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Fu*k You, I’m Gonna Be a Millionaire: Rachel Rodgers, Author of We Should All Be Millionaires



Rachel Rodgers knew she wanted to be a lawyer from a young age. However, when a less than positive experience in a white, male-dominated law school led her to start her own firm after graduation, she had no idea that it would be her entrepreneurial skills that would take center stage. When her largely female clientele started asking more about business advice than legal counsel, Rachel knew she was onto something big. Over the next several years Hello Seven came into being, a marketing, financial and legal service focused on helping women, and especially women of color, increase their income to seven figures annually. Rachel is now sharing her hard-earned knowledge in her new book, We Should All Be Millionaires. Helping women build true wealth by cultivating intention and creating networks with other ambitious women, Rachel is changing the narrative that women should shrink back in order for others to shine. Thanks for listening!  Don't forget to order Rebecca's new book, Fearless: The New Rules for