Ninja Jill Knows

Episode 400: Stop Waiting until it is Perfect



This is the one thing you need to STOP. It will change everything when you do. You will be happier. You will achieve more of what you want. Your dreams, desires and goals will become your reality faster. You need to stop waiting until it is perfect.  The perfect time. The perfect thing. The perfect amount of money.  The perfect...(you will fill in the blank with what you are waiting for). It will never be perfect or even it does reach a point of perfection, you will have had to wait a lot longer than you should. You could have been further along the path. Stop waiting until it is perfect. Listen in to find out why this will change your life.  Be sure to subscribe so that you can always hear the latest Ninja Jill KNOWS episodes on Apple Podcast or Stitcher. To never miss an episode and be inspired weekly, be sure sign up for my email.  Connect with Jill:  To sign up for the weekly email, visit Want to learn more about Feng Shui and how it can change your life? Click here! When t