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Creativity, Integrity, Satisfaction: The Definition of Success with Iconic Fashion Designer Norma Kamali



It’s hard to imagine Norma Kamali as anything other that the iconic, successful designer she has built herself to be over the last 50+ years. Her avant garde designs have graced the likes of Farrah Fawcett and Whitney Houston, and decades of creative looks have earned her a CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award. There was a time, however, when Norma was still figuring it all out. As a young woman sharing a clothing business with her then-husband, Norma had to make the difficult decision to leave behind what they’d built in a time that was famously hostile toward female entrepreneurs. Norma’s courageous choice to strike out on her own taught her to be strategic in good times and bad, welcoming the cycles of life as opportunities to learn and grow, making decisions that fuel self-esteem and self worth. In choosing to honor integrity and creativity above all else, Norma has invoked success in her own terms. Now expanding her brand to include skincare and home goods, Norma shares her secrets to a happy and successful l