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I Will Always Make Money No Matter What: Inventor Lindsay Albanese



Lindsay Albanese will be the first to admit that she is easily bored. She is also very open about the fact that she was never a great student. That hasn’t stopped her, however, from being a self-proclaimed “hard-ass worker.” When design school wasn’t what she hoped for, Lindsay set her sights on styling – an industry that, to this day, requires a lot of free labor in order to simply make the connections necessary to get the paid gigs. While her single-minded pursuit paid off as she was hired for more and more high-profile jobs, Lindsay found that her creative itch demanded new outlets. Shifting to YouTube influencer, TikTok maven, and ultimately inventing her signature TOPTOTE products, Lindsay proves that if you work hard and let intuition guide you, success will follow. Thanks for listening!  Don't forget to order Rebecca's new book, Fearless: The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success. Follow Superwomen on Instagram. Guest Website Social Media @lindsayal