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The Power of Claiming Responsibility: Jessica Zweig of SimplyBe



Between Instagram models and ads for juice cleanses, the word “authenticity” is thrown around so much these days it’s practically lost all meaning. Enter Jessica Zweig, personal branding expert and CEO of SimplyBe. Agency, rooting down in the essence of true authenticity and teaching others to do the same, not only for brand success but, more importantly, to build a sense of inner calm and self-worth. Detailed in her new book, Be., when Jessica realized a life with all the trappings of success wasn’t delivering a genuine sense of self-esteem, she made the brave, but frightening, decision to start over. Founded in a belief that we’re meant to teach the lessons we’re put on earth to learn, Jessica has made it her mission to share the ways in which inner work creates the foundation for success. It may not always be easy, but by working with the things that naturally excite us, we create value and service for others, tapping into “the universal superpower to grow our livelihoods.” Thanks for listening!  Don'