her book, Dying to Be a Good Mother. It took a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis to get Heather, a young, “type A” working mother of three, to slow down and reevaluate her life. The momentum that had built over years of working and mothering had left her with precious little time to devote to herself, something she now sees as key to a happy, healthy life. Through her book, podcast, and personal coaching, Heather shares both big and small ways in which to slow down, listen to your needs and create space for yourself. In doing so, she believes, self-care creates a ripple effect that enables parents to