Superwomen With Rebecca Minkoff

Nose to the Grindstone, Eye on the Horizon: Pam Habner of Citi



This episode is sponsored by Medela. From the boardroom to the living room, Medela has your pumping needs fashionably covered with the new, limited edition Rebecca Minkoff x Medela Pump & Baby Bag that works with all Medela pumps. The classic, versatile design will make this bag a staple well beyond baby’s breastfeeding years! We’ve got to get women feeling more comfortable in taking risks! Whether it’s talking openly about money, sharing professional goals with the boss, or trying a career change in a new field, if women want to create success, we have to be willing to go confidently in new directions that sometimes might feel a little bit uncomfortable, or even downright scary. Pam Habner, Head of U.S. Branded Cards for Citi, is doing just that. She has made it her mission to try many different roles across a variety of fields, all with the goal of utilizing her eclectic skillset to one day become an executive. Not only does she do this in support of her own career, but she also facilitates focus groups