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Walk it Off: Resilience and Risk-Taking with Cate Luzio of Luminary



If years in investment banking taught Cate Luzio anything, it’s that big risks equal big rewards. Cate entered the world of finance without any formal training in the subject, and rose to lead thousands of employees in multibillion dollar ventures worldwide. Despite a fantastically successful career, Cate couldn’t picture herself in finance for the rest of her life. Her desire to make a meaningful impact led Cate instead to form Luminary, a membership-based career and personal growth platform and collaboration hub created to address the systemic challenges impacting women across all industries and sectors. At Luminary, those who are women, women-identifying and allies are invited to create a seat, pull up a chair and support one another in changing careers, starting something new, or advancing on their current trajectory. With a special emphasis on supporting caregivers, women 50+ and people of color, Luminary aims to put more women in the workforce in positions that cultivate happiness, fulfillment and succe