Horton Brothers Grimm - A Videogame Podcast

Street Fighter 2, Guild Wars 2, Borderlands 3



The Horton Brothers Grimm (Scott, Chris & Zac) discuss video games from the past, present and future with a bit of wit and brotherly love!   Season 2, Episode 6 is made up of three segments:   In Segment 1 Chris tests Zac and Scott's knowledge on Street Fighter 2 In Segment 2 Zac explains why YOU should be playing Guild Wars 2 with him In Segment 3 Scott brings the hype for Borderlands 3, releasing in September   Buy our HBG Season 1 Commemorative T-Shirt! Only $25!   Watch Zac vs Zach Mega Man X Race: Mega Man X Race   Soundtrack Spotlight Links: Street Fighter 2 Original Sound Track   Check out Chris' Other Podcast, The Disney Tonic Listen: Podbean TuneIn iTunes   Social Media Links: Horton Brothers Grimm Podcast: Official Website Twitter Facebook Youtube   Save Money On Awesome Games, Support Charity And Support Our Podcast: Horton Brothers Grimm Humble Bundle Partner Link   Scott: Youtube: The Games Of Deth Twitter - Deathdealor3   Zac: Youtube: Genova Destro Twi