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Fail Every Day: Daniella Pierson of The Newsette



Daniella Pierson is an inspiration, but the 25-year-old founder and CEO of one of the fastest growing media platforms did not always feel like the confident boss she is today. Possibly the next (better) Zuckerberg, Daniella founded The Newsette while still in college at Boston University. She’ll be the first to tell you that she didn’t necessarily love academics, and also that it took time and effort to cultivate the self-assuredness she radiates today. At BU, Daniella started listening to entrepreneurial podcasts like Superwomen (!) in order to create a daily email newsletter that recaps topics relevant to female professionals. She strives to make every edition a treat, with the purpose of “making women feel like they can kick ass every single day.” 7x-ing their revenue during Covid, Daniella is fast on track for her goal to build the world’s biggest female empowerment company. With the courage to fail a little bit every single day, she is learning from past mistakes and building confidence as a rare gem of